Falling Quota

Hello from California!

Yesterday I was on my 8th cross country flight in four weeks. I’m driving to Vegas this weekend so I get a lil break from the airport this weekend Smile


After the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and food festival I got back to my hotel room after 4am and didn’t get into bed until after 4:30am. So, I was a little upset with my body for waking up before 8am. Hello.

20131109_232022 (600x800)

But, I was up so SR and I hit the road for a nice little walk around the resort.


We saw a snake on our walk and SR thought it was one of the Disney characters and insisted I take her picture with him. (He’s right in front of her feet a bit.)

20131110_102652 (600x800)

We stayed at the Grand Floridian – which I will blog about soon. It was amazing!

20131110_101149 (800x600)

20131109_075454 (800x600)

When I got back I made some oatmeal using hot water from the coffee maker, banana from the race and PB from the condiments bar at the grill. (I packed oatmeal packets.) Better than the $7.00 stuff they were selling at the grab and go place!

20131110_113318 (800x600)

Since I’ve been traveling so so much I have made an effort not to think “Hey I’m on vacation, I can eat all the things!!” And I kept it fairly healthy in PA and DC. I did okay in New York.


But by the time I got to DisneyWorld all bets were off and I was a little too indulgent this weekend. (Read: Eat all the things was in full effect.)


Plus, my plane landed at 9:30pm and I stopped by Carl’s Jr on the way home. Busted!

This week is all about getting back to a healthy balance.

I started my morning with an easy run.

Then, I fell.


Guess my balance isn’t doing too great today Winking smile

My foot got caught on something a half a mile away from home and I hit the ground pretty hard on my right side. I have a little road rash on my leg – so glad I was wearing capris today!

I put Neosporin on my leg and then leaned on the couch to grab something and rubbed a big oil stain on the side. Help? How do you get a Neosporin stain out?

i fell

Anyway. I always joke that I fall about 2-3 times a year and 2014 is almost here, so I guess I need to meet my quota. I’m just hoping I don’t wake up super jacked up tomorrow!

I have a lot to catch up on today. I’ll see ya in a bit.

Question: When was the last time you fell?

Isn’t it funny that kids fall all the time and it’s no big deal? As adults we fall and it’s this huge drama because our bodies don’t just bounce right back.


  1. says

    No help on the oil stain. I’m pretty domestically challenged.

    I fell at the gym this morning, sort of. I was doing crunches on a stability ball and went to get off it and it popped out from under me and I landed square on my butt on the floor. Thankfully I was alone in the group exercise room. The perks of working out before the sun comes up.

  2. Kelsey says

    Try rubbing baking soda in it, letting it sit a bit, and then vacuuming it off. Sometimes it takes a few tries. I did that to get some grease off of my micro-fiber couch once. Took a few tries, but it came off! Good luck!!

    I haven’t fallen yet this year!! Woot!

  3. Kimberly says

    I fell yesterday on my run! I have road rash on my shin and a big spot on my knee where it ripped the skin off. It is the first I’ve fallen time since I took up running about 3 years ago. I had capris on also but I ripped a whole in them! :(

  4. says

    I fall ALL the time, literally. It used to be kind of funny until my husband bought me a helmet. Now, when I fall, I try to fall on him!

    And for the stain, use blue dawn, it’s the best for just about anything. And if you ever need to clean a bad stain or something that has been there for a while, mix the blue dawn with white vinegar and baking soda. Works every time. #theonlythingMarthaStewartevertaughtme LOL

  5. says

    I’m notorious for falling down our stairs (I’ve never been seriously hurt), which I’m trying really hard not to do now given the whole baby thing. I’ve also tripped a few times while walking the dogs (once in front of a man in his bathrobe getting the newspaper… awkward). Take care if yourself!!!

  6. says

    I don’t fall that often. Trip yes. I fell down a whole flight of wooden stairs a week before my first marathon. Luckily I was just bruised nothing broken.

  7. says

    I ate it for the first time a couple weeks ago and landed hard..bloody knee, roadrash arms…thought I broke my wrist (didnt, thank goodness!)..but what’s worse is that it totally messed with my head and I was so paranoid about falling again. And sure enough, 2 weeks later I did it again! Like seriously?! lol I think I’m good for the rest of the year!

  8. says

    I’m really good at tripping over absolutely nothing, though I usually manage to stay upright. I think my last fall had ice involved.

    I work with toddlers and it’s amazing the falls they take without noticing – well, unless they see someone watching them and then they turn on the waterworks!

  9. says

    I shouldn’t jinx myself….I haven’t fallen in a few years but the last two were quite memorable. In 2010 I was with my dog at the dog park and a Weimaraner took me down (he was a bit clumsy and barreled right into me)….my feet were swept out from under me and I landed hard on my butt! Then second memorable spill happened while walking the neighborhood on a nice summer eve with my friend. There was a strap (the kind that issued to bundle newspapers) on the ground which I didn’t see. I literally stepped into it and fell face down like a cartoon episode. My hands were so raw. I was picking pebbles out for days. I just remember how bad it stung to wash my hair.

