November Highlights


Okay. I’m back... from running and eating and doing day 2 of the 25 days of fitness challenge. My ankle is still a little tight, but I didn’t realize it until the jumping jacks. I need to stretch and relax and take a shot. Noted Monica. It’s December! What the heck. I have had a busy busy year and I guess it’s almost over. How did that happen? Before we jam into the future … [Read more...]

25 Days of Fitness Day 2


Hello and Happy Monday! I am about to go get in a workout but first wanted to check in and remind you about today’s ‘to do’ for the 25 Days of Fitness Yesterday was a plank. Do it today if you forgot! Today’s is 25 oldie, but goodie exercises: I’m on Pacific time out here in ol’ Southern California so if you need to know what’s up before I mosey on outta bed at the … [Read more...]