Pile on the Miles Week One

Hello from the sky! I am on my way back from NYC and will have the New York Marathon recap soon. But first, here is my Saturday fun and the Pile on the Miles Week One goals.

IMG_20131104_064516 (800x800)

New York Saturday

Saturday morning I slept in a bit (much needed after the red eye the night before!) but woke up in time to meet SkinnyRunner at City Sports for a shake-out run.

city sports new york city

It was supposed to be 2 miles, but we ended up doing 3.5. I usually don’t run the day before a marathon, but I wasn’t going for time at the race so it was okay.

mizunoa shakeout run for new york city marathon

We are quite the pair of #fail runners this weekend – I forgot my Garmin for the marathon and she lost her bib after the expo. #GetItTogether

rer and skinnyrunner 20131102_104003 (800x450) central park run

The event was hosted by Mizuno and they gave everyone a tee shirt that you could personalize. SR talked me out of getting the lyrics to Wrecking Ball on my tee so I went with plan B.

mizuno runeatrepeat tee

The company provided breakfast after too. I don’t think the shoes were for consumption, but I can’t really keep track of what’s Paleo these days.

mizuno shoes and muffins

After the run I strolled home looking for food and taking in the sights.

Rockefeller plaza! I would have went ice skating except I kinda didn’t want to break my ankle the day before the NY marathon hello.

rockefeller plaza

I did need to carb load though and found this FREE CEREAL booth at a street fair.

free cereal booth

20131102_114730 (800x450)

Bodega breakfast.

bogeda breakfast

The name of the game was carb loading. I did my usual Chinese food banquet.

ma po tofu

The night before the race I laid out my clothes and decided on what to wear. I was tempted to wear my new shirt, but decided I didn’t want long sleeves.

run eat repeat tee

Motivation Monday

workout motivation someone busier than you is running (450x800)

Pile on the Miles Week One Goals

pile on the miles 2013 logo

Leave a comment on this post with your goals for THIS WEEK (Sun-Sat).

US residents will be entered to win one of three CLICK protein powder prize packs! Just leave a comment with your goal to be entered.

International & US readers can be entered to win an RER t-shirt. (Specify “international” at the end of your comment so I can put you in this drawing but not the CLICK one.)

IMAG1802 (450x800)

Question: How many MILES or Minutes are you going to walk/run/bike/move this week?

Closes 11/7/13 at 8am PST. Click giveaway open to residents of the US only. Tee-shirt giveaway open to all – international readers must indicate ‘international’ on their comment so I know the appropriate giveaway. No ‘int’ and I will assume you are in the US.


  1. Jackie K says

    I’m going to walk 5ish miles this week. I ran all out at the Monumental Marathon last Saturday and got my shiny new PR. However I am turbo sore, so I think Hal Higdon’s zero week makes a lot of sense right now.

  2. says

    Yesterday I walked at a 4mph pace for 2.62 miles (one decimal to the left for all you marathoners!). I plan on walking two miles each day, either during my lunch break or after work.. so for a total of about 15 miles (walking).

  3. tiffany says

    aiming for 20 miles, including one run >6 miles! school has been busy, so i’ve been limited to the gym lately. :/

  4. erin says

    My goal this week is 15, but only because I have a pretty epic girls trip to Miami planned from Thursday to Sunday and I don’t anticipate much time for running those days. I will be stepping it up big time next week

  5. says

    This week, I hope to run easy until Saturday, where I’d love to nail another marathon PR! As long as I finish, though, I’ll have met one of my big goals for the year and will be eligible to join marathon maniacs. Woot woot!

    (Please exclude me from the giveaway part AGAIN- more food allergies)

  6. says

    I completed my first week goal! Kind of. The original goal was to run 7 miles on Saturday and have Sunday as a rest day, but things came up and plans changed, so I squeezed in a 3 mile run on Saturday morning and did 4 miles Sunday. So still a total of 7 for the weekend :)

    My goal this week- 25 miles!