  10. Emily says

    A few weeks ago I ran the Marine Corps Marathon, and right around mile 12 I could not stop laughing because I looked up, and a kid was falling down a grassy hill. He was sliding down backwards on his stomach, and his poster was sliding down the hill next to him. Yes, I felt like a huge jerk for laughing (if it makes it any better, it did not look like a bad fall where he hurt himself).

    Also, one time I was on a 1st date with a guy and walked down a hill and my feet slipped from under me and I fell on my butt.

  11. says

    I fell about 1.5 weeks ago. Sidewalk… I kind of did a roll maneuver and came out with only a deep, circular scrape on my hand. Sucks when I write, but I’m glad I didn’t get a worse injury or anything.
    Glad you are okay, though!

  12. says

    Oh I have fallen a few times while running! The first time I took a huge chunk of skin out of my knee! I was running with a friend, talking, and we were on a narrow sidewalk! I fell right off the side of it! The second time was THE most embarrassing…right in the last mile of a half marathon, at an intersection! I tripped on a tiny change in the sidewalk and face planted it in front of a lot of people! I’ve also fallen while on the bicycle a couple of time! At least it makes for a good chuckle at yourself and a good story :)

  13. Krista says

    Ah a couple days ago as I was walking home from my run I tripped up the stairs, fell, and landed straight on my iPhone! luckily only the back cracked and not the screen! and not my wrist (thats how I stay optimistic about it)

  14. Tasha says

    I fell down our front stairs when I was pregnant and fell down again when I was pregnant when a kid ran into me with his bike. A bit scary when you’re pregnant but it happens as your balance is off and baby was just fine.I ran during my pregnancy though and never fell then.

  15. says

    Once I worked in HR at a manufacturing plant. We showed a safety video with little kids in it – demonstrating how kids naturally lift things more safely and probably fall more safely, too. As adults, I think we sometimes make things worse by tensing up on our way down. Or something like that.

    I don’t want to say how long it’s been since I’ve fallen when running. I don’t want to jinx it. :)

  16. says

    I sure hope I met my falling quota for the year too. I’ve fallen 3 times already–once last week, once a month ago (this one was awful), and one was back in March. March was my first time falling ever in the 3 years I’ve been running — so maybe I was just making up for it–or in banned from running at night.

  17. Stephanie says

    I fell really hard a month ago ! Was on a long run, busted up my elbow, hip and arm. It was my first time falling. I’ve been running for 7 years.. That was rough and embarrassing ! Ugh! Hope ur not sore, I was!

  18. Kathy says

    Ouch, to both the fall and the stain! I can’ remember the last time I actually fell (knock on wood) but I have recently done the big, embarrassing trip while running..then look back at the ground like it jumped up at you. That can be so jarring and actually falling is that much worse. Hope you feel fine in the morning. As for the stain, I recently followed this advice for a similar type of stain..hope it helps


  19. says

    I haven’t fallen while running *Knock on Wood* but the last time I bit it was in front of my entire class while leaving school one day, lol. I have weak ankles and I stepped on a loose brick in front of the door and gravity took over.

  20. jodea @ chillichocolatelove.com says

    I took a little tumble recently on the stairs at home. Really bust up my elbow with a big scab and bruise. I felt like a seven year-old!

  21. Hannah says

    I last fell four weeks ago last Saturday; incidentally the last time I ran :( I chipped a bone, and although it doesn’t hurt at all now, it is still a bit swollen. Follow-up appointment in two weeks, fingers crossed for the all clear then. I feel pretty tragic without running.

    • says

      Oh, yeah, and I *almost* fell the other day. Passed a guy on a trail, and 10 feet later there was a tree across the path. Promptly tripped over it like the clumsy trail runner I am, but I kept my pride and didn’t actually bite the dust. I think the only reason I didn’t fall was because I knew he was behind me hah!

  22. says

    I agree with your comment about falling adults! I hope your not sore in the morning! The Grand Floridian is my all time favorite hotel to stay at! Such a great atmosphere! Last time I fell was a while ago I was on an inside track and I feel in front of the spin group, pretty embarrassing!

  23. says

    Luckily I rarely completely fall (knock on wood), but my sister did a full on barrel roll at the Disney Dumbo Dare, after tripping on a street reflector. It was almost like she planned it…good form and all. And she made out with only scratches, luckily.

  24. Shannon in Tustin says

    It’s been over a year; tripped on a piece of curb that changed elevations when I wasn’t looking. Where was I looking? Ahead at the pack of people (a family) that was walking toward me (trying to avoid them). Know what they did? LAUGHED AT ME!!! How rude is that?

    Anyway: I am green over your amazing trip to WDW for that race. Wow-zers….

    Question: where did you get that little triangular tube of hummus? I really want a stash of those. I’ve had it once before and it was pretty tasty. I’d love to have some for times on the go.

  25. says

    I fall an embarrassing amount when I’m running but I haven’t fallen since March. Knock on wood. So I’m almost on a non-falling streak! Yay! Yeah, the day after is always the worst. But at least it gets better from there… until you fall again but forget I said that 😉

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