Just the Tip–Discounts and Deals on Running Stuff

Happy Tuesday!

This morning I tried to do speed run and I’ll give myself an “E” for effort. I did 4 400s, 2 800s and one 1600 but they were all around the same pace, which isn’t great but on the bright side – at least I’m consistent. That is the one thing I have going for me. The one thing.

speed run tuesday (800x800)

Breakfast – pumpkin oats are in season!

pumpkin oats in a jar (800x800)

Kiwi. Just because.

kiwi fruit (450x800)

Instant Watermelon Margarita

Soak watermelon in tequila. Dip in salt. Get weird.

watermelon and tequila (800x800)

Just the tip: Running discounts and deals

1. Cross Train ID discount is still valid for another month. Safety first, get one!

Discount for all purchases + free shipping = RER15OFF

2. Last day for the Spreadshirt Free Shipping with code FALL2013


3. I’ve been getting a lot of emails for race discounts. If you’re interested in Fall/Winter races – check out those random, mass emails before you delete them!

> New Year’s Half Marathon in LA $10 off with code Gemininyr14

> Santa to the Sea Half Marathon (which I did last year!)

SAVE $25 on the 2-person relay team! USE CODE “STTS2013Relay

> Rock N’ Roll Marathon series often has discounts on the 13th of the month.

4. ProCompression Sock of the Month is the new Chevron. Use code CHV for 40% off and free US shipping.


Question: Got a discount code to share?!


  1. says

    I’d highly recommend the Cross Fit ID. I was lucky enough to win your recent competition, and the customer service was fab from them: they shipped it to me in Scotland!
    I really, really like it: it’s comfortable, fits well and makes me feel much safer.
    Everyone should have one!

  2. april says

    i’m so excited for all things pumpkin, but i haven’t really started craving it yet since it’s in the 80’s at the moment…

    “get weird.” <— random, but that reminds me of my friends who bought "let's get weird" mugs. love the watermelon/tequila idea, though! :)

  3. says

    Do you run a few or maybe just 1-2 miles as a warm up before your intervals? I like to have at least 3-5km on my legs before my sessions but I wonder if that’s too much and tires me out for the actual workout.

  4. Sarah G. says

    Love me some discount codes! The one I used recently wasn’t really a discount but because I signed up for an account on the Brooks website, they sent me a “Happy Un-birthday” email to get free shipping on a purchase over $75 plus a free tech tee. I needed new PureFlow’s anyway, so I got them with free shipping AND the shirt!

  5. says

    so i may or may not have gotten crazy in my college days and done some vodka watermelons for parties, but I am LOVING your margarita idea! is it sad that i almost feel like that seems classy?

  6. Rebecca says

    Wooo! Got myself a snazzy ID bracelet. Great idea to have even if you’re out running by yourself. Thanks for the discount :)

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