Runner’s World Half Marathon Race Recap

Saturday morning I ran the Runner’s World 5k and 10k aka “Five and Dime” in Bethlehem, PA.

Sunday morning I ran the half marathon. Put it all together and those three races form the “Hat Trick” Challenge.

hat trick medals results (800x800)

Here is my 5k/10k recap.

I made a short video of Saturday’s races too!


And this is my half marathon recap…

After the 5k and 10k on Saturday I was feeling tired, so I wasn’t sure what kind of goal to set for the half marathon. Plus, I ran a little full marathon in Long Beach last weekend.

Oh, and I have to run a full marathon next weekend. Not too smart. I guess I have my own “hat trick sandwich” going on!


Except it is a BIG deal and my legs were feeling tired, but the show must go on…

dinner with the editors (800x450)

Saturday night I attended dinner with the editors where I pitched them my idea for a new column in Runner’s World called “Run Eat Repeat” about the best places to run and eat across the world. I don’t think they were biting, but the offer is on the table. And I know a certain girl that would be perfect to write it…

(hint hint David Willey)

runners world cook book dinner (287x510)

carb loading (800x450)

runners world cook book dinner carb loading (800x450)dessert at the dinner (800x450)dessert table at dinner with runners world editors (800x450)dinner with the editors before the race (800x450)

We had an amazing dinner to carb-load for the half marathon featuring more recipes from the RW cookbook.

The menu included Long Run cupcakes with a special secret ingredient… beans! That makes them super healthy, right?

long run cupcakes from cook book (800x450)

dave mcgillivray talk (450x800)

After dinner we attended the keynote address by Dave McGillivray, race director for the Boston Marathon. McGillivray shared his running story and how that journey impacted who he is today. It was the most inspirational talk I’ve ever heard because it wasn’t just about him – he used all his accomplishments to illustrate how we can do it too.

dave mcgillivray defining moments (800x450)

I loved his thoughts on “My Game My Rules”. Given where I grew up I have always had to define my own rules and carve my own way. It was so motivating to have that reminder!

 my game my rules (450x800)

Then, Tina and I headed back to the hotel to start a prank war with SR and Janae get to sleep early for the race.

Sunday morning ready to go!

 pre run banana (287x510)

or maybe not…

weirdo before the race (450x800)

We reluctantly left the warmth of the Arts Quest building to check our gear bags and head to the start. I hit the restrooms before heading to the line and barely made it in time! I tried to sneak my way up a bit to the appropriate corral area but it wasn’t happening.

before the half marathon race (287x510)

baggage check at half marathon (800x450)

porta potty line at half marathon (800x450)

 Brittany saw me at the starting line and got a ‘before’ pic of me!

at the runners world half marathon start (600x800)

 The race: The starting line music and energy was great! The race started on time and was very well organized. There were plenty of bathrooms at the start and aid stations on the course. Also, the weather was perfect running weather.

gorgeous morning for a run (800x450)

The course: Hilly. Very hilly to me. But again, gorgeous. I am a bad runner because I never check the course elevation before showing up to a race so I always find myself surprised by hard courses (and by ‘surprised’ I mean pissed at myself for signing up for a hilly race when I’m gravity challenged).

Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but I ran 9 miles the day before (5k + 10k) so I was doing the hills on tired legs.

Fortunately, I distracted myself by bumping Brittney’s new jam, looking at the historic homes and imagining which I’d like to live in and taking mental pictures of the beauty. Plus – for every uphill there is an equal downhill and I LOVED that! Toward the end of the half you run across the Fahy Bridge and the view is breathtaking.

The finish line is right in between the Steel Stacks and Arts Quest building. The crowds are lined up cheering loudly on each side of it so the sound is powerful and pumps you up for the last stretch!

half marathon finish line (800x450)

after the half marathon in PA (800x450)

Overall: I would run it again in a heartbeat. I have run over 14 races this year and I really appreciate a well organized, fun race! Between our group schedule and the time change I wasn’t able to attend any of the day time seminars, but Runner’s World had a whole line up of info sessions on everything from ‘How to Get Faster’ to ‘Running with your Dog’.

