GIVEAWAY – Weight Loss Tracker and Pedometer from Omron

Hello! I am spending the day in Santa Barbara for a fitness event with Bob Greene (Oprah’s personal trainer)! He is working with Omron to promote Omron Fitness and their weight loss / exercise tools.

bob green and the weight loss tracker

They sent me the activity tracker and pedometer to try out. Since I work from home and that basically consists of staring at the computer for hours, eating, baking, starting at the computer for a few more hours…

I am a big fan of pedometers to make sure I’m getting enough activity. Yes, I run a lil bit, but I also take two rest days a week so I like to see what I’m doing on those days in particular.

omron activity monitor

You can upload your activity to your computer and use the Omron Fitness program to track your progress. pedometer dashboard

The weight loss tracker monitors steps, distance and calories burned. Then, it tells you your progress toward goal with the online program. It’s cool because you can tell it how much weight you want to lose and it will indicate how active you must be to reach that goal.

I’ve used other trackers in the past and dig this one because it also tracks random activity like cleaning the house – which I really think is a good calorie burner!

weight loss tracker

You can check out all the Omron Products here.

Follow #FitWithOmron and @OmronFitness on Twitter today to see what we’re up to! I’ll be working out and interviewing Bob Greene – so excited!!!

Weight Loss Tracker and Pedometer Giveaway

Aaaand – Omron Fitness is giving one Omron Activity Monitor with Weight Loss Tracker, and NFC Communication tray, and one Tri-Axis USB Pedometer to a RER reader!

To Enter – Leave a Comment on this post answering:

Do you think you take 10,000 steps a day on average right now?

Open to residents of the US & Canada. Closes Friday at noon PST.

Disclaimer: I’m being compensated to write this post by Bookieboo LLC in a blogger campaign with Omron Healthcare. However, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.


  1. Kelly M says

    On cardio days I think I average over 10,000 steps. On days where I’m stuck behind my computer, I’m probably closer to 3,000 :(.

  2. zoe kimberly says

    I have NO idea how many steps I take a day, which is why I critically need this tracker :) How many steps are in a mile?

  3. Felicia says

    Right now at work we are doing an activity step challenge… I have been averaging about 12-18k steps a day. Pedometers are such a great tool to keep you on track and aware of your activity!

  4. Sage says

    I try to walk as much as possible during the day to stay active, which can be hard since I am in law school classes most of the day. I try to track my steps with my phone and usually hit 12,000 a day, but it requires being proactive on my part. I would love a little tracker, my phone is not that great.

  5. Chanelle says

    Cool giveaway! I think I am hitting 10,000 steps these days, because I recently moved closer to work and am now walking 1.5 miles to work and 1.5 miles home. I am absolutely loving it. I also do HIIT workouts and run.

  6. Monica says

    Not all days. On regular work days I average 7000. On stay at home days sometimes I barely get 3000, but on cardio days I average between 10,000 and 12,000.

  7. christine says

    I know I don’t get 10,000 a day…I work at a desk job and even though I’m active outside of work it’s not enough to make up for the 8ish hours I’m sitting in front of my computer! This would be a great way to make sure I’m getting enough activity in!

  8. Jackie says

    Yes, I bet I walk more than 10,000 steps at least 6 days a week. I am training for a marathon and still try to walk at least 2 miles on my rest days. This would be a great tool to track that!

  9. Zana says

    I have no idea how many steps I take in a day. I am stuck behind a computer all day. I know it is considerably less in the summer, because it is too hot and humid to go for a walk during my lunch break.

  10. says

    i think i do… i’m a pharmacist and i’m constantly walking around to get medicines, etc. but it’s a small area so i don’t know if all those little trips add up or not.

  11. says

    I haven’t tracked my steps-per-day in a long time but I would guess that I don’t. However, I do make it a point to take the stairs up five floors every morning. These look like cool devices.

  12. Kat says

    I know I don’t take that many steps a day, I work in an office and sit in front of a computer all day! I would really like to keep track of how many steps I actually take so I can make sure I reach those 10.000 a day or at least as close to that as possible!!!

  13. Sarah D. says

    I work at home, so most likely I am not hitting 10,000 steps. However, I just started a Biggest Loser contest at my gym and I think I might be a bit closer to that. This giveaway couldn’t come at a better time!

  14. Jenny says

    I’m sure I only get to 10,000 steps on longer run days and, oddly enough, when I’m on vacation. Otherwise, I sit in front of my computer at work way too much.

  15. Princess Lindsey @ Prairie Princess Runners says

    I am quite sure that I do not take 10,000 steps most days, except on the days that I run!

  16. Nicole says

    I think I do or come close to. Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t help but I try to take little walks througout the day! Would be interesting to see how many steps I actually take!

  17. Marisa says

    Nope – work from home, and recovering from a stress fracture. I walk my kids to school and then home each day and that’s about as active as I get currently.

  18. Laurel says

    I actually use a Fitbit Zip and have for the last couple of years. I would be lost without my pedometer. I think 10,000 is very reasonable. My goal is actually 15,000 and there are few days I don’t reach that and more. Generally I average 8000 for cardio, and then I work at a desk and still get another 7 – 8,000 easily… So the answer is yes.

  19. says

    I do think that I probably average close to 10,000 steps because I’m in college and all of my classes and work is about half a mile away and I’m running around campus all day long! Not too mention I’m always rushing everywhere I go so my heart rate is probably up as well!

  20. Alexandra says

    On the days I run and wait tables then definitely yes, but there are some days where I’m just planted on the couch. This tracker would be great for extra motivation!

  21. Lauren says

    I know I’m not getting 10,000 steps a day :(. I think having a tracker would be a great motivator to acheive that goal! I’ve used other pedometers in the past but there not digital and they always seem to be unreliable after awhile.

  22. Julia says

    I have a desk job, so for me to reach 10,000 steps a day – I have to really, really try. If I don’t workout, I’m probably around 3,000/day. Since I’m currently training for a half marathon, I think I hit around 10,000 steps a day now…I’m also trying to take nightly walks, which ups those steps!

  23. Elizabeth says

    I’ve worn pedometers before and on days where I don’t workout, I usually average around 3,000 (desk job). But on days I workout, I’m usually around 10,000. It just goes to show the power and necessity of being committed to physical activity.

  24. Greta says

    It probably varies. Rest days when I’m stuck at my desk I try to take at least one walk, but I probably only get to 4,000. On long run days I bet it’s the highest…8,000 steps. I have no idea. Now you have me curious!

  25. Rachel S. says

    I use a pedometer on my phone so I know at work I get at least 6,000. The bad thing is when I forget my phone or at home I just put it down and then I dont track mine anymore.

  26. Lindsay says

    Sadly, I just did tracked this and I’m only around 6,000 but I guess it figures since I work in an office. Gotta take the stairs more!!

