Last Day in Florida for 2013


This morning I ran straight to the beach to breathe in the salt water air and enjoy the ocean sounds. There is a bridge I run over with the most gorgeous views of the sunrise. Paused here to enjoy God’s creations. Amen. Run: It is exactly 5 miles from the house to the sand – perfect for a shake out before my flight.   This trip is actually short compared to our … [Read more...]

I Almost Got Eaten By An Alligator


Hello from Florida!! I’m still here on the other side of the world from CA and loving it. (Even though I lovelovelove California. 3 loves.) Since this is meant to be a chill vacation there isn’t much to do so I’ve been running a lot (and eating a lot). I decided to do my long run as 2 back to back runs because somehow that is easier for me. Yesterday: 16 miles Today: 15 … [Read more...]

A Year of Running Recap – Running 13 Half Marathons in 2013 and Failing, Kinda


My life in 2013 was dominated by running. I didn’t plan it like this, it just kinda happened on that way. ( I also didn’t plan to be on the Refuel poster, but that was extra cool!) My 2013 goal was to run 13 Half Marathons. I knew it is hard to find races in summer months so I went out guns blazin’ to get in a good number of races in the first half of the year. So, I … [Read more...]

RER Highlights for 2013


I know you know I was going to do this highlights posts. And I know you know your Bloglovin or reader service of choice is going to be flooded with them. I also know you know you don’t got the time for that. So, I’ll keep this short and sweet. The Best Running and Eating of 2013 Top 3 Runs: 1. OC Marathon because that’s where I got a surprise PR (3:36:25) and … [Read more...]

Marathon Discount and IDEA Discount

eggs and oatmeal breakfast

Hello! I know Saturdays are pretty low key in blog land but I have a couple marathon coupons and fitness conference discounts I wanted to share before I forgot. Last night was pretty chill, relaxing around a bonfire and champagne. Run. This morning I did a short run because my legs told me I needed a break. Long run tbd. I have a marathon Jan 5th that I need to make sure … [Read more...]

Best Running Songs of 2013


Happy Friday! How’s your life going? Last night we went out to dinner as a last minute-no-one-wants-to-cook kinda deal and it was a great choice. First, crab cakes. Hello, one of my favorites. I got the salmon salad and also stole a few pieces of pizza. This morning I enjoyed another gorgeous run around this sleepy Florida town. We’re on the Gulf Coast and there are a … [Read more...]

My Christmas Day 2013


Hello! I know it’s the day after Christmas aka ‘Boxing Day’ but I don’t have my boxing gloves with me on this trip so I thought I’d recap Jesus’ Birthday for ya... I’m in Florida with Ben’s family and they celebrate Christmas on the 24th. On Christmas morning everyone sleeps in, but that is not my style. Mi familia always celebrated Christmas morning by opening presents and … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas 2013


Merry Christmas from your Monican! Yesterday I got to Florida at 6am and went straight to breakfast at a small diner. Usually I’m not hungry after a flight like that, but I was ready for this! My Nina gave me a gift card for Dunkin Donuts before I left. She knows how much I LOVE DD!! So, now my challenge is to drink all the iced coffee I can before I head home to … [Read more...]

Never Have I Ever–Christmas Edition


Hello and Happy Christmas Eve! I am currently blogging from LAX. They busted out the green and red for Christmas! Today was kinda frantic and I’m sure I forgot something but I’m trying relax and just go with the flow…ing wine I am excited that I bought myself a Christmas present.. a new ridiculous salad bowl! I know, I’m fancy since I don’t have to eat out of a mixing … [Read more...]

Santa Dog and 25 Days of Fitness Day 23


Hello and Happy Monday! Last night I had dinner at mi familia’s.  I’ll be out of town on Christmas so we celebrated early. And since my peeps ‘save’ tamales for Christmas Eve/Day we did salmon, salad and sweet potatoes = my favorite dinner after pizza. I was in charge of bringing dessert, but I was busy getting everyone’s gifts ready so I ranked out and just bought cookies … [Read more...]

Mile Square Park Walk and BEST Appetizer for a Holiday Party


Hello! How’s your weekend? I did a lot of running and eating. I know that’s not news, but this is my online diary so I get to share my day to day life like it’s exciting. Today I was up bright and early for 12 miler. I hadn’t planned on a back to back when I made mid-morning plans a while back so I was just running with the time I had. I’m considering trying a new pose for … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites–Christmas Cards


Happy Friday!!! How was your week? I am very excited that Christmas is just around to corner because I get to vacation in fabulous Florida. This also means I’m celebrating Christmas with my fam this weekend and I was frantically trying to get everything ready this week. Well, round 1 of my Christmas cards were vetoed for some reason after I ordered them and everything?! No … [Read more...]

Healthy Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread Recipe


So, I was going through some of my recipes recently thinking up a dish to make for Christmas. Last year I made an easy Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread that was fantastic! It’s more of a special occasion dish (read: not something I should make/eat all of on a random Wednesday night). But the craving was there so I decided to create a healthy version of the bread (also known as … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition


Hello! How’s your week going? Countdown to holiday vacation time – right! I took half a day off  yesterday and headed to my mom’s for some Christmas shopping. The dogs wanted to come too, but we made them stay and hold down the fort. Blue skies by day… Pink sky at sunset – beautiful. Lunch - Salad in the container the lettuce came in, I consider it a small victory … [Read more...]

Ricola Relief Kit and $100 Giveaway


Hello and Happy Wednesday! This morning I had my first awkward boob sweat situation. It’s weird that this hasn’t happened to me before, but I usually get completely sweaty not just in this areola area. I think it’s the combo of the shirt and sports bra I was wearing. Breakfast of Monicans… EGGS for days Last night I made a healthy pull apart bread and proceeded to eat … [Read more...]