Brooks Running Gloves and Muffs Giveaway

Hello and Happy Monday!

Yesterday I spent some quality time with these tiny hands (neither of those are mine)…

tiny baby hands (376x501)

and See’s Candy.

sees candy for christmas (668x501)

Get the rectangular one with a very slight ribbon down the center for almonds and nougat.

sees candy favorite (408x544)

This morning…

Since I ran an ol’ half marathon yesterday today is a rest day. So, I decided to take a walk to get in some exercise action. But the temperature was 40 degrees and I thought I was going to DIE.

weather in lake forest (278x495)

Luckily, Brooks sent me some gloves and ear covers so I could brave the frigid California winters Winking smile

cold brooks running gear (376x501)

There was even frost on the ground! Shit just got real.

frost on the bridge (668x501)

Post-walk I needed something warm so oatmeal was in order.

Pumpkin oats with PB to be exact.

pumpkin oatmeal (668x501)

Back to the gear talk and giveaway…

I have been loving my Brooks Running Utopia Soft Shell Jacket and wore it in Pennsylvania and DC basically the whole time I was there.

I want all the watermelon (287x510) (287x510)

Well, my friends at Brooks sent me the matching gloves to go with it. These are the Brooks Pulse Lite Gloves II and there is a pair that match the black/white plaid jacket too.

brooks running gloves matching jacket (376x501)

aaaand an Infiniti Headband so my ears don’t freeze and fall off and then I need to spend my boob job money on an ear job. Score!

brooks running ear covers (376x501)

(Those are Roxy Running Tights on the bottom.)

More importantly, Brooks is giving one RER reader a pair of gloves, headband and visor too! To enter this contest leave a comment here answering:

Question: How’s the weather in your world today?

Closes 12/11/13 at 8am PST. Open to residents of the US.

Disclaimer: This post is part of the partnership with Brooks Running. All opinions are my own.


  1. Melissa says

    COLD! I think the high is 33 today (in Baltimore) and we are supposed to get another 4-5 inches of snow tomorrow night. :/

  2. Nina says

    It’s awful! In Boston, slushy icy mess. Flights getting cancelled and roads are terrible. I ran 6 miles in it, but had to drink a dump truck full of hot chocolate to warm up again.

  3. Leslie Skinner says

    How exciting that you ran the Santa the Sea 10k yesterday! I ran the 5k – my official first timed 5k ever! I’m so excited that I’m looking for posted times today, but alas, need to wait a bit longer. It was super cold yesterday…didn’t warm up until after the 2 mile mark…egads! Today it’s 52 degrees…at 10:00am. I even played in the SNOW yesterday, after the run (It was trucked in, but that counts, right?) Anyway…hope to win some Brooks gear to help me keep warm during my winter runs…next 5k is in January! Best!!


  4. says

    We had our first real snow in Boston today! Luckily I work out with a bunch of other crazies at The November Project who don’t care about the weather. We ended our circuit intervals with a snow ball fight. Now if that’s not the best way to start your week off I don’t know what is!

  5. Ashley says

    Cold in Chicago . In the teens and a few inches of snow on the ground. Didn’t stop me from getting a 4 mile run in outside this morning though!

  6. Jen says

    It is 22 degrees in Seattle this morning. There is a rumor that we might be moving into the upper 20’s today. Soo chilly

  7. Paula says

    It’s a sunny and lovely 84 degrees in Central Florida today! Clearly, I would be gifting these gloves and headband to my fave running buddy in a colder climate.

  8. Rebecca says

    17 feels like 3. Sunny though. And the wind is blowing around all the snow we got yesterday. Brrr. And I have a cold to enjoy on top of the wintery weather.

  9. Suzanne says

    We were SUPPOSED to get 1/2″ to 1″ of snow, but some places got 12″! I think I had about 3″ at my house (PA suburbs outside Philly). It’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow we may get 2-4″. I’ll believe it when I see it. :)
    Oh, I did see a girl running on the sidewalks this morning despite the ice/snow! Commitment! :)

  10. Ashley says

    The weather here( just outside of Raleigh, NC) is cold and cloudy. A step up from raining all day yesterday, though!