Also, I loved the area and wish I would have had time to explore the historic landmarks more. We ran by the Museum of Industrial History and I’d love to check that out next time. Fun fact from the program: Bethlehem, PA is dubbed “Christmas City, USA” and is home to the oldest book store in the US opened in 1745. (For perspective, the city I live in was founded in 1991.)

I finished the half in 1: 47:33

runners world half marathonr results (287x510)

Some of the running bloggers after the race:

post half marathon with running bloggers (800x450)

(Jocelyn, Susan, Linda, Heather and RER)

And I met reader Lisa who came up to me after the race.

after the race with lisa (287x510)

I met so many readers this weekend – thank you all for coming up and saying hello. I really appreciate it since most of the time I feel like I’m talking to a computer (and Vegas, but he doesn’t listen).

after the runners world half marathon with bloggers (800x600)

Sadly, that ended our amazing weekend and we piled into a van headed to the airport.

skinny runner hungry runner girl and eating bird food

But after 3 races in one weekend a victory lap was in order. The driver kindly made a fro-yo stop for us!

Running and Fro-yo = a good time.

fro yo after run (287x510)

Question: What is your must have fro-yo topping?

For me it’s granola. Can’t get enough.

Disclaimer: I was invited to the race by Runner’s World. All opinions and fro-yo are mine all mine.


  1. says

    Looks like you guys had an amazing weekend! Way to go rocking those hills, 1:47 is pretty much my dream time on a course without hills lol.

    I think fro-yo is the perfect post race treat. I’m going to have to remember that for my upcoming half reward :)

  2. Elaine says

    Looks like you had a really great weekend. Thanks for all the posts. I’ll be looking for your new column in my Runners World next month!!! :-)

  3. says

    Wow I still can’t get over how awesome of a time this looks like it was! Are you running MCM next weekend? I will be there but cheering on my husband!!

    Enjoy your down time and recovery time! :) sounds like you need it!

  4. says

    Looks like a fun race event that Runners World put into place. Really glad you had a great time. I have not been to PA in 16 years. Great reminder how nice it is out there.

  5. Laura says

    Sounds like a great weekend!! Must have fro-yo topping is chopped almonds. I have to have something crunchy in there!

  6. Austin says

    Congrats on the hat trick and your incredible performance! Are you running MCM, and if so, are you bringing those orange gloves? Because I’m running MCM, and plan on wearing my pair of orange NYC Marathon gloves. I may not be the only orange-handed runner on the course!

      • Austin says

        Sorry to hear, but glad you have a backup pair! If you see a tall guy with orange gloves and shoes (yes, that’s right, I own bright orange running shoes too), say hi. Safe travels to DC this week, and hope you have an awesome race!

  7. says

    I love the recap! I love the video! :) Great time! It’s awesome that you still run fast considering you’re taking videos and talking while running! :)
    Congrats!!! Looks like a fun fun event. :)

  8. says

    Great job on all the running this weekend! Three races in one weekend is awesome!
    There is a fro-yo place near me that has smashed up peanut butter cups. It’s like a huge glob of chocolatey peanut butter but it is soooo good. I loads up lots of that on my fro-yo.

  9. Amy says

    Thanks for the super fun updates all weekend. I was following everyone’s blogs and living vicariously through all of you! Congrats on the hat trick. You rock!

  10. says

    WOW looks like an eventful weekend… Are you still on the couch recovering today? That would be fun fun to go to the Runners World race weekend! Awesome experience.
    OK so my favorite topping is granola too! YUM

  11. Kathleen says

    i’m running MCM next weekend too. I’ve been following your blog for a while now so i will definitely be looking for you to say hi! hope you get some good rest this week!!