  27. kelly says

    I try! I walk to work and try to get up as often as possible. I also hit the gym daily. I’d love to win to know for sure.

  28. says

    I really have no idea how many steps I take a day. I’m guessing on my running days I’m good, but not sure of my other days. I also work from home and do take my dog out for short walks throughout the day so maybe.

  29. Corrinne says

    I am guessing that would be a big fat no on the 10,000 steps. I try to make myself get up every hour while at work but I fail at that often. But I hope on my long run days I exceed that!

  30. cheila says

    I wore a pedometer for a contest at my husband’s work a while back. I do average 10,000. The days I run put me over enough to even out my rest days. I would love to win so I can keep track daily again.

  31. says

    I run 3-4 days a week and probably get 10,000+ on those days, but I doubt I get 10,000 on other days since I too spend a lot of time behind a computer. I think a shiny new pedometer would help motivate me to go for walks on my lunch breaks and/or after work. 😉

  32. Danielle Porter says

    Only when I run! I work from home too so I know Im not nearly active enough on my rest days. Which is why a runch even in the heat is usually appealing!

  33. says

    Ohhh…what a great device!! Some days. (Is that a concrete answer or what?!) I know some days I am more active than others so this would be so cool to actually see HOW active I am or NOT.

  34. Jean says

    I try to move as much as possible at work. never thought to get a pedometer to see how much. hope I am getting close to 10,000.

  35. Jacqueline says

    I work on a busy Surgical Floor at the Hospital so I bet I get a lot of steps in everyday but this tool would be great to actually keep track of my activity level! :-)

  36. Sarah G. says

    On non-running days, I’d have no clue how many steps I take. I walk back and forth across the office a few times a day to break it up, but I have no way to track how far I’m actually going.

  37. Kate says

    I’m in grad school and I have to park sooo far away from my classes…Even though it feels like 10,000 steps, I probably don’t average that on the days I don’t run.

  38. Laura says

    I definitely exceed 10,000 on cardio or running days, but on strength or rest days, I honestly do not know if I manage 10,000 steps or not.

  39. Brittney Wilson says

    I most likely do not reach that many steps on most days. Maybe on days where I am out and about chasing my three year old around Target!

  40. Catherine says

    I think I get 10,000 steps – but I also work from home part time and days I am glued to the computer, maybe not! This would be a great way to stay on point.

  41. Megan says

    I wish I averaged 10000 steps a day. Being a new mom it is hard to find time to do much moving when I have a 3 month old to entertain and watch after all day. I think we are finally to the point of being able to get out and run without any total meltdowns! Here is to hoping!

  42. Tasha says

    On my running days I believe I reach 10,000 steps if not more but on my non-running days I’m sure I’m no where close. I need to get better at getting more steps in!

  43. Lacy says

    Most day’s I think i get 10,000 steps. I’m training for a 10-mile race so the workouts get there and days i’m not working out i try to get myself to walk to or from work instead of taking the bus

  44. Jessica says

    Hmm, maybe not quite 10,000 on the days I don’t run but playing outside with my little 14 month old son probably gets me pretty close. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. Shari says

    I think on days when I run and practice karate I get in 10,000 steps. Lately, I’ve been spending a LOT of time studying for final exams, so I haven’t moved much except to refill my coffee mug.

  46. Ashley says

    I highly doubt I take 10,000 steps a day but would love this activity tracker to determine how many I do and try to improve it!

  47. Kathy C says

    I would say not!! I am strapped to a desk ALL DAY LONG and I hate it!!
    I would love something like this to help me track my daily movement. I think it would motivate me to move more! Thanks!!

  48. Jenn says

    I think I definitely reach it on mon-fri but maybe not every weekend. Living in Boston without a car means a lot of walking!

  49. Ruthanne says

    I think I walk 10000 steps. I am a college student so I walk a lot around campus and to my car which is always super far away. Also, I walk my dg every morning and night around our neighborhood.

  50. Aimee says

    I now on days that I jog I do (but that’s unfortunately only 2-3 times a week) on days I don’t run – I am really curious to know! I work a sedentary job and when I get home, while I am really busy – it’s taking care of my kids in my house, cooking dinner etc – hmmmmm.

  51. says

    I wish I could say yes…but I need to be honest and admit that, no, I probably don’t. Would love to win this and be able to really see where I’m at and know when I need to add in some more!

  52. Leslie says

    If I’m running I think I take 10k steps. On a day I’m not running, I think I am well under that. We are starting a pedometer contest at work soon so in a few weeks I’ll know exactly how many steps I take.

  53. Kaitlin says

    Before I got injured (IT band issues… ugh) recently, I think I definitely hit 10,000 steps because I’d make a conscious effort to walk throughout the day.. lunch break, around work/campus, and an after dinner walk

  54. says

    I force myself most days to get 10,000 steps in.. I use a FitBit & am a pedometer freak… can’t live without one on my hip. When I wear a dress, I tuck it on my underwear underneath :) Ate up!

    I’d love to see how this one ranks next to the FitBit…

  55. Brittany O'Brien says

    I always walk to DD for coffee on my lunch, so interested how many steps that is! I think walking is such a under recognized addition to tradition weight loss programs. Love this giveaway :)

  56. toni says

    i definately do not get 10k steps a day unless i have a run scheduled. i sit at a desk all day and many times i have had to make myself get up and stretch my legs because the only movement i have gotten has been 20 feet to the bathroom. ;-s

  57. Erin says

    unfortunately, I don’t think I do. Some days, when I run or walk with the family I probably do, but not consistently. I would love to be able to keep track :)

  58. Leah says

    I just started trying to get into shape a couple months ago after years of sitting around all day. I doubt I’m even close to 10,000 steps because I can only jog a little over a mile right now. After my time on the treadmill, I honestly don’t stay as active as I should.

  59. Kathryn says

    Probably not unless its a workout day :/ I definitely could use this to help me track and to motivate me to step it up!

  60. becca says

    I sure hope so… I run somewhere between 3-4 miles on my lunch break Monday-Friday. Would love something like this to keep me on track! I’ve been too “chicken” to buy one :)

  61. Annie says

    I have no idea! Probably not though– I work out most days, but am in graduate school and so spend most of my day sitting at the computer reading and writing (and procrastinating). Would love to find out how much I move!

  62. Hazel rath says

    I work from home too and definitely stare at the computer screen all day. I try to be as active as possible from 5-9 but I doubt I average 10,000 steps each day!

  63. says

    I think I do take an average of 10,000 steps a day. I actually work in a doctor’s office where there is alot of running charts back and forth…If it’s a Wednesday (our slow day) or Saturday or Sunday, I think my average is closer to 8,000 steps.