  11. Temre Johnson says

    It’s a “frigid” 50 degrees here in San Diego. You’d think we were in the middle of the frozen tundra the way people are complaining. Suck it up people! LOL

  12. Elizabeth says

    It’s currently 29 and miserable in West Texas. We have freezing fog going on right now, which apparently is a thing, but luckily humidity is at 86%, so my hair is crazier than ever!

  13. says

    The weather in Washington was super cold the past week. We saw -25 with the windchill. And that’s Fahrenheit if your wondering. yesterday it was 8 degrees on my run. I have resorted to accepting my frosty eyelashes and my husbands frosty beard. It’s a great new look!! So cold. But my mom said in Montana (where I was born and raised) it was -36 without the windchill. They saw a high of -10 yesterday. My high was 18 degrees yesterday, so no complaints. Earmuffs and gloves are greatly appreciated!! Probably need a snowsuit to run in!!

  14. Mariah says

    The weather here is horrible- high 20’s low 30’s! I am in Fort Worth and we are in ice-pocalypse. I was actually signed up to run the Dallas Marathon yesterday (my first marathon!) and it got cancelled because of the weather.

  15. Katrina says

    Weather today is COLD. lows in the teens and 20s and some snow flurries. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in MI!

  16. Laura says

    We have a nice “wintry mix” going here in MA. Aka, nasty sleet/ice/rain that makes it impossible to do anything but lay in bed and netflix binge.

  17. Andrea says

    The weather in my world is wacky and abnormal. It’s around 30ºF with freezing drizzle in Fairbanks, Alaska. Yuck. We had freezing rain over the weekend that wrecked our nice trails. We’re all doing our snow dances!

  18. Allison M says

    It is 30F here in PA with some sporadic freezing rain and snow. It was colder this morning and I had to scrape an 1/8th of an inch or so of solid ice off of my car!

    I would run outdoors in this, but I also did a 1/2 marathon yesterday (+7 miles split before and after for 20 total). It was 20F and snow! I need those gloves. Plus, the black and white ones would match my brooks utopia jacket.

  19. Shannon says

    I live in Vermont and it is SNOWING! Looks like I will be running on the treadmill this evening instead of outside. :(

  20. Anna Damm says

    The weather is wet and cold!!! It snowed yesterday and is getting rained away today…bummer. I do love a good snow…just not slush.

  21. Sarah says

    It’s freezing in the hills of Morgantown, WV!! Have to stay warm to fight the winds at the top! The rest of the week isn’t going to be any better… Final exams and a high of 26° tomorrow

  22. Kat says

    A lovely mix of rain and freezing rain here in NY, snow’s a coming and my run yesterday was done in lovely 28degree weather :)

  23. debby charles says

    It’s horribly cold here in Phoenix! Sure, my phone app says it’s 42°, but I’m pretty sure there should be a – preceding the 42. I thought it wasn’t supposed to drop below 80° out here!!! Bundling up for my afternoon ride… least there’s no snow! :-)

  24. Laura P says

    I live outside of Denver and it’s been in single digits for a week now. I got a 4 mile run in it was a whopping 16! Warmest it’s been in a week. Giveaway items would be lovely! I have a 10K next week, then a 10 miler in Jan and Feb. I was all excited when I signed up then realized yesterday that it could be really crappy weather on race day. Ugh!!!
    Wishing I was a Cali girl!

  25. april says

    i’m in southern california, too (pasadena, to be exact) and it’s definitely chilly! there was a layer of frost on my front lawn this morning… brrrr!

  26. SherryC says

    I believe it’s going to be a warm 25 degrees. We’re trying to dig our way out of the foot of snow we got over the weekend.

  27. Corrinne says

    It’s stinking cold here in central Illinois! It was a wopping 14 dregrees this morning when I ran and it was snowy and icy! I miss summer.

  28. says

    Today, in the wonderful Charm City (AKA Baltimore, MD) the weather is absolutely terrible! Contrary to the weather in Cali, it snowed here yesterday, leaving a mess of snow and slush all over the city. On top of yesterday’s mess, we’re in for more tonight and tomorrow!

  29. Lisa says

    We woke up to some snow yesterday morning and then we got ice on top of that. I don’t mind snow but we don’t need the ice!