  7. says

    I’m looking at starting training for my first marathon here pretty soon (eek!) so this week I’m just looking to solidify my base — going for 8.5 miles and two zumba classes :)

  8. says

    My goal for the week is 90 minutes of running — hopefully broken up into three 30 minute runs. Still working on recovery after my broken foot, so need to keep things slow and steady and not rebuild too fast.

  9. Lisa says

    I’m hoping for 5-8. You all have motivated me so much this weekend with the marathons and some doing an ironman. I have no excuse but to get in gear! Here’s to starting!

  10. Maria says

    My goal *was* to run 30 miles this week, but I’m sitting on my couch with a raging head cold and a bad runner’s knee flare up, so my goal has changed and I will now be spending my week recovering! (Like you, I’ve been racing a lot lately!)

  11. Steph F. says

    I’m slowly building miles up again since my ITBS seems to have subsided a bit, so I think I’ll go for 20 miles of running this week.

  12. Rachel says

    You weren’t going for time and you still finished in 3:41?? Amazing! Just found your blog and love it! Congrats on the marathon! My miles this month will include my usual 4 with my running group on Wednesdays and hoping to do a 8 and possibly 9 miler for wknd long runs…never been further than 7 in my life but I’m starting to build up my distance so I can one day be on your level. 😉

  13. Cindy says

    Sunday I ran my longest yet…7 miles. I have a 5K this Saturday. I think my goal this week is 15 miles. I want to run a 1/2 marathon next year…I am a new runner : )

  14. says

    My goal for this week is to get at least 21 miles in. I found a Hal Higdon training plan I’m following for my next marathon and in this training he has me running more than I have before and I’m going to try my hardest to get in each run!

  15. says

    My goal is 20 miles this week! I got in 2.5 bright and early this morning, so I still have a lot to go. But I’m glad I was able to get to the gym before work this morning…this challenge is already keeping me accountable! :)

  16. says

    I’m running a marathon next Sunday and already did 12 miles yesterday so I’m hoping for 8 more running miles this week and then some cross training. I NEED to get back in the pool!!!

  17. Lauren S says

    I’m just aiming to run at least 3 times this week. I’ve been sick and need to get back in the swing of things.

  18. Bethanny says

    Due to knee pain (annoying) I am going to try and walk/run 8 miles this week. Hoping for a decent run this weekend (fingers crossed).

  19. Heather M says

    I did 3 today and am hoping for 5 tomorrow and another 5 on Thurs. Them I’m off on a long weekend getaway – so prob won’t run any more than that! I ran 7 on Saturday, so I’m not too concerned with taking a few days off :-)

  20. Marissa says

    My goal is to run 20 miles and cross train at least 3 times. This past weekend I took a spin class Friday/Sunday and ran 6 miles on Saturday.

  21. amanda says

    goal will be 19+ miles. Its my first week of marathon training so my first week has me starting there. If I dont miss a run its a good week for me!

  22. Lori Sjolund says

    I hope to get in at least 6 this week. :) My goal for the whole month is to do 50, which might be a little too lofty! I have been cross training and doing strength, but I have been taking time off of running to recover from shin splints before my next training schedule begins.

  23. Marie says

    I tought my race season was over after my marathon in September, but I wanted to try this race for fun and bought someone bib last minute. I managed to shave 5 minutes of my last PR in an hilly (and cooold!) course, so yay me! I’ll take it cool this week since I’m sore and I’ll probably run 20-25km.
    Kilometers because Canada, so International pleeeeeease 😉

  24. Meg says

    Goal is to walk 10 miles. 2.5 down, 7.5 to go! We’ll see how I do with no childcare and a toddler who is slowly boycotting the Bob…

  25. Michelle says

    I am still recovering from an IT band injured suffered during the berlin marathon but I plan to do 50 minutes of aqua jogging 4 days this week and a couple of hours of biking this weekend. (international)

  26. says

    I am going to try to run at least 10 – 15 miles this week. I just finished a trail marathon on Saturday and my tendonitis has really flaired up in my right foot… so I am going to give it a solid 3-4 days of rest before I get back out on the road.

    I love your hotel room view – pretty cool!

  27. says

    International: Anything over 20km is fine. The bad weather and the fact that it gets dark at a ridiculous early hour makes running outside not that appealing at the moment.

  28. Alison says

    My goal is 15 miles; I ran my first ever 15k yesterday so need to get in 6 more by Saturday. I am also shooting for 2 weight workouts this week.

  29. Dulcy says

    My goal is going to be 40 miles. 35 will be from running the other 10 will be a combo of running, walking, and cycling.

  30. says

    I’m still pretty miserable from my first half marathon, so I’m not sure what I’ll be able to muster this week. If nothing else, I’d like to go on at least three long walks (maybe I’ll get some jogging in if my joints cooperate).

  31. says

    Hi there! My goal is 5 miles of running. I have my 3rd 1/2 on Sunday so I’m taking it easy. I’ve been a major klutz lately (almost broke a toe, fell in the shower, stubbed a toe walking in a forrest etc. etc.) 😀

  32. Susie M. says

    My goal is to run/walk 38 this week! I ran the monumental half marathon on Saturday, so it might be a stretch, but we’ll see!

  33. Zorana says

    My goal this week is 30 miles running and 15 walking the streets of Edinburrrrr (it is cold here!)

  34. says

    My goal for this week is 20 miles running. I kicked it off this morning with a 2 mile run worked into my strength training. (So, since the 1st I’m up to 10.5!)

  35. says

    My goal is to actually obey my plan and do a cut-back week. I hate not seeing my weekly mileage go up, but I know it’s needed in order to stay healthy. No more than 15 miles this week!

  36. Kaylie says

    My goal for the week is a grand total of 3 miles… the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis (where both a 16 year old woman and a 49 year old woman had Olympic qualifying times!!!) was my very first marathon and I LOVED IT, so I am determined to not hurt myself afterward so I can do it many, many, many more times :)

  37. Kelsey Miller says

    My goal for this week is to run three times. I just got back into it from an injury, so I’m not going to push my luck! :) Miles-wise, 6 total.

  38. Heather says

    This week’s goal is 3 workouts at least 1 of which being run/walk for 2 miles each. The others being on the bike for 4-7 miles each.

  39. says

    My goal for the week is 40 miles-considering I had a 20 mile run yesterday while dreaming that I was running NYC with my friend Mary-it shouldn’t be too far out of reach!

  40. Jen says

    I ran 26.2 miles yesterday (NYC MARATHON yay) so my goal is to take it easy and do some yoga this week! I think I’ll put my sneakers on for about 3 miles on Friday or Saturday, just to be sure things are still working. . . .

  41. Megan Evans says

    Not feeling too sore from Warrior Dash this past weekend, but I will take a break today and just do stretches. From Tues- Saturday this week my plan is to run 12 miles and do 2 Shred DVD workouts, Level 3.

  42. Jacki says

    My goal for this week is to stick to my training plan, which has a total of 5 running days (24 miles total– keeping it realistic because I’m moving this weekend), 1 day of cross training, and 2x strength training. I was super proud this morning because when I got to the gym, I realized I forgot to bring my work clothes with me! But I still hopped on the treadmill, and then made a mad dash to Target (yes, in sweaty gym clothes) to find something to wear to work. I was SO tempted to skip my work out, but I made it through.

  43. Colleen says

    Ran for the first time in 8 weeks this weekend, it felt WONDERFUL! NO PAIN! :-) I got a stress fracture I got while trng for the Chicago marathon and have been biking like a mad man to stay strong! My hope is to get in 6-10 running miles this week! I will also have two sessions with my trainer….who is making me STRONGER!

  44. Gretchen says

    My goal is to run/walk/elliptical 15 miles this week. Just ran my second half marathon in 2 weeks so I need to take it easy!

  45. Alissa says

    My goal is to run/walk 30 miles this week (including going away for a wedding Friday through Sunday)! Piling it all in at the beginning of the week!

  46. Elizabeth says

    After my 8k race this weekend (first race since early Sept and it went super well!) I’m aiming for 10 miles – two 3 mile runs during the week and a 4miler long run during the weekend.

  47. JT says

    My goal for this week is 10 miles. I ran the MCM last week (my 1st) and got horrible hot spots/blisters on both feet. There are just now feeling better. So far I’ve run 1mile and walked another mile. I plan to run 3.5 n Tuesday & Thursday with a longish run on Saturday

  48. says

    My goal this week is to run 40 miles.