  64. says

    I don’t think I walk 10,000 steps per day. I do, however, have a standing desk at work and I try to move around the office all day and walk outside during lunch. I would love to win this little guy to see how far I actually do walk.

  65. Katarzyna Rogozik says

    Yes, I believe I do take 10,000 steps a day, from walking to work from my car, running to get coffee and copies for my boss and then after work walking to class…plus running after my two kittens who are always up to no good!!! But it sure would be nice to keep track :-)

    Love your blog, keep up the great product reviews!!!!

  66. Melissa B says

    I used to get way more than 10,000 steps a day but now that my daughter is here, I’m lucky if I can stand during the day. When you have a baby you end up sitting a lot! This device would be awesome for me!

  67. Genelle says

    I currently work 12 hours a day so I’d love one of these to help me make sure I don’t blow up. I just converted to a stand-up desk so fingers crossed that helps too!

  68. ChristineB says

    I’m sure I’m at least close. On the days I don’t run (8k or more, usually) I walk to the train, which is about 1km, and then walk to my office. I also try to go for a walk on my lunch break if I don’t hit the gym. Since I’m stuck behind a computer most of the day I try hard to be active when I can.

  69. Jill says

    I work at a desk all day – so I’m not sure I get in 10,000 steps per day. That is why I make sure I exercise 5-6 days per week either running, circuit training, HIIT etc. My husband and I also either walk or go on a bike ride a couple nights a week.

    Would love to win this to make sure I get in those 10,000 steps. Thank you.

  70. Shannon says

    Good question…..I would like to think I do walk 10k miles a day however something in the back of my mind that I would come up short.

  71. Anna S. says

    I really doubt it. I sometimes wear an old pedometer and it says I take around 4-8k steps/day (when I don’t exercise that day). I would love a higher-tech way to track my activity!

  72. says

    I doubt I do on days I don’t workout. I work in an office and spend a lot of time sitting in front of my computer. I’d love to know exactly how many steps I do take. Especially since my wedding and honeymoon weight aren’t exactly falling off.

  73. says

    I can’t say! On the days when I run, probably. On other days probably not. I work at a desk and don’t walk often while at work so yeahhhhh doubt I also get in 10,000 steps. I would love to get a pedo to see if I do!

  74. says

    We have to wear a pedometer at work if we want our company to contribute money into our health fund account (free money that can go towards deductibles and treatments). You earn money on a tiered system to keep employees motivated to be active. On my rest days when I work from home, I struggled to get 7000 steps even with 2 dog walks (granted my dog only wants to walk until we get somewhere scary so sometimes it’s not that far). But if I went into the office, did grocery shopping, or was out and about, I would easily get 10k steps. My goal was 12k on rest days and on shorter run days.

  75. Ashlee says

    I would love to think I hit 10,000 steps each day, but realistically I am in class 6-8hrs/day and if it’s a rest day then I doubt I reach 10,000 steps!

  76. says

    I’m pretty sure I barely get 10,000 steps on days when I work out. I spend all my time chained to a desk. Maybe a pedometer would encourage me to go for an afternoon walk, even on the hottest days!

  77. Caitlin says

    I think I take 10,000 steps a day if I work out! If I take a rest day, I know I don’t hit that number. I have a desk job so I would be curious to see how many I’m actually taking through out the day so I can adjust accordingly.

  78. Caitlin F. says

    On non-running days I’m sure I don’t even come close. I have a desk job and if I don’t consciously get up an take the stairs I sit for hours.

  79. Sherilyn says

    On a typical workday I take about 8000 steps. That’s without formal exercise, like running. On my days off I probably take less than 1000!

  80. Julie says

    I would think/hope on any weekday I take an average of 10,000 steps but probably not on a weekend rest day. It would be cool to track steps to see what you average. I take the bus and metro to and from work, so there is walking and stairs. Also our bathroom is at the complete opposite end of our building.

  81. Allyson says

    I think I average close to 10,000 steps per day with frequent breaks at work, walking to and from the train, and my daily workouts. I’d love to be able to track my activity to see what the actual level is!

  82. Logan says

    I really couldn’t say how many steps I take in an average day, I’d love to have this pedometer so I could find out! Plus, it’ll help me get back in shape after I have my daughter!

  83. says

    Outside of my workouts? No way! My job in an office is super-sedentary and even when I try to take little walks, take the steps instead of elevator, etc. there’s no way I get 10k! Would love to actually measure this though.

  84. Anna says

    I’m a nurse in a hospital and I rarely have the chance to sit down during my shift, so I sure hope that I get in 10,000 steps! It would be interesting to find out though-I really have no idea!

  85. Michelle Taber says

    I’d like to think I take 10,000 steps a day. It is so hot in FL, so I’m counting down the days until it is cooler outside so I can walk with my family at night!

  86. Serenity says

    Sadly no. I have a desk job and consistent 6″ heels with platforms…. So no I don’t walk a lot if I can help it. but if I had a pedometer…..

  87. says

    I get 10,000 steps in if I do my morning run and walk during my lunch break – having an office job is nice because you get to wear cute clothes and heels, but not nice because you’re sitting all day!

  88. Jennifer says

    Not right now! I’m currently working from home while I’m 38 weeks pregnant. I can’t wait to get back to my normal long walk and running routine.

  89. Heather says

    I have no idea how many steps I take in a normal day, but I bet it would be well below 10,000 seeing as I have a desk job. I try to get out most days for a run or walk, but sometimes feel so chained to my desk that I probably don’t even get 10,000 steps on the run/walk days!

  90. Angie says

    I think I may walk 10,000 steps in a day because I am in and out of patient’s rooms all day!! Then…when, I put my “Mom” cap back on…no telling how much I do to get the kids, etc. Get to my CF box…and I’m sure the WOD helps out…and my running as well!
    But it sure would be nice to verify if I do…. HINT, HINT!! :-)

  91. Stephanie says

    On average, I’d like to think I walk (run) at least 10,000 steps a day, but it’s hard to decide since some days I spend a lot of my day sitting at a desk. If it’s averaged out over an entire week though, I’d say yes!

  92. Robert says

    I get up from my desk and walk at least every two hours, but I strive for every hour. It adds up. That, along with my daily running gets me to at least 10,000 steps.

  93. Stacey W says

    Working from home and sitting at a computer all day, I do not think that I take over 10,000 steps. I would love this because it would become more of a game to passs the daily “goal”

  94. Robyn says

    I honestly don’t know…I try to move as much as I can but I’m stuck in my office for most of the day so my moving is limited to bathroom breaks and walking to and from my car…Oh…and the running I get in.

  95. Lauren says

    As a recently graduated nursing student I know I was doing that or more during my clinical rotations…now that I have been spending a lot of time studying at a desk for boards. I think I come pretty close most days, even being more sedentary, and definitely go over on running days!