  12. says

    Congrats on such a fun weekend of runs! I’m new to longer distance running and am super impressed with all the miles you logged over the past two days! My 9 mile run today kicked my butt :)

  13. says

    Awesome recap, and what a great time for a hilly course!
    For fro-yo, I like almonds or granola. Something crunchy because I like to have different textures in the fro-yo.

  14. says

    WOW that is a lot of racing in one weekend! I could never really appreciate the half marathon distance, until yesterday when I finished my 1st. I can’t imagine running 9 miles the day before, or a marathon the very next weekend. Impressive!

  15. Karin says

    Glad you enjoyed PA! Sometimes it takes “outsiders” to remind you about the cool things in your own backyard. Good luck on your next marathon!

  16. says

    Looks like you had an awesome time at Runners World. I would have frozen to death probably. And I have to give you mad props for the hat trick! I can’t even imagine doing 3 races in 2 days.

  17. Shannon says

    Congrats on the hat trick!!!! I was so jealous that all the bloggers were in my area for a race and I couldn’t go b/c of a wedding. Hope you will be back!

  18. Gillian says

    Sounds fun! Does the RW festival have talks/seminars (whatever you wanna call them) for all runners not just super awesome bloggers like you and SR and Stuft Mama? It may be something I’d want to go to next year. Good luck at MCM! See you in NYC!

    • says

      Yeah, the events I went to were just for us but there were seminars during the expo and after the 5k/10k on Saturday open to all. I think you had to register before, but most of them were free.

  19. says

    I just ran the KC, MO 1/2 marathon this past weekend. The cheers you described in this post gave me chills! It’s such a great feeling, and an awesome energy to see all of the supporters and volunteers holding signs, cowbells, and cheering their hearts out. This half sounds like an awesome one! I love the fact that they had information sessions!


  20. says

    It was really good to meet you on the street corner (twice). I’m glad you enjoyed your stay on this side of the country.

    I’m planning to Hat Trick again next year and, hopefully, to cut about an hour off my total time (which was s l o w). My biggest goal is to be fast enough to get one of the free running skirts at the top of that dang hill, though. :)

  21. Emily says

    A 1:47 half is amazing! Especially on hills! I have a best of 2:11, so I’m a slowbee. 😛 Sounds like you had an amazing weekend, great job on all the running!!! :)

  22. says

    Congrats on the B2B races! The entire weekend sounds so much fun! Some friends also did B2B races this weekend – 21km or 42km on Saturday night (Putrajaya Night Marathon) and 10km or 16.8km the following morning (Adidas King of The Road). All you guys are total bada$$.

  23. says

    It was great to meet you this weekend! Great job with the races. This weekend has motivated me to finally get back to the shape I want (and need) to be in to really enjoy racing again.

  24. courtney says

    What a great review. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in my little city! I love it here. Hopefully next time you’ll get to explore more, it seems like (I’m concluding based on where you ate) you guys were staying out in the ‘burbs. At least RW fed you well.

  25. Jackie K says

    Looks like a great race weekend. I might have to make it out for the events next year. Expos with great seminars are hard to find! For froyo, I have to have golden grahams or cinnamon toast crunch. Crunchy and sweet like a cone, only amplified and awesomer.

  26. Jessica Mastrilli says

    I live about 4 hours from Bethlehem, PA! That’s so awesome! i love reading your blog! I am running my first half in 2 weeks at the Santa Hustle @ Cedar Point. Kind of nervous but excited!

  27. Laura says

    Can’t believe I did not see this sooner (I’m finally getting caught up on all my blog reading.. lol). I am from Bethlehem, PA and wish I would have met you at the Runner’s World race in October! I am totally amazed at your pukingly-fast pace!!! 😀 I wish I could do that. I ran the 10K, and I am doing the Half this year (2014). It will be my 2nd Half! My first is coming up in a couple weeks (alas, I am at that dreadful taper)!! I love your blog, keep up the great work!!!

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