    I’m tapering for the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon in 2 weeks, so I’m glad to be cutting back. I also have a ten mile race on Sunday with the Mermaid Series. It’s in San Francisco and we’ll be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Should be awesome!

  49. says

    Congrats on the marathon! So, so proud of your accomplishments.

    I am hoping to get at least 8 miles this week. I don’t feel like that is very much but I am going on vacation so I hope to incorporate some movement in addition to the touristy activities!

  50. Becca says

    My goal this week is to get in 2-3 runs and between 6-9 miles. I am traveling 3 days for work so it will be interesting to see how that works!

  51. Jody Thompson says

    My goal is 19.1 miles: 6 easy taper miles, and my first half marathon — DIsney’s Wine and Dine Saturday night!

  52. Nicole says

    My goal this week is to stick to my training plan (I haven’t been doing so well with that!) and log all 20 miles.

  53. Laura B. says

    Walk lots of extra miles when I can and get some good training runs in. I was supposed to run 10 yesterday and it didn’t happen…(opps) but I don’t want to go crazy this week with an upcoming half this Sunday.

  54. Melissa Adams says

    I love this challenge – keeping me motivated through the Fall! My goal is 4 runs this week for a total of 20 – 30 miles.

  55. Danielle Porter says

    26.2 miles and recovery. I’m sore after my second marathon yesterday. I need rest! Shave 10 minutes off my finish time – woot!

  56. Jenny says

    Well, I did a run/walk recovery combo on Sunday after my long run on Saturday, so with that (4.75 mi), my goal for this week is about 25 miles of running + walking (mostly running, hopefully).

  57. Elizabeth says

    HOPING to run 18 as I SLOWLY return to my weekly average of 25-30, but have nagging twinges in hip, hamstring, posterior tib….ugh!!

  58. Jessica says

    After running my first half marathon I took a break from running. Training was tough on me and very time consuming – I’ve been focusing a lot more on strength training and spinning, but I’m finally ready to get back into running again! I’m excited.

  59. Amy says

    Between working and schooling both full time, I’ve had very little time and energy to run lately:/ this week I’m hoping to jump back.on the train with 20 miles!!

  60. Carol says

    I am going to short run 2 days this week and run a 10K on Saturday (Cajun Cup)! I plan to do my PT exercises all other days.

  61. says

    Congrats on the marathon. I liked the #GetItTogether hashtag :) I ran 3.5 miles on Sunday, am leaving for Punta Cana (woohoo) in 2 days so hope to run there and take advantage of warm weather…getting cold and dark in PA!

  62. says

    My goal is 16 miles and to order that weather shield thing for my stroller so my boy and me can keep running outside in the cold (just for short runs, though, don’t want him to freeze!) – got our first dusting this morning!

  63. Paige Callahan says

    I have been having some hamstring and hip issues so hopefully this week I can hit 35 miles ( I usually do 50-60 except the last two weeks :/ ) and 4 x 75 minute cross training sessions

  64. Natalie P. says

    My goal is to continue following my half marathon recovery plan and work my way back up to the mileage I was previously getting!

  65. Manissa says

    I’m aiming for 7 miles this week. Not much, but you gotta start somewhere! (International here, greetings from Holland!)

  66. Tasha says

    My goal is to run 10 miles, speed walk 10 with my cardio stroller group (we train with our babies in the strollers) and do 2 spinning classes. ( International).

  67. Gail says

    Damaged ankle during 16km run on Saturday so rest & ice! Plan for this week – rest Mon, rest Tues, swim Wed and hopefully spin Thurs. 5km jog Fri & Sat. **International**

  68. Amy says

    I plan/goal/hope to complete 79 miles this week.
    Also, I’m from the U.S. and would love to win the CLICK protein powder prize!
    Thank you.

  69. Beth says

    PR’d at Monumental half marathon last weekend, and plan to do a couple easy miles on the treadmill, then the Wine & Dine half at Disney this Saturday. So mileage goal for the week will be 15.