  96. Mary Ellen says

    I work in a large hospital and am on my feet all day so I think I come close to 10000 steps a day! It would be interesting to know for sure though.

  97. LindseyM says

    I may take 10,000 steps a day- before my runs. I’m a very active teacher, never sit until I’m home from work. I would love to see how many steps I really do take!

  98. Susie M. says

    I wear a cheap pedometer now, so I know I average over 10,000 steps a day, but I also work really hard at it! But normal pedometers don’t accurately track steps when you’re running or biking, so I would love to have an activity one that is accurate!!

  99. says

    I definitely DON’T get 10K a day. At least I don’t think so????? Working a desk job does a number on that! But I do try to make sure to get up and move every hour. Now I’m curious exactly how many steps I DO get!!

  100. Michelle says

    I’ve used the Weight Watchers pedometer but I doubted the accuracy. On the six days I make it to the gym, I hit my mark but on the other day probably not unless we take the kids out venturing!

  101. Sara O. says

    Some days I would hope I do while others I doubt … esp during the week when I am sitting at a desk most of the day. I wonder if I would be surprised at my actual amount of steps.

  102. Emily says

    I believe I take 10,000 steps a day. I workout 5-6 days a week which usually includes running at least 18 miles a week! That on top of my crazy job – I rarely get 45 min at my desk before I have to run to a meeting- sometimes on a different floor! I should take the stairs but 32 flights is a lot on heels hehe. Please choose me!!! I’ll use this everyday!!

  103. Natasha Emily says

    I would LOVE to think that I do. I don’t sweat it (though I do, literally) on run-days, but I also have a job that requires me to sit in an office for 12 hours — I don’t know how many step just a few “break” laps around the building is!

  104. catherine says

    The last time i checked i did 20000 on a gym day, 10000 on a work and no gym day and 3000 on lazy computer day like this. i dont even know how i manage that seeing as i dont type with my feet

  105. says

    I would say yes. I chug water at work, which makes me have to pee all the time and I stand at work. So all the wobbling back and forth in my book counts. I have also started walking places that are close and not driving. It is not as time efficient but makes me happy.

  106. says

    Definitely no, but I take absolute rest days where I do nothing physical, and then absolute ridiculous workout days, where I bank 15+ miles. I’m sure I average out above 10,000 steps per day, but some days way below.

  107. Hayley A says

    I have a desk job. If I workout that day I get close to 10K. If I do not work out I think I normally have less than 5K.

  108. jillian says

    sadly, no :( I have a desk job… and although i work out in the morning before work, I feel like I sit on my butt the rest of the day… until I go home. I would love something like this to track with!

  109. Emily says

    That is laughable, and I am sure I do NOT. I am usually glued to the computer or found with my face stuck in a book because I have to read and study a ridiculous amount of material and work on a computer. I do run a bit, but I don’t think that would cancel out all the sitting around I do. Instead of just feeling stressed or bad about this (because really, right now I need to study and working on a computer is the best option), it would be neat to see what I actually AM doing because I do clean… like once a week. 😉

  110. Rachel F says

    I have no idea how many steps I take. I live in NYC so that definitely helps. Plus I’m short, so that means more steps, right?!

  111. JennyMcD says

    This looks awesome! I sit at a desk all day in the admissions office of a college. When we have our really busy times of registration, like what we just finish, it’s extremely difficult to get activity in. I’ve been searching for a pedometer that does more than just counts steps.

  112. adria biasi says

    no!! i run every day but have to sit in class the rest of the day and study after that, i did make a treadmill desk for studying on the weekends tho :)

  113. Emily says

    I’m not sure if I acutally get 10,000 steps a day now. I try to make an effort to walk whenever possible. Whether it’s as simple as taking the stairs over the elevator or parking in the farthest parking spot at the store. Every little bit helps! :)

  114. Kylie Falk says

    I really have no idea how many steps I take! Of course on cardio days I take enough… but working from a desk and taking online classes it’s hard to tell… I HOPE SO!

  115. Anna says

    I definitely get 10,000 (or more!) steps a day during the week. I’m a teacher, so the only time I sit down is to eat lunch. I’m constantly walking around my classroom to work with students or walking up the stairs to make copies while the kids are at specials.

  116. shawna says

    I do think I take 10,000 steps a day. I run every other day and walk the days in between. It seems like I do a lot of yard work and house work and I would love to know how that adds up to! Thanks for the give away

  117. says

    What a cool gadget! I want one!! And I have no idea how many steps I take each day… I do workout every day, but then have a lot of office/bookwork going on too. I DO chase my kids around though-and two of them are teenagers so that SURELY adds up! Ha! 😉

  118. Diane says

    It depends on the day but on average I do think I get 10,000 steps a day or close to it, but I do not know for sure. This gadget looks cool!

  119. maggie says

    I don’t think I do during the workday – job of sitting at the computer and being on conference calls doesn’t translate to much! Would love to see how it compares to weekends where I walk to farmer’s market, coffee shops, etc.

  120. Robin says

    I know I do because I have a fitbit, but I would love to get what you are using because I know that the fitbit is not 100% accurate on mileage.

  121. Carla says

    On days I don’t work I’m sure I do. What I’m really interested in finding out is how many steps I take during a day of teaching. I know it should be more than the average office worker, but is it enough?

  122. Monica R says

    I sit at a cubicle all day! Other than my daily runs, I think Im seriously lacking in the physical activity right now- I would love to get a pedometer to see how much Im actually doing (or not!)

  123. Margaret says

    During the week when I’m at work, I doubt I get in a 10k steps but I definitely aim to on the weekends when I’m out and about running errands! This would be a great thing to have as it would remind me to get up and walk around more at work.

  124. says

    I think on days when I run or work out I definitely do 10,000 steps, but I used a pedometer a year or so ago and I was amazed on how little I walk some days! It has made me walk around work more and try to park a little further away or take the stairs when ever I go somewhere.

  125. says

    The only reason I think I get in 10k steps is because I take my dog for 2 long walks a day… but now i’m very curious to see how many steps I really take

  126. says

    Excluding my running, I’d maybe make 10,000 steps on the days I walk to work. So if I have a rest day AND it’s the weekend – probably not going to happen!

  127. Denise says

    I run most days and chase after 2 very busy toddlers so I am on the move A LOT!! My Garmin tracks my miles but I would LOVE to know how many calories it takes just to be a mom :) I feel like I take a million steps, so I am pretty sure 10,000 is a safe bet!!

  128. says

    I definitely will make my 10,000 steps today! I am a college student so I walk everywhere! I have been up since 6am walking to my internship off campus, classes on campus, and my apartment!

