LAST Day to Pile on the Miles


In case you don’t have a calendar, your computer somehow doesn’t have the date on the right hand side or you’re from the future and a time machine dropped you off here… Today is November 30 = The last day of Pile on the Miles So. Are you going to hit your goal or what? I ran 20 miles today. I kinda feel like if you’re a mile or two away from goal you should stop reading … [Read more...]

Black Friday Favorites


Hello! I had a great Thanksgiving with my family, how was yours? Spent a lil time with the new baby… (RunEatRepeat on Instagram) and hung out with my little brother. They were putting up the Christmas decorations and I wanted to get a good shot for holiday cards. This one is in the ‘maybe’ pile. This morning I did a quick 6 miler. It was quick because it started to rain … [Read more...]

How To Warm Up For a 5k or 10k


Hello! How’s your week going? I gave you a hint on Instagram on what I would be making with my favorite food and a lot of you guess correctly! Last night I made this Watermelon Cranberry sauce because: A.) I love watermelon, hello. B.) Alton Brown said it was good to make Cranberry Sauce ahead. C.)  I can eat it today. Tomorrow is Turkey Trot Day for a lot of you! … [Read more...]

25 Days of Fitness Challenge


Pile on the Miles is almost over and over 3000 people signed up to play! You are doing an AMAZING job. And I want us to keep it up! (This is one of the pictures from the photo shoot I did recently. I’m doing some updates on RER and wanted new pictures for it. They are so random.) Anyway. Let’s keep up the momentum with this 25 Days of Fitness Challenge Countdown to Dec … [Read more...]

Skinny Eggnog French Toast Recipe


Sponsored National French Toast day is coming up on Thursday Nov 28th! But, that’s also Thanksgiving when I’ll  be cooking up a storm and probably end up eating toast with PB for breakfast. So today is the day to celebrate and I have a healthier version of the good stuff that combines eggnog into the mix. I am an Oroweat Breadbassador… or maybe it’s Oroweat Matador I … [Read more...]

The Best Fitness Gifts For Under $20


My Top 10 Gifts for Runners list got great feedback, but I know some of the items on the list are pricey (and runner specific)! So, here is a list of gifts / stocking stuffers that are 20 dollars or less for the fitness lovers in your life… 1. My blogger friends and I got together to design this Powerful Women t-shirt. 100% of profits from our sales will be donated to the … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday–5 Week Personal Challenge and Why I’m Going to Chop My Finger Off


Happy Monday! How’s it going? I had a nice, relaxing weekend so I’m happy. I feel like there are a lot of 2 week, 5 week, 52 week Clean Eating / Advocare / Insert Your Fave Cleanse / Challenges going on lately. I’ve been watching other’s weight loss and toning progress and getting super motivated! Examples: Janetha’s 24 Day Challenge and Mama Laughlin’s 2 Week … [Read more...]

Pile on the Miles–LAST WEEK!!!


Okay. You have 7 days to get to your Pile on the Miles Goal. This week is the last week of POTM2013 and it’s also Thanksgiving week. Yep, ish just got real. How are you going to make it happen? This week’s POTM prize is sponsored by PUMA. They are giving one Piler this outfit, shoes and headphones from PUMA. Awesome, right?! To be entered in the PUMA gear giveaway: Leave … [Read more...]

Brunch with Benefiber


Sponsored Happy Sunday! It’s weird to be home for the first time in weeks and weeks. I keep feeling like I’m supposed to be somewhere running or eating or repeating. It’s kinda sad actually, I wish I was running a race this weekend! Keeps me busy and happy and crazy. Just like I like it. Instead of a race I treated myself to a nice lil walk with my head movies and … [Read more...]

Easy Pumpkin Upside Down Cake Recipe


I randomly got the idea for Pumpkin Upside Down Cake the other day. After rummaging through my cabinets I realized I could make a quick and dirty recipe that would satisfy the craving. This isn’t Martha Stewart fancy, but it is RER tasty so go with it. Ingredients: Cake – Box cake mix & all the the stuff the box it lists to make it OR a 15 oz can of pumpkin and almond … [Read more...]

Friday Fiesta Wax Video


Happy Friday! I’m so happy to have this week done. Even though I really tried to get enough sleep each night, it didn’t end up happening a few days and I just felt like I was dragging all yesterday. I drank a lalalalot of iced coffee this week. At one point I just laid right on the ground and took a nap with SR’s pup. Vegas likes to cuddle up solo so I really had no … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Favorites


Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE day of the year. Yes. Without a doubt. No contest. Favorite-est day ever. I believe “All things in moderation – except moderation on Thanksgiving.” So I’m already gearing up for an epic feast. I made cornbread casserole for my family. It’s my signature dish. And this year I’ll also be making Sweet Potato Casserole and probably some a new and … [Read more...]

6 Races in 6 Weeks Thoughts and Why I Can’t Just Go For a BQ Goal Race


{I apologize to anyone who is receiving comments on posts they didn’t subscribe to. I am working on it right now and will update asap.} I just finished 6 weeks of back to back half marathons and marathons. That is 3 full marathons, 3 half marathons and a 5k and 10k thrown in for good measure. Long Beach Marathon Runner’s World 5k, 10k and Half Marathon Marine Corps … [Read more...]

15 Best Sriracha Recipes and a Sriracha Addict Quiz


I go through Sriracha faster than I go through running shoes these days. And with 6 back to back races – that’s saying a lot! Between that and the Sriracha diet I should buy stock in the stuff! I LOVE that you know me so well and send me links for fun Sriracha-y stuff. This week I received a link for a Sriracha Bacon Lollipop… and a quiz to see “How Addicted to Sriracha Are … [Read more...]