25 Days of Fitness Day 2

Hello and Happy Monday! I am about to go get in a workout but first wanted to check in and remind you about today’s ‘to do’ for the

25 Days of Fitness

Yesterday was a plank. Do it today if you forgot!

Today’s is 25 oldie, but goodie exercises:

25 days of fitness day 2 thumb 25 Days of Fitness Day 2

I’m on Pacific time out here in ol’ Southern California so if you need to know what’s up before I mosey on outta bed at the crack of 9am EST print out the calendar and check in here later.

meanwhile in cali thumb 25 Days of Fitness Day 2

(That’s not true it’s cold this morning!)


Anyway. Have a good day I’ll be back in a bit.

Updated to add: Procompression’s Holiday Socks are on sale now. Use code SNOW to get 40% off and free shipping.

image thumb2 25 Days of Fitness Day 2

Check in – did you do your jumping jacks?


  1. Maggie H says

    I did the challenge 2x. The push-ups were hardest and I had to go to my knees for the last 7 during round two. Hope next time is easier!

  2. says

    I love how for most people holidays mean eating lots of food but in the fitness blog world it’s just another opportunity to make a fitness challenge……. not that you can’t do both ;)

  3. Julie R says

    Did day 1 and day 2 today!! Glad I decided to participate in this because I was going to run today but my favorite park was closed due to deer hunting.

  4. Marilyn says

    I got my challenge in a little later than I wanted but I DID get it in 2 times. Those crunches kicked my butt. I need to get my core in better shape. **Note to self…do not wait until 10:00 PM to complete challenge!**

  5. Natalie says

    Did the workout x3 and added in, lying leg lifts, clam shells, lying adduction and bridges….working on my hips and butt.

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