  30. Michelle Q. says

    It’s chilly here in Boston with freezing rain and a dusting of snow earlier. I definitely need these cold weather pieces :)

  31. Genevieve says

    I’m on the east coast and this morning woke up to everything covered in a sheet of ice. Can’t forget the frigid temps too!! Perfect weather to get into the holiday spirit though!

  32. says

    Weather today is cold! Currently 30deg in Detroit and is supposed to get COLDER! Not to mention that there’s a bit of snow, and it’s windy.. Going to make my 5K route tonight a bit chilly!! Having those gloves would definitely help!!

  33. says

    The good news is that the temps in southeastern TN at the moment are in the upper 40s…the bad news is that it is cloudy with off and on showers and a bit breezy.

  34. Lily says

    Current weather: 29 degrees and snowing! I can’t wait to get home for Christmas…where it is also freezing, but not snowing….

  35. Karen says

    Cold and snowing here in Maine! I got my 2-mile walk in (ran a 5K yesterday!) before the snow started with a temp of 25.

  36. Lauren B says

    Snow/ice from yesterday’s storm and now it’s 35 and rainy. Yuck! Also, more snow on the way tonight/tomorrow. I’d like to be in sunny CA right now :)

  37. says

    I had 10 degrees this morning with snow. It’s chilly! We actually got down below zero last night – which usually only happens once or twice per winter. I’m hoping we’ve gotten it out of our system and will get back to some warmer weather (i.e. 20-30 degrees).

  38. Marlene says

    It’s a lot colder here in Southern California then I am used to! I am so bundled up right now!

    I ran the Spartan Sprint yesterday in Malibu and it never got warmer than 50 degrees and the water pits were freezing. I heard some people got hypothermia! Craziness!

  39. Lymor says

    Did my first long run for marathon training in a blizzard yesterday… not sure why I signed up to run a March marathon in the Northeast! Brrrrr.

  40. Ashley Conway says

    The weather is super cold here! Every run the past few weeks has been super cold and I’m in Houstin Texas. I am not accustomed to this weather at all!!

  41. Laura says

    Baby, it’s cold outside!! It was in the 20’s this am with sleet and freezing rain for my morning commute! 40 would be warm for me at this point!!

  42. says

    The weather in CT is COLD! We had our first snow fall to wake up to this morning, and then it started icing everywhere, which made for a wonderful (sarcasm) drive to work. Wish I was in SoCal!

  43. Tiffany K says

    Today it’s about 20 degrees in Chicago, but it’s not real windy and it’s sunny so it feels somewhat warm here.

  44. Peter Militzer says

    Cold and snowing in Kalamazoo. Nothing we haven’t seen before but the first real snowfall always takes a little getting used to.

  45. says

    I live in Northern California and it’s sitting warm (compared to everyone else!!) at 40*. It hasn’t dipped below 25* yet, but I’m kind of hoping it will soon! I love winter!

  46. Bethany says

    It is cold and grey outside in my world (but warm and toasty with my cup of tea and thick sweater!) :) That Brooks stuff would sure come in handy….

  47. Patti says

    I gotta admit – I giggled when I read that you were “dying” because it’s “so cold” in California. It was a balmy 10 degrees F when I woke up in Southern WI this morning. Needless to say – I’ve been running indoors as of late.

  48. Heather M says

    Cold!! Maybe low 30s and slushy ice/snow on the streets! I was worried about falling, so had to run on a treadmill…

  49. Emily T. says

    The weather here in southern MO is pretty cold! High of 25 today, and plenty of ice and snow leftover from last week, with some more on the way :(

  50. says

    I JUST moved back to Cape Cod. It is snowing all over Massachusetts but raining here! (I would rather run in the snow though) Just about to head out NOW!

  51. Catherine says

    I had a great run this morning in typical Virginia weather…. 33 degrees and raining! Could have used those ear covers though, as mine were a bit cold by the time I was done!

  52. Molly says

    It’s so cold here! It was 18F at 6:30 this morning and has now warmed up to a balmy 21F. I can’t wait until we have normal PNW weather again!

    P.S. I would love your 40F weather right now!

  53. Jessica says

    Cold!! My morning run was 8.5 miles of 37 degree rain. I rewarded myself with a shot of Bailey’s in my coffee afterwards!

  54. Kaitlin says

    It snowed here in Baltimore last night… today is just kind of miserable… cold and slush-y. But on a happier note, