Pile on the Miles Finale and Turkey Trot Recap with giveaway winners

Hello! I didn’t die (yet).

I don’t know what the heck happened but yesterday I just started to feel like my whole body hurt and then I DIDN’T WANT TO EAT lunch. <- That never happens. Like, never. Even if I barf I’m like, “Boo that sucks. Welp, I’m hungry…”

And that’s how I knew something was really wrong. I considered calling 911 but I looked like crap and didn’t want any cute paramedics coming over my house so I decided to die in peace with Vegas on my lap.


By some Christmas miracle I woke up feeling so much better and so I went back to the usual run, eat routine.

morning picture (376x501)

5 miles.

5 miler (376x501)

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day*.

breakfast doesnt mess around (725x544)

*Tied with lunch and dinner.

And why do I have this disgusting bruise?! I have no idea when I got it… musta been playing ninjas in my sleep again.

sick bruise bra (376x501)

Yesterday a SPACE SHIP landed at my condo! Luckily, aliens didn’t pop out. Nope. This magical ship had the new Brooks Transcend Running Shoes inside!
I just kept thinking, “So is this my life? I get space ships with shoes inside delivered to my house?!?!” Too awesome.

Inside was the new Transcend running shoe that I thought wasn’t going to be released until February. Apparently it’s from the future Winking smile I haven’t taken them for a spin, but I am already digging the pink. (They will be in stores Feb 1st.)

The Transcend is replacing the Brooks Trance so if you can’t wait till Feb, the Trance 12 is still available. It’s a stability shoe. Check with your feets for your ideal footwear.


Pile on the Miles and Turkey Trot Recap

I didn’t do a grand finale for the Pile on the Miles or Turkey Trot because of T-day and the 25 Days of Fitness Challenge but it deserves a mention!

First – Big big big congratulations to everyone who ran a Turkey Trot last week. Team RER ROCKED their races and I loved all the race stories I read.

A few sent me pictures and I wanted to share

Ericka before the race

erika morris before

Suegene in pink!

Suegene Wagner in pink

and Maria at the finish!!

maria g

Now for the Pile on the Miles winners…

pile on the miles 2013 logo

Winner of the Puma outfit giveaway :


Winner of the Clif Bar Prize pack:


And at the final check in we had tons of comments with people sharing their victories, struggles and next goals! I LOVE that everyone set their own goals and did their own thing – it’s about staying accountable not comparing and I appreciate the positive vibes!





Thank you so much for participating – I hope it helped keep you on track last month! I would love to do something similar again in January – Let me know if you have any ideas of how we can pile on some miles in January or do something similar!

25 Days of Fitness with RunEatRepeat

Today’s 25 Days of Fitness challenge is to take a 15 minute walk at some point today. Squeeze it in during lunch, after dinner or whenever you have a little bit of time for an extra calorie burn. Follow me on Instagram and I’ll check in when I take my walk. It’ll be like we’re walking together since I don’t have any frens.

Question: When will you be taking your walk? Share it and make it happen!


  1. says

    I walked to the library this morning! It’s a surprisingly beautiful day in upstate NY… kinda felt like springtime?! Guess I shouldn’t get used to this :)

  2. says

    I’m in my official first week of training for a half-marathon, so today is actually a run day…I plan on going to the gym this evening and getting in 3-4 miles on the treadmill.

  3. says

    I took a walk today at lunch around a few of our buildings :-) It was nice to get some fresh air in the middle of the day and since I got cold, I came in a drank a cup of green tea.

  4. says

    Hillary @ The Bug That Fleeps

    The packaging for the Brooks as AMAZING. I am such a sucker for theatrics and pretty stuff! They are the perfect mix of both! So cool!

  5. Jessica says

    I’ll be strolling through the grocery store later this evening. I love that shopping can double as a calorie burner!

  6. says

    I’ll be taking a walk this evening before I start getting ready to work. My whole days been thrown off since I had to work a 12 hour shift at work.

  7. says

    haha, I know what you mean about the eating while sick thing. I could probably be on my death bed and still be ready to eat a chocolate bar, i always know it must be bad if I don’t want chocolate 😉

  8. says

    I’m currently doing a holiday hustle challenge and am thinking about a steps challenge in January. Since I have a Fitbit and so do a lot of my friends/family I think it would be fun to all set higher than usual goals for January to bring in the new year right :)

  9. Robin says

    I did a 4 mile run instead of a walk. 37 Minutes. Not too bad for a slow poke. (Legs were tight after doing 9 miles yesterday, ((longest run for me so far in 5 years)) so not too bad.)

  10. says

    I walked 15 to work once I got off the ferry (it was FREEZING) and 15 minutes after work back to the ferry terminal. I also walked 15 minutes at about 240pm down the street from my work because I thought I was dying and didn’t want anyone to hear me dying in the bathroom at work. TMI, I don’t even care.

    Also, BROOKS, IF YOURE READING THIS: I’m sad the trance is gone, but I’ll let it slide if you deliver a space ship to my house. You know my address :)

  11. Tammi Evans says

    I just got my pre-ordered Brooks Transcends today…excited to take them out tomorrow! Did you ever do a review? Just wondering what you thought since I see you’re rockin’ Mizuno kicks sometimes these days…have you crossed over? I tried the Mizuno wave inspire 10s but had already pre-ordered the spendy transcends…thought I better hold off.

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