  129. Aja Frost says

    Huh! If you take away the four miles I run every morning.. I probably DON’T walk 10,000 steps! I think that will change when I get to college, though.

  130. Natalie P. says

    I don’t think I walk 10,000 steps a day when I am working, a lot of my job involves sitting! on my days off, heck yes! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  131. Amanda says

    I have used a friend’s fitbit before to test out how many steps I take a day. On days I work out I make it about 12,000. I would love one of these so that I could aim to make it 10,000 every day!

  132. Alicia says

    I do not think I take 10,000 steps per day. I get my workout in and then sit behind a desk all day! I hope to win this, thanks for offering the giveaway!

  133. Megan A. says

    Despite sitting at a desk for most the day, I know I average at least 10,000 steps a day. My work does this campaign called 10K a Day where we wear pedometers to see if we can reach at least 10,00 steps a day. Between walking the dog, cleaning the house, and running errands I usually get more than 10K.

  134. says

    If you include running, I definitely average more than 10K per day, but OH MAN my life is sedentary otherwise! I average a good 15 hours per day every day in front of the computer for work … good thing I drink a lot of water so I’m forced to walk to the restroom!

  135. Amie says

    On days when I run, I am well over 10,000. On days when I don’t run, I often don’t reach 5,000, as I sit at a desk all day.

  136. Chelsey jones says

    I think I do and
    Probably more :) I walk
    And pace a lot I used a jaw bone for
    A couple days and I was over. It was my husbands though so it did not fit.

  137. Kaelin says

    I would like to think yes, I get that many steps in, but I am also at home most of the day. It would be interesting to track my steps for a few days.

  138. says

    Good question! I have zero concept of how many steps I take in a day, but since I moved to the city recently, I have noticed that I walk a LOT more. I also try to take a walk around the office every hour or so, which definitely adds up :)

  139. Lauren B says

    Ahhh!! I’d LOVEEEEE one of these!! I started trying to walk more this past summer, like during my lunch break, but it would be awesome to have something like this to monitor all my activity (or lack thereof) around the office.

  140. Chatelaine says

    Probably not. I sit at a desk 9 hours a day. I run in the AM ~3miles and do yoga or strength training in the evening. I do run >3 miles twice a week but that won’t help average out 10,000 steps a day.

  141. Sheryl says

    One of the perks of being a New Yorker is that we do a lot of walking!! I bet I am close to 10,000 steps most days, definitely on my running days!! Would love to get this tracker to find out!

  142. Liz says

    I’m sure I don’t get 10,000 steps a day on days I don’t run, and even then it’s questionable! I’d love to track my steps to motivate me to move more!

  143. Alex Nelson says

    I hope I walk 10,000 steps in a day. I try to work out every day. If I don’t, I do it at least 5-6 days a week. I’ve always wanted a pedometer so I could see exactly how many I take!

  144. Janay Campin says

    I definitely don’t think I take 10,000 steps a day. I wish I did. I have a desk job that requires a lot of attention and I barely ever take the time to get up and walk around. I would love to win this so it can hold me accountable to take breaks and do more walking/running daily!

  145. Jessica says

    I just started a desk job (yea for a paycheck! yea for a recent law school grad!) but bad for getting in 10,000 steps a day. I do try to at least go for an evening walk (around 2 miles) each night to try and get my steps!

  146. Marisa says

    Definitely on days I run, but on days I don’t, maybe a little less. We do walk our dog at least 2 miles everyday, so that definitely helps on the non-running days.

  147. Brittney says

    I walk 3 miles round trip to work, so hopefully I’m close! I’d love to use the trackers to actually find out and hopefully motivate myself to walk more during the day!

  148. says

    I’d think yes living in NYC since I walk an automatic 2 or more miles every day just living here, and definitely on run days but I have a desk job so it may be less!

  149. Maria B says

    I really have to make an effort to reach 10,000 steps in a day. Pedometers don’t lie. They are a good tool to face how active or inactive you really are.

  150. says

    Hmmmm, NO idea how many steps I take in a day but I would REALLY like to find out!! I just started a new job as a nurse in an ER and I seriously feel like I walk 12 hours straight when I go to work!! This would be something great to have to help me track that activity and keep working on my goal!!!

  151. Joan says

    I don’t know if i get 10,000 steps a day but i keep saying i need to get a pedometer because my new office is huge and i feel like i’m walking a lot more so i’m curious on the number of step i take every day.

  152. Elizabeth says

    I think I take 10,000 steps each weekday because of my commute, but I’m not sure about weekends. Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. says

    I spend a lot of time in front of my computer in my office, though I just switched from a desk chair to a pilates ball. I probably get 10,000 bounces in during the day! :)

  154. Melanie says

    I sit in a cubicle for at least 8 hours every day, so I highly doubt I make 10,000 steps. Having a tracker would be awesome and probably motivate me to get up and move more!

  155. Catherine says

    I am a very active person so I probably get about 10k on days that I workout. I can’t sit still and feel like there is always something that needs to be done. I would love the challenge of trying to achieve 10k with a pedometer on.

  156. Tiffany says

    I think that the days I go to school I probably walk that many but when I’m at home I have to remind myself to stand up and walk around after some time studying.

  157. Jenny says

    I would love to say I do – I am incredibly active, but I have a feeling that if I didn’t run I would be hard pressed to get 10,000 because I spend all day sitting for work. I’d love to be able to keep track and make more of an effort to do so.

  158. Aleisha says

    I used to live in a perfect walking area and took a long walk every night but now since moving I would have to say I don’t make it to 10,000 steps a day. I would love to be able to track and challenge myself!

  159. Amanda says

    Probably not. I know it’s tough to get that many steps in, particularly when you’re chained to a desk. I try to get up and walk places – like talking to people rather than calling them on the phone.

  160. Jennifer says

    On days that I waitress I absolutly hit the 10000…. but on days I am just at my desk job, it’s probably closer to 7000

  161. Katie says

    I think I hit it most days since I have a 3 mile walk to work. The miles really add up and I am beyond thankful to be able to walk as my commute!

  162. Anne says

    Even though my job is semi-active and not a desk job, I don’t think I am taking anywhere near 10,000! Would love to see my number!

  163. Marissa says

    I think I did, but ever since Nursing school started three weeks ago, I spend my time sitting and reading. I try to do my homework while walking on a treadmill as much as possible! Every step counts

  164. Morgan says

    Definitely! I’m a runner, but I also work a physical job where sitting only takes place for 30 minutes per shift. I’m ALWAYS walking around (sometimes running) at work.

  165. says

    I think I take 10,000 steps per day, plus I bike ride 4.5 miles to work each way. I’d love this, though, because I want to be able to pin point why I’m not losing weight and am curious as to what this activity monitor thinks about my movement.

