Ginga Ninja Runs


Yesterday I had a wild Friday of getting my bangs trimmed…

bangs trimmed

and stopping at Ulta for eyeliner. I swear I just went in for eyeliner, somehow I came out with A LOT more.

ulta store (376x501)

Then, it was wine and pizza night!

pizza night (668x501)happy friday wine (376x501)

And ice cream. So, the only real thing wild about Friday was my calorie count. It was awesome. ice cream time

This morning the forecast called for rain so I wanted to wear a long sleeve. I do NOT like wearing all black for some reason. But it was the only long sleeve I had clean so I had to. So I needed a pic of this momentous occasion.

Ginja Ninja!

ginga ninja

Pre-run x2.

pre run fuel (408x544)

13 miles today and 13 tomorrow

13 mile run stop (668x501)run with a view (668x501)13 mile run (376x501)

I’m also drinking HOT coffee this morning.

Between the all black outfit and hot coffee I’m worried that I’m having a nervous breakdown because I don’t even know who I am anymore.

lots o coffeee (376x501)

PSA – If you are running Santa to the Sea (Dec 8) or the Holiday Half (Dec 15) BOTH races are collecting Toys for Tots.

I grabbed toys I thought my lil brother would like Smile


Winner of the Holiday Half Marathon bib giveaway:

Your 1 winners on “Holiday Half Marathon Giveaway” are:

1) Heather: hmgiraffy

Congrats Heather! I’ll email you with instructions.

25 Days of Fitness Challenge

Day 7 – Check your water intake! Aim for half your body weight in oz OR when your pee is light yellow.

Question: How much water have you drank so far today? What’s the plan for getting the recommended amount?


  1. says

    So far, I’ve only drank 16 oz. I started tracking my water intake with the Waterlogged app and it’s been helping a lot! For someone who got all of her liquids in the form of Diet Pepsi..this is a VERY BIG step. :)

  2. jodea @ says

    I struggled the most with this one. I think I was just under. Although if cider and mulled wine count then I totally nailed it.

  3. Amy says

    Hello Monica,
    I love the bangs on you. I don’t think you need to worry about your calorie count. If you are running an average of 9-13 miles (today being 13), then you can easily ingest/consume up to 4500+ calories a day (you must be a burning machine) to both maintain your fitness/activity performance plus regular energy needs. Therefore, I wouldn’t be “worried” about your calorie count. Also, in this “day-and-age” where everyone is so concerned about “being trim” it becomes so old and tiresome to always hear on Social Media about “watching your calories.”

    Anyways, enough about that. I was wondering, those awesome neon yellow/green shoes with the pink laces….can you please email me or comment here to tell me the exact type/make/brand they are? I want to ask for a pair and put it on my Christmas Wish List.

    Again, wonderful Blog. Keep up the awesome posts (and I hope you view my feedback as only caring/helpful, and just my own personal opinions. You can more than freely “take-them-or-leave-them.”

    Thank you.
    ~Amy :-)

  4. says

    I love water a little much haha. However I am always telling my friends to do the pee test, I have some really weird for putting up with me :). I also tell my clients to drink 1/2 their body weight in oz, I feel this is closer to a personal body need rather than a generic number!

  5. says

    I’m at maybe 20 ounces of just plain water, but I’ve had some orange juice too, which counts for something. This is definitely my problem area- teaching all day makes me drink less so I take fewer bathroom breaks. Not good!

  6. says

    I haven’t been doing all of the 25 days of fitness but the water — done!!! I probably get close to my full body weight in ounces every day.
    And – pizza with wine is one of my very favorite things!!

  7. says

    I thought for a second you lived in my area in the south bay of LA because that Ultra looks exactly like the one in Redondo Beach. Is it? I was happy to get my long run out of the way yesterday because of the rain we got this morning. Now it’s windy. We…or maybe I’m such a huge Cali wimp when it comes to “cold” weather. :) mmmm pizza. Looks SO good!

  8. says

    I don’t really count how much water I drink. I drink water throughout the day, and am pretty sure i stay pretty hydrated. I should measure it out just to see one day.

  9. says

    I drank as much water as I could today and it still wasn’t enough. I ended up with a terrible dehydrated headache. I think it was an accumulation of lack of water from the rest of the week. I need to do much better drinking more water next week!

  10. says

    I drink a crazy amount of water every day as otherwise I get dehydrated and run down. I always keep a water bottle on my desk and I think one of the secrets is having a water bottle you love – and that’s big too!

    I actually get called the “Furniture Ninja” at home, because I have a habit of curling up into things so much that my family can’t see I’m there 😛

  11. Heather says

    Pizza is my favorite. I am TERRIBLE at hydrating, just the WORST WORST WORST. Hopefully I can remember to drink this week.

    YAY @ THE BIB.

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