Stuffed Protein Crepes Recipe

Hello! How was your weekend?

Yesterday I spent the day with my mom. We got massages and Thai food and it was the best!

thai food

Then, we hung out and watched the fight at my parent’s house. Canelo lost, but he’s only 23 so he has a lot of time to be the world champion. Go Canelo!

We got the Gigante Pizza with chorizo topping. It’s ridiculous. Plus the usual beverages and snacks.

chorizo pizza (800x450)

My Tres Leches cake was a hit! Recipe coming tomorrow.

tres leches cake sin leche (800x450)

Today is a rest day so I celebrated with Pancake Sunday! But, I’ve been dreaming about that crepe I had in Las Vegas ever since last weekend. It was amazing and indulgent so I wanted to make a little bit healthier version.

IMG_3521 (800x533)

I made protein crepes and stuffed them with chocolate almond butter and bananas. Yes.

stuffed protein crepes recipe

Stuffed Protein Crepes Recipe

{Serves one – High Protein – Gluten Free}


  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • 1 scoop protein powder (vanilla whey)
  • almond milk to thin out batter
  • optional: stevia to sweeten (my protein powder is pretty sweet), powdered sugar

Stuff with bananas, chocolate chips, nutella, nut butter, candy corn…

Directions: Mix egg whites and protein powder in blender. If your protein powder isn’t very sweet on it’s own add sweetener.

Batter should be thinner than normal pancake batter. Add milk of your choice or a dash of water if it’s not.

Cook in a HOT, well sprayed pan. Spread batter around in pan in a thin, even coat. The mix made 2 crepes in my big skillet.

IMG_3501 (800x533)

I made chocolate almond butter by mixing AB, cocoa powder and agave. Spread on one side of crepe with banana slices. Fold in half and half again.

IMG_3506 (800x533)

Dust with powdered sugar. Enjoy!

Stuffed Protein Crepes Recipe

Question: What did you do this weekend?


  1. says

    That is an amazing pizza! Of course I comment on the really healthy food item on this post (I need help). My weekend included apple picking (along with most of the population of the US) and applesauce making.

  2. says

    I went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival! It was sooo much fun! Too bad I got sick that night and spent all day on Sunday in a horizontal position! Watched a LOT of TV and ate a lot though…So it wasn’t ALL bad! :)

  3. Sarah G. says

    We headed to the shore for our last beach trip of the summer! It wasn’t warm enough to go in the water, but I got a fantastic run in along the beach which was wayyy better anyway. 😉

  4. says

    I love hanging out with my mom! And getting massages, you have great taste in activities. Going to give that crepe recipe a try soon- I loooove them. Too bad I can’t eat Nutella due to an allergy :(

      • says

        Such good advice! I can use the fancy Barney Butter almond butter I buy with the cocoa and agave. I can’t have peanuts or hazelnuts, so I’m good at finding substitutes- the Barney Butter is JUST LIKE peanut butter. Thanks for your reply!

  5. says

    those crepes look so yummy. and thanks for the hint on nutella. i only just discovered this luscious snack a short while ago (i know, i lived a very deprived childhood), and i’m using it for everything. i may even try stirring it into my coffee…((-;

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