  166. Stacy says

    I feel like on most work days I average at least 10,000 steps. On the weekend it is a little bit harder, unless I am training for a race and have a long run planned!

  167. Tina says

    I really doubt it, since I have a desk job where I sit 8-10 hours a day. Would love to have tracker to actually know for sure!

  168. RP says

    This post is perfect timing! Just yesterday i committed to getting in 10,000 steps a day. I sit in an office all day and want to make the commitment to getting these steps in. I was ready to buy a pedometer last night but couldn’t get on the site I wanted.

  169. Jenny says

    When I run, I’m sure I do more than 10,000 steps. When I don’t run, I get pretty sedentary. Plus I work a desk job, and don’t seem to get up as much as I should :(

  170. says

    I do not think I walk 10,000 steps a day. I, too, sit at a computer most of the day. I try to walk after work, but because I don’t have a pedometer, I don’t know how many steps I take during those walks (hint, hint).

    Hope you’re having fun in Santa Barbara today. Sounds wonderful!

  171. Molly says

    I think I MIGHT average 10,000 steps a day. I run about 24 miles a week, so maybe? It would be awesome to win this, as I’m considering a challenge for next year to get 2,014 miles in for the year – I’m going to need a good pedometer for that!

  172. Nicole says

    I *think* I walk 10,000 steps daily. I definitely get about 120 in each time I leave my desk and go to the bathroom…and I drink a ton of water. TMI?

  173. Abby says

    I would hope so! I chase around a 2 year old all day and I would like to think I am getting a pretty good workout from just that (along with my own running)!

  174. Wendy B. says

    I have no idea. I run 3 days a week so I would guess that on those days I do. I have always heard that 10,000 steps is the number to strive for. Would love to win so I can see if I am even coming close.

  175. says

    I think I probably take about 10,000 steps a day since I’m an avid runner and I usually choose to take the (millions of) stairs on my college campus!

  176. Emily says

    I got a fitbit about two months ago because I saw on Instagram that you use one! I LOVE it. I am training for a marathon, but work in Finance.. so I only walk 3,000 steps some days and 20,000 (or more) on others! I love the stairs feature when I do a hilly run!

  177. Erica D says

    I’m sure I’m close, even though I have a desk job I don’t spend a lot of time there, I choose to make several trips down the stairs for exercise and run almost everyday during my lunch break.

  178. Jennifer says

    I think I get pretty close most days. Besides parking almost a mile from my office (not because I want to!), I do field research that involves a ton of walking. And when I’m not in the field I try to talk a walk everyday after lunch.

  179. Katie says

    I think there are some days when I do and definitely some days when I don’t take 10,000 steps. I’d like to know for sure.

  180. MiaMia says

    I have no clue as to how many steps I total, but on cardio days my poor feet are screaming. Would love to win this giveaway!

  181. says

    Does biking count? haha I am a student so I bike to class instead of walk so the time is shorter. Otherwise I think some days when I am student teaching and all my feet all day I definitely think I could!

  182. Cindy says

    I wear a fitbit, and while it is not as accurate for calorie counting as my body media was, it’s still an accountability thing. On non run days, I try to get 10K and on run days, I am for an additional 6-8k outside of my run.

  183. Megan says

    I wish I got in 10,000 steps a day! I know on the days I don’t work out (and I’m stuck behind a desk) I probably hit half of that. I need to start tracking!

  184. Sarah Bird says

    I think I do. I go to the gym everyday and my job is one which forces me to walk around and talk to people all the time (I work in a hotel).

  185. says

    Wow, I have no idea. I walk to work everyday, but I am not sure how many steps that is. On run days, I probably take more than 10,000 but on other days it might be less!

  186. Jane says

    I do at least 3-4 days a week…I think? Would love a gadget to get an actual read of how many steps I take daily. I may be way off on my judging! :)

  187. Nadine says

    Definitely not as I also work from home. However, gym, spin, ballet keep me in shape–not necessarily ‘steps’, but good for health none the less! Thanks for hosting.

  188. says

    No way I come even close to 10,000 steps (at least, unless you’re factoring in my workouts but I think you’re supposed to take 10,000 outside of daily workouts).

  189. LiseyB says

    Boy…I wish I knew how many steps I take a day. I recently moved to the downtown “core” of the city where I live. It’s awesome because I now walk to and from work. It’s a brisk 20 minutes each way. That’s on top of my usual gym workouts. I hope to see some results of that xtra exercise soon since I “enjoyed” the summer a little to much…ie cold beer…. :)

  190. says

    Football Sunday aside, I have to be close to 10,000 steps a day between running and running after my 2 year old every day. As a SAHM it would be easy to get lazy, but I put effort into the kiddo and I both being as active as possible each and every day. Would love to track it and see though!

  191. Jill says

    No, I have a desk job and sit on my behind all day. According to recent studies even though I am a runner I am going to die soon.

  192. Amanda Popp says

    I’m only hitting 10,000+ on days when I work my second job waitressing. Sitting at my desk all day is not fitness-friendly!

  193. Annabella says

    I try to go out for a walk every evening but sometimes that doesn’t happen. Then I definitely don’t get my 10,000 steps…

  194. Nicole says

    I’d like to think I am pretty close to 10,000. I workout during my lunch hour then head home after work to ‘chase’ my 18 month old daughter around the house!

  195. Diane says

    I’m not sure on days where I don’t run. Absolutely yes on days I do. On off days, I do chase my tiny kids everywhere so that has to help some.

  196. Julie says

    On school days I think I take 100,000 (yes I meànt that) chasing after my students- I’m certainly curious what the real total is though!

  197. Jenn S says

    I have no idea how many steps I take, but I would love to find out! I move a lot when I chase around my toddler all day.

  198. says

    I usually try to walk my errands but I know I’m guilty of some days only walking from my desk to the bathroom :( I’d like to record it and see how many steps I really do take!

  199. Sherry says

    Probably not every day I have a desk job. I do try to make up for on the weekends, with 3 mile run/walk for the past 2 months.

  200. Angela says

    I don’t think I take 10,000 steps in a day unless it’s a run day. I would really love to use something like this. My boss has something similar to this one and he loves it.

  201. says

    Since I’m waitressing around 35h/week and I’m training for my first half, I’m 100% sure I take more than 10 000 steps per day. When I had a desk job well thats another story haha it’s really not that easy to walk that much when you don’t have a job that requires walking!

  202. Amy says

    I think I do when I’m at work. I work in an aerospace manufacturing business and I am constantly walking from my office to the back where the manufacturing is happening! I’d love to win the pedometer to see if I actually do!

  203. Rachel says

    I would say I was getting in more than 10,000 steps a day about a month ago. Now that I lost my job and have kind of lost my motivation I don`t think I am even close to that number. This could really help motivate me to get back on track. Would really love to win!

