How To Warm Up For a 5k or 10k

Hello! How’s your week going?

I gave you a hint on Instagram on what I would be making with my favorite food and a lot of you guess correctly!

watermelon and cranberry

Last night I made this Watermelon Cranberry sauce because:

A.) I love watermelon, hello.

B.) Alton Brown said it was good to make Cranberry Sauce ahead.

C.)  I can eat it today.

cranberry sauce with watermelon

Tomorrow is Turkey Trot Day for a lot of you! Many of the turkey trot races are this weekend too. Good luck to all!

The group of Turkey Trot runners and walkers that trained with me has done AMAZING!!! I am so proud of them Smile

Thanksgiving week is one of the most popular race days in America. Thousands of people will be running a 5k or 10k race (sometimes both!). So, when someone asked me “How do I warm up before my 5k?” I wanted to share the answer with everyone.

(Spoiler: It’s early and I’m a mess in a dress running clothes. Vegas attacks a tree at some point and throws me off. Ha!)

How do you warm up for a 5k or 10k

5k and 10k Race Tips:

1. Do a light jog about 30 minutes before the race. The key is to warm up your body, not get tired!

2. Loosen up any problem or tight areas. Suggestions: Arm circles, side (or crab) walk, hip/knee circles…

3. Line up! Visualize a successful race.

4. GO GO GO!

Good luck! You got this.

beach to beacon 10k road race finish line (800x450)

If you’re in a video watching mood (i.e. your boss left early for the day), check out this Cat’s Guide to Taking Care of Humans.

Question: Are you running a race this week? Tell me about it!

What are you doing tomorrow?

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  1. says

    I am running a Turkey Trot 5K with one of my bestest friends who is in town from DC. We started running together (long distance) and cannot wait to actually run side by side. Great tips on the warm up! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. says

    My first year not doing the turkey trot (marathon in 4 days… I don’t trust myself not to race it). I’m still doing 5 miles, but around my ‘hood.

    Then, yeah, eating my face off. Hey, carbloading is necessary!!!

  3. says

    This was a perfect topic for today!

    Tomorrow I’ll be getting up at dark thirty to get ready for my Turkey Trot 10k…and I will be doing a 15 minute warm up! Then I have to race home, shower, feed my baby, pack half my house (aka. all of the baby’s stuff) and head to my in laws for the day! HAPPY TURKEY DAY!

  4. says

    I am running in a 2 mile Turkey Trot with my husband! It’s his first race (which is why we are not doing the 5 mile) and I am SO excited for him. He’s not crazy into running like I am but I’m hoping a race gets him a little hooked, just like the Turkey Trot did to me exactly 3 years ago when I ran my first race at the Turkey Trot! Great video :)

  5. says

    No racing for me my leg is not quite at that point BUT I am going to be spending a little time in the gym and some time at home with my husband.

    I always do a light jog about 15-20 minutes before the 5k or 10k and also do my dynamic stretches to get my legs ready to go!

  6. says

    I’m doing a Turkey Trot in my hometown of Eureka, CA! Eureka is a god awful town, but where they hold the run (straight through Old Town) is beautiful and fun. I can’t wait!

  7. says

    Not running the 5K by our house but volunteering for it. It’s gonna be C.O.L.D.! Then I’ll get 4 miles in on my own later in the day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  8. says

    i’m running a 10K Turkey Trot tomorrow at 8am, and then possibly jogging alongside my dad in the 5K if he decides to run. then fam relaxation all day. :)

  9. says

    I literally laughed so hard all the way through that cat video. THAT IS MY CAT!!! Every night, on my ‘lightbox’ and then she sleeps on my head!!!

  10. Angela says

    Running a 15k tomorrow with my stepdad through the steep mountains of Topanga Canyon….we did the 10k last year, no idea why we convinced ourselves we needed 3 more miles of pain! I blame my ultra-running stepdad :)

  11. Jodi Griffin says

    I am running a 5k on thanksgiving benefitting the Navy SEAL foundation. I’ll be running with my husband and my son who will be in my jogging stroller. This is my 4th 5k! I can’t wait!

  12. says

    I couldn’t register for an offcial Turkey Trot since I hosted thanksgiving this year, but I got up early to run one on the treadmill instead.
    And since I was in my cold garage instead of the cold weather outside, I bumped it a mile and finished 4.1 miles before putting the turkey in at 6:30am.i

  13. says

    I ran the Dallas Turkey Trot on Thursday; I ran the 5k almost every year growing up, but this was my first year to run the 8 mile; longest distance I’ve ever run. Still getting into this whole running thing, but contemplating registering for a half-marathon in the Spring! Just browsing running blogs looking for inspiration :))

  14. says

    I’m racing a 10k today as part of my half marathon training. So nervous, even though it’s not ‘race day’ really, its more of a prep. Thanks for the tips! Your video also led me to a Mo Farrah video on 10K prep with appropriately inspirational music 😛

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