25 Days of Fitness Day 5 Try Something New

Hello! How’s your day?

Today is Day 5 of the 25 Days of Fitness Challenge and that means it’s time to try something new.

Do a new-to-you workout or take a new walking/running/skipping route today!

I busted out the weights and did some new strength training moves this morning. (Today is a rest day from running for me.)

strength training at home (376x501)

I also like to ‘save’ cleaning for a rest day and count that as some extra activity. I was mid-cleaning when I realized it was after lunch time and I should eat asap before anyone (read: Vegas) got hurt.

So, lunch was kinda in the front room since the table was pushed in there for mopping purposes. I know what you’re thinking… no one cares. And I’ll address your concerns: Yes, I eat out of a mixing bowl. I’m not fancy. No, that’s not a whole 2 liter of soda, it’s ‘just’ a soda stream with Crystal Light in it.

salad in the front room (376x501)

Yesterday… I was on a mission to be super productive. I had to take care of some biz near my mom’s house so I stopped to say hello.

stop taking pictures in the car like a weirdo (376x501)


bailey and roxy (725x544)

Then, when I got home I baked some super easy Peanut Butter Protein Cookies and added cranberries for fun. (Remember these are healthy cookies, they’re not going to taste like Mrs. Field’s, but they are good!)

cookie batter healthy style (668x501)

pb protein cookies (668x501)

Okay. I’ll see ya in a bit.

Question: What are you doing new to workout today?


  1. says

    I already did about 3 miles of walking (another 1.5 miles to come… walking to school and such). It may end up being a rest day from running, too… or if I can muster the energy after studying, I’ll visit the gym.
    Oooh I like this one Reebok workout with their soft weighted ball. It’s amazing what a great workout I can get from 25 minutes!

  2. says

    I’m going to yoga tonight, and while the class is definitely not new to me, getting used to all the modifications as a pregnant person is! Twisting the other way, eliminating inversions, and reducing targeted core work feels super weird still.

  3. says

    I switched it up today by running one mile, doing 20 minutes on the elliptical, followed by another one mile run and finished off with an an workout that I never do. It was a nice change to just running.

  4. says

    I actually did squats while reading blogs today….and taking cookies out of the oven….only wish each squat burned 100 calories or something to even out all the cookies I consumed. UGH..

  5. says

    I eat my salads out of mixing bowl too. I always make a mess with the regular bowls.

    I did some burpees for the first time ever. Now I get all those Instagram posters about burpees being evil.

  6. Jamie says

    lots of core work today. At first I thought those were shakeweights and I thought, hm well I guess that’s something new….

  7. Caitlin says

    Dont worry about the mixing bowl….last night I ate my salad out of a pot!! That’s when I realized I need to purchase a large enough bowl for tossing salad 😉

  8. says

    I eat salads out of mixing bowls all the time, haha! It’s the only bowl that’s big enough – I swear one of my pet peeves is when the bowl is too small for the size of salad that’s in it. Rage!!

  9. says

    I love that you added cranberries to the cookies. Great idea! I have really been diggin them this season. I packed some as a snack today with yogurt.

  10. Christina says

    I hope you don’t mind me asking but where did you get the shirt you’re wearing in that picture? it’s super cute and if it’s like the one you wore in this week’s “Ask a Monican”, it looks super comfy too!! I’d love to check it out, you always have good clothing recommendations :)

  11. Mindy Daum says

    These cookies look different(fluffier) than the link I clicked! Is it the same just adding cranberries and not pressing with a fork? They look yummy!

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