    • Jill says

      I forgot to answer your question. :)

      I plan to run about 25 miles this week, with a 26 mile bike ride, and about 10 miles of dog walking.

  70. says

    My goal for this week is only since I’m tapering for Ironman Arizona on November 17th. I’m starting to freak out that it’s getting so close!
    Congrats on NYC!!

  71. Lisa says

    Goal is 25 miles this week. It should be more, but I tweaked my knee yesterday and need to sit out the first half of the week. I’m in the US but only want to be entered in the shirt giveaway. Thanks!

  72. Stephanie says

    Training for the week: 4 mile easy run, 4 mile speedwork, 7 mile pace run & 17 mile long run = 32 miles for the week. Plus my goal of not missing any runs is in effect!

  73. Sarah says

    My goal is to run 30 miles this week. I ran 7 on Sunday and 4.5 today. I know I can do it with a long run this weekend!

  74. says

    My goal this week is 15 miles. I can and will accomplish that! The fall leaves are so beautiful that it’s hard to resist not running outside.

  75. says

    I’m tight and sore from a half marathon this weekend, so this week is all about rest and recovery. I want to do pilates at least 3 times this week, foam roll 3-4 times this week, and drink at least 60 ounces of fluid every day.

  76. says

    My goal for the week is 12 miles–I’m five down and hoping walking around Disney World later this week will cross off a lot of those miles for the week!

  77. Carrie says

    I’m feeling 30…ran the inaugural pittsburgh 10 miler on Sunday, and I have a half ultra this coming Sunday..I suck at the taper!

  78. Katie M says

    Starting the week off with a terrible cold, so I missed out on my long run yesterday. Looking to still fit in 10-15 miles of running and 5-10 miles of walking for at least 20 miles of movement between the two!

  79. Morgan says

    My goal for this week is to run happy. I’m just getting over a sinus infection turned walking pneumonia, and I’m very much a “I hate myself because my pace was off” kind of runner. I want to reconnect with running on a personal level again before I resume my 50 week marathon training plan. My aim is to find that balance between enjoying running while still being able to push myself and NOT to let my mentality go down the drain over a slow mile 4 when I still have 6 to go.

    50 weeks is a long time and my long runs before starting the program were already up to 16 miles, but I refuse to suck at my first marathon.

  80. Suzie says

    My goal is to walk and not run with my bum it band! Resting is the only way I’ll get out running again. I want to walk three three milers.

  81. Shawn says

    My goal is to run 10 miles this week, and get in some miles in my spinning class (I have no idea how far I ride, so I’m not including those miles)!

  82. says

    My goal is to walk my dog at least 3x a day for at least a mile each (huge goal since I’m leaving for work at 6am and not getting home until after 8pm) and to run/walk at least 20 additional miles.

  83. Jen A. says

    My goal is 6 miles but I have a friend coming to visit so that may distract me. But maybe I can get her to join me for a run 😉

  84. Dalit says

    35 miles of running this week…. a high for me, so I’m happy about it. 1 spinning class (no actual miles but should count for something), and a bit of walking around. (I’m INT but could provide a US shipping address if that makes a difference..)

  85. Sylvia says

    I’m shooting for 8 miles this week. I’m on week 2 of C25K so my main goal is to stick with my M/W/F workouts. I average about 2.5 each workout so I should hit my mark if I do a little extra each day…right? Right!

  86. says

    I’m still taking it easier on the running and upping my cross training but I do have a 5k next weekend so I want to do at least 2 runs of 3 mi or more this week in preparation for it. I also want to do one day of swimming, one day of weights and maybe a HIIT circuit in there too :)

  87. Tedi says

    I’m gonna try and run 18 miles. This week. I’m running the Vegas Ragnar this weekend and I know I’m gonna be running at least 16 miles. I’m hoping to go for another run before that. :)

  88. Erin says

    Revised goal after having to quit a marathon yesterday due to stomach flu and hip pain — go to two yoga classes and get an appointment with a physical therapist.