  204. Shannon in Tustin says

    Probably only on the days I run. :(
    I certainly get more steps at home taking care of my family after 5pm than I do all day long!

  205. Meg says

    As a teacher I’m on my feet all day, but sadly standing doesn’t count as taking steps. Sometimes I feel like I’ve walked 10,000 steps between all my trips to the copier and laps around my room answering student questions…but when I wore an actual pedometer while I was in NYC, I realized that 10,000 steps is a LOT! And while it’s totally manageable to hit that number, it takes a certain awareness – those steps aren’t just gonna take themselves.

  206. Annemarie says

    I that I do! I drink an awful lot of water at the office and I’m always going to fill up my bottle or going to the ladies room

  207. Emily S says

    I would like to think that I do! On days that I run, yes I do. But, on my off days or spin, yoga, or weight lift days, no. I would be interested to see what I average. We just got a dog so I think that helps to up my number.

  208. Missy says

    I try to get as much movement as possible during the workday. I get up and walk on work breaks. I think I get close to 10,000 steps a day but it’d be for sure with an Omron pedometer!

  209. Abby A says

    I would love one of these! I’m a nurse, so on work days I’m sure I take over 10,000 steps- but I make up for that on my days off lounging on the couch! lol

  210. Nicki says

    Normally, I would say absolutely. However, right now I’m working on a big project for my PhD so I’ve just been sitting at my computer. :(

  211. MONICA says

    Hmmm…I don’t know. I do walk to work everyday but that’s only about two miles roundtrip. But I’m trying to get back to running and my health in general so I would LOVE LOVE to win this one. Fingers crossed!

  212. Janine says

    I have no idea how much I walk each day! I’m a teacher so I move around a lot throughout the day, but without a pedometer it is hard to know just how much.

  213. Cassie G. says

    Yes! I more than likely do more than that, because I work on a college campus and make it a point to walk EVERYWHERE. If I have the option to take stairs, I will always choose that over taking the elevator!

  214. Jennifer says

    I probably don’t get in those 10000 steps daily. Even though it’s a concrete number, it feels a little abstract when you don’t have a pedometer to tell you how many you’re actually taking. So I really need one! Gimme gimme! 😉

  215. Rachel says

    I really hope I do. I try to get out at least once a day to take the dog around the block and stand as much as possible.

  216. Laura says

    Right now, Mon-Fri. – absolutely! I am a teacher and always walking/running around! I’d be curious to see what I do on Sundays though…my usual total rest day.

  217. Hadas says

    I use the Fitbit one to track my steps. On most days my average is $15,000 steps. I need to run or go for a walk, if I stay at home, I would barely reach 3000.

  218. Michelle says

    I’m sure I’m well over 10,000 steps most days of the week since I walk to work, the grocery store, the bank, etc. Pretty much walk everywhere. But I’m interested to see just how far I average daily.

  219. Heidi S says

    I’m in college and on days when I have class I definitely do. But on weekends, if I don’t go for a run I end up sitting all day studying.

  220. Cassie says

    On days when I do a workout, I probably take 10,000 steps. But I doubt I take 10,000 steps non workout days. This looks like a cool product!

  221. Callie B. says

    I make sure to get my morning workout in because the rest of the day I am behind a computer! I sure hope I get about 10k steps! :)

  222. says

    On days I run, I do get in 10,000 steps. If I don’t run, it’s more like 1,000 step–okay, maybe not that bad, but I know it’s less than 5,000 steps on an average non-run day. Sedentary job? Yep.

  223. Jen Uzmann says

    Definitely on running days. I have a 5 year old son so I am sure that chasing him around equals more than 10,000 steps also! Would love a way to keep track!

  224. Liz O says

    Yes! I am typically 10k -12k steps during weekdays. I just started wearing this cheapie pedometer a week ago and it’s such a great motivator to me!! I’d love to win a nice one!!

  225. Kelsey says

    Since I’m constantly sitting at a desk in front of a computer, I try to get up every 20 minutes or so, walk around, drink a lot of water, and I’ve been walking around the building perimeter outside on nice days during lunch to get my legs moving. I know I’m not up to 10,000 but I guess it depends on the business of the day.

  226. Donna Mak says

    I know I don’t get 10,000 steps a day. I used to have a pedometer, and was surprised to find when I started using it exactly how long it takes to get to 10,000 steps! It takes a lot longer, and is a lot further, than you think!!

  227. Laura says

    I think I do – 10,000 steps is 5 miles (right?) and I run at least 5 miles most days of the week. But, I also admit to lazy days (like today lol) where I doubt I reached that distance.

  228. Carol says

    I spend 8 or more hours a day sitting in front of a computer. I do over 15 miles a day on a recumbent bike. I imagine that is over 10,000 steps.

  229. Hannah says

    Maybe on days I’m running from class to class on campus, but I would love to able to know! If I had one, I would probably the person that realizes late in the day they need more steps so goes and walks a bunch just to meet my goal :) I guess thats the point though!

  230. Emily says

    When I’m not running I am usually stuck at my desk all day. I try to get up and walk around every hour I and take the stairs whenever possible but i dont feel like I’m able to be active. If I had pedometer I woul really be able to make sure I get in the 10,000 steps!!

  231. Clairerose says

    I moved from SC to NYC and don’t have access to a treadmill anymore. I try to walk as much as I can,but have no idea if it compares to that. It would be interesting to know so I can get on par with what I was doing…

  232. Linda says

    I think I take more than 10,000 steps a day. Mainly because I keep forgetting things and have to go back and forth a lot!

  233. Sarah B says

    I don’t think I make it to 10,000 a day. I’m a student so unfortunately a lot of my time is spent sitting in lecture or studying. But I walk to and from school, so that helps a little bit…

  234. Christina says

    5280 feet makes a mile so some days yes and some days no. It really depends on what activities my kids are in that day and how active they need to be to stay on task with school work.

  235. Sarah b says

    Does chasing preschoolers down the hall after they escape my wrath count??? If so, I bet I get somewhere close to 10,000.

  236. Ruth W says

    I would only be guessing, but I think yes, 5 out of 7 days. Most definitely on days I work in the yard, cutting grass and trimming.

  237. anna maria says

    I am in veterinary school, which entails long hours of studying. Not taking into account my daily workouts, I am not sure as to how many steps I take. However, I do make an effort to walk and move as much as I can.

  238. Kelly O-ski says

    I’m almost positive I get enough steps in. I work out almost every day, and I work on my feet a lot too. I hate sitting still!

  239. camara says

    i use the striiv app on my phone and i usually get between 8-10,00 steps per day. also, i work retail, which isn’t counted since i can’t have my phone on my when i’m working.

