Ask a Monican, Meet a Monican


Time for another episode of Ask a Monican! A reader spotted me at the RnR Las Vegas race expo but didn’t say ‘hi’. She emailed me after with this question: In other holiday news… Do you have an Ugly Sweater Party (or run) on your holiday calendar? Surprisingly enough, I haven’t been to an ugly sweater party, (that’s just how I dress all the time). Reader Meri contacted … [Read more...]

To Run or Not To Run That is the Question


Hello! I woke up in the middle of the night feeling kinda sick again. So, when I got up this morning I wasn’t sure what was going on with my body. I just didn’t feel 100%, but couldn’t really put my finger on it. I took my temperature and it said 97.3, which just means I’m dead inside but I already knew that. So, I had to ask myself that age old question - to run or not to … [Read more...]