  89. Sarh says

    I want to run every other day and go to the gym the days I do not run. Each day I’d like to hit 5 or 6 miles with an 8 mile run on Friday… or Saturday. Thusly: by Sunday evening I want to have 25 miles in this week :)

  90. Natalie says

    My goal is at least 18 miles this week but I’m hoping my work schedule allows for 25 miles. Already got 7 done today :)

  91. says

    Eeek! My goal for this week was going to be to run 25 miles. But Saturday while running in CP with Run Gia Run’s Run Club, I hit a rock, did an ankle roll, bruised my knee, sprained my ankle, AND ripped my Lulu crops! Tears abound. I will need to reassess my goal this week. So, my new goal will be to heal this thing! :( P.S. Congrats on your marathon!

  92. Karin says

    Trying to keep up with the monthly goal of 20-min walk/day and 5 runs a week. Vow to go to track with my running club Tuesday night, even if below freezing.

  93. MARTINA says

    I’m planning on running 20-30 km this week. I finally finished my internship and I want to take advantage of the next months to increase my mileage – and your blog will be my biggest inspiration :-)

  94. Rebecca M says

    There are so many comments here, this is amazing! Does it have to be running? My plan is 9 miles on the elliptical, 4 on the treadmill, and 2-4 on the bike (15-17 total). Thanks for the inspiration!

  95. says

    need to get in 3 bicycle rides (weather permitting) on MV for the holiday weekend. Also will do lots of yoga and schedule in some 3 mile walks. Need to average 15 miles this week. Has been much colder here in New England…..refreshing! Have a good week, everyone!!

  96. Isabel says

    congrats on the NYM! My goal this week is 20 miles – still in recovery mode from my own marathon. (international? – it’s an APO address in Germany)

  97. Lauren says

    I’m aiming for 80-90 km this week. Nearly back to where I was pre pelvis break. Exciting to build my mileage back up!


  98. Aine says

    International! I’m going to do three runs (one long, one easy, one tempo) and two strength training sessions this week. And use my foam roller every day!

  99. Joyce says

    My goal is to run at least 5 miles for now. Maybe add to it later. Rolled my ankle a week back, so trying to take it easy right now.

  100. Lindsay says

    My goal for the week is 30 miles of movement. It may be a little difficult since I ran a half last Saturday that I raced pretty hard. I’m also donating blood today.. We’ll see what happens though. So far I have 1.25 miles from swimming yesterday. =)

  101. Melissa Shirey says

    20 miles. I did 10 on Sunday but tweaked my knee!! Hopefully I am good to go by Saturday because I have a 10k :)

    International (because I have a huge stash of Click :)!!!!)

  102. Lauren K. says

    Tapering for a marathon in 2 weeks, so I am hoping for 20 total-pain free miles! Let’s hope my IT Bands listen to my requests!

  103. says

    My running goal is 30 miles. If the weather’s nice at lunch or it stays light enough late enough, I’m hoping to ride as many miles as I can get in. I’m heavily favoring running these days, but I don’t want to pay for it when I have to start racing my bike!

  104. marie says

    My goal for this week is to go on a post-dinner stroll of at least 1 mile with DH every night, for a total of 7 miles.

  105. Annie W says

    This week I’m planning to run 30 miles and switch up my workouts a bit- adding in Spin and Bodypump one time each!

  106. Meredith says

    I’m doing an easy week b/c I have a half-marathon on Saturday. Doing an easy 5-miler tonight, 50 mins cross-training on Wednesday, then nothing but some easy yoga Thurs & Friday. Hope to do a hike on Sunday to stretch out my sore legs. :)

  107. jae says

    My goal is to run 3 miles this week, do the elliptical for 30 min 5x and always do 10 min of yoga after each workout!

  108. Karin Denison says

    Going to stick to my 5 days of running, every day of walking, and ensuring I get to my running club’s track workout tonight to work on my speed for the T-day race in t-minus 23 days!

  109. Natalie says

    My goal is to get around 15 this week. However, I’m going to do some speed work at the beginning of the week, so we will see how that sets me up for the rest of my runs.

  110. Diane says

    I hope to run 25 miles this week. Had a 5 mile race on Sunday when I would have normally done a long run so it might be hard to reach that goal. Did well in the race though so I’m happy about that!