  240. Valorie says

    Most days, I definitely do not take that many steps unless I run. Darn stuck-behind-a-computer job :( I miss my old job where I was much more active!

  241. Debra says

    No I do not take 10,000 steps because I have a broken leg. I am really looking forward to when this us healed and normal life can resume. I will never take walking for granted again.

  242. Michelle B says

    Unfortunately, no, I do not walk 10,000 steps per day. I do ride my bike to work, which should count for something though!

  243. Anastasia says

    I do not take that many steps a day! I’ve been living a pretty sedentary life, but lately, I’ve been trying to be more active and take walks every day. Hopefully, I’ll get up to ten thousand steps a day :)

  244. Samanta says

    Now? I thiknk no, I’m sick, but I hope to start very soon and make more than 10,000 steps a day to recover lost time. 😉

  245. Samanta says

    now? I think no, i’m sick, but I hope ti restart very soon and make more than 10,000 steps a day to recover lost time. :-)

  246. says

    I have absolutely NO clue how many steps I take … B U T .. I sure would like to know and I bet my customers would LOVE to know as well. Would LOVE to win this to check it out!

  247. Erin Nicole says

    I think that I do on days that I work- I’m a nurse so I walk all day long. Off days I probably domtoo because those are longer run days

  248. says

    Most days I am able to get in at least 10,000 steps. Even though I am trapped behind a computer 9 hours a day I have some great work girlfriends that are always willing to take quick walks around our buildings!

  249. says

    I would hope so, I chase a 2 yr old around all day and walk&bounce a 6 month old to bed every night! It would be interesting to see what these momma legs do, especially on rest days!

  250. Crystal e says

    I don’t know what 10,000 steps feels like. That’s the reason I would so love to win a pedometer. My physical therapist actually just recommended one. I’ll do whatever it takes to be able to get back to running. Oh how I miss it.

  251. Karen says

    On average, I don’t think I take 10,000 steps a day, because I too work at home. People think it’s such a luxury to work at home but I think it can create bad habits. I do exercise 5 days a week with a variety of running/cardio/weight lifting, but once my exercise is done for the day, I don’t put in much movement. I would like to change that!

  252. Julie says

    I do two and three a day workouts every day (Ironman tri training, crossfit, then I run/lift on my own 6 days a week) so I hope I’m doing 10k a day. This would be a nifty gadget to be sure I’m meeting my nutritional goals to supplement my training, as I am not hungry a lot and find myself basically eating coconut butter and avocados to increase my caloric intake, as I gravitate towards vegetables (LOVE) and have UC so I have to stay away from all grains, most nuts/seeds, and anything processed, and with a sugar intolerance, no candies for me :(

  253. Blessie Nelson says

    On most good days, I think I do but I would need this to verify that. Omron would help me keep accountable to stick to that goal!

  254. Kim says

    I never think about the steps that I take during a day. It might not be at the 10K mark, but prob close. I am a grad student and constantly walking all over campus plus I have an energetic dog that requires much walking!

  255. deb says

    I’m sure I do not hit 10,000 steps daily. On the days I do work out, I’m at 10K, but on my off days – I’m a slug. Total SLUG.

  256. Jessica says

    I dont come near 10,000, I spend my time grazing and surfing the net. Oops. Maybe this product would encourage me to GET UP and walk!

  257. Jennifer Olszowy says

    Most days I do walk over 10,000 steps. The pedometer I use is getting long in the tooth so I would love to replace it. I didn’t hit 10,000 steps yesterday but all it is doing is raining and my husband didn’t make it home before the gym was closed, oops!

  258. Sarah R. says

    If I work from home, probably not. My most active days are when I’m in the office and then take a class in the evening.

  259. Ashley G says

    I know I don’t hit 10k a day, but I’m sure having such a cool gadget would motivate me to get away from my desk and take the stairs more often! : )

  260. Christy says

    I actually have no idea how many steps a day I take. Not even sure how to estimate that. ; ) But I walk all the time, and then throwing in running I’m sure it would be close.

  261. Sarah Barnes says

    I am sure I easily get in 10,000 steps a day with 5 boys, living on a farm and a whole lot of on my feet all day! I would be most interested to see how many steps a day I do take!!

  262. Pam says

    Unfortuntely between working a desk job and commuting 3 hours a day I doubt i am getting my 10,000 steps a day… but this would help figure it out

  263. Donna says

    I borrowed one of my friend’s trackers and was shocked to see that on an average day I only got around 4,000 steps in. When I had it, I was inspired to take a long walk with my dog and get as many steps in as possible. I would love to have my own someday and lose this baby weight!

  264. says

    I don’t think I hit 10,000 steps every day. I currently have a 8-5 job that requires me to be chained to my desk almost the entire time. And yes, that totally sucks! 😉

  265. Rachel O says

    I have a fitbit ONE and my daily goal is 9000 steps. I usually hit it, and on my long run days I usually hit double that goal. I definitely need to step my game up though

  266. says

    Not at all. I just read the article in Runner’s World about how many people are more sedentary than they think, even runners. I work at a desk all day and even though I work out regularly – I still spend most of my day on my tush. I’m working on changing that by taking more walk breaks during the day and a pedometer would really help keep me accountable!

  267. Steph says

    I wish! I used to live a 20 minute walk to the subway, so that definitely helped. Now that I live closer, I need to start incorporating more walking….especially on non-running days.

  268. Wendy says

    I have a Fitbit and I love or loved it. I have misplaced it and haven’t been able to find it in 5 days. I do get 10,000 steps on days that I exercise, but when I don’t workout I really have to make an effort to get it, if not I only get around 5000

  269. says

    That’s a good question! I really don’t know. I get a mile each day walking my son to/from school but other than the days I run that I don’t know. I have 5 kids so I hope I’m close to the minimum recommended?! I’m only feet a lot.

  270. Rachael says

    I wish I knew! I don’t have any idea how many steps I take a day and would love this to motivate me to take more and reach my weight loss goal. (BTW, I found your blog through the 20 Best Weight Loss Blogs list! (: )

  271. Danielle A says

    I don’t know! But I do try and get up from my desk every 20mins to walk around the building I work in. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. :)

  272. Morgan Work says

    im a waitress and i recently started wearing a pedometer. between walking to and from the gym, which is about 2 miles, i walk almost 15,000 steps a day!

  273. Ileany says

    I definitely am not averaging 10,000 steps a day right now! Plantar fasciitis has me sidelined from just about everything, so I’m living vicariously through reading all the running blogs!

  274. Amanda S. says

    I highly doubt it – even on my running days! With a half coming up in January, I need this little device as extra motivation to keep on going even when I feel like foregoing my workout!

  275. Meghan says

    Sadly, I don’t think so. I’m a student so constantly studying. I would love to know how many steps I’m actually taking though!