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Hello and Happy Monday!

After Cindy was raving about her nachos in Vegas I had to have some. So, I made a big ol’ nacho platter for dinner last night. nachos nachos nachos (800x800)

This morning my Garmin’s battery died in the middle of my run. I wasn’t bummed about it because this was an easy run anyway so I didn’t care about time. I focused on Breathing and Feeling

no garmin no problem (800x800)

I don’t mean emotional feelings, save that shit for therapy. I mean how you physically feel.

feelings are for runners

I took a Yoga Fit class at the IDEA Conference a few weeks back. The instructor kept saying “Your only job here is to Breathe and Feel”

I love that.

You don’t have to worry about how far into a pose you are getting or how long you can hold a pose before you need a break – just focus on how it feels. This same idea can be applied to running or other workouts too.

And so I challenge you to check in with yourself during a workout or run this week. Don’t worry about how fast the treadmill says you are going OR if you are doing as many push-ups in boot camp as the person next to you. Focus on what your body is telling you. Focus on how it feels.

Running and Breathing Challenge

Then, list your feels and adjust your training as needed.

list your feels

My ankle is telling me to stretch so I did a little yoga video after my run. I’ve been testing out different free yoga videos and I’ll share some soon.

Question: What is your body telling you now?


  1. says

    It’s so important to listen to what your body is telling you! Whether it’s taking a rest day, practicing yoga or even being able to push harder in your workout. This morning I dropped down the weight of my workout for 2 of the middle sets because I felt like I needed to. Then I picked the weight back up for my last set and felt strong, tired but strong.

  2. says

    It’s funny you posted this today – I have been checking in all week! Had one of those weeks where your body just fights you. So instead of worrying about time I focused on how I felt. Important to remember!

  3. says

    My body is saying quit eating crap! I have been bad on my diet the past couple weeks and my body is finally telling me that! I am working hard to revamp my diet and get back on track! Oh yes and my body wants me to go to sleep too!

  4. says

    I have been doing this since my most recent big injury, about 10 weeks ago now. I’ve been back to running for only about a month, and I really have to focus on keeping my running technique strong in order to support my injury rehab. I definitely notice that when I use proper form the little nagging pains go away, until I start to slouch again!

  5. Kaylie says

    My body is telling me to get ready and keep water handy… I’m at the airport right now heading out to Vegas! Would have loved to have met you and Miss PBFingers but fate was not on my side 😉

  6. april says

    my body is telling me to take it easy and drink lots of water this week. hope you’re recovering from all your vegas shenanigans 😉

  7. says

    My body is telling me “I’m ready for the last week of training before taper, bring it on!” (or hopefully it’s my body not my brain). It’s also telling me to stretch and go to bed early tonight, I’ll listen to that! :)

    Those nachos look great!

  8. says

    I always run by feel – looking at the Garmin (time, paces etc) scares me! Yes, it’s ironical that I got a Garmin – I only look at my final time, distance and avg pace.

  9. Sarah G. says

    I need to do this on my easy run today. Of course, it’s projected to be 90 degrees out this afternoon, so I’m sure my body will be telling me, “You are an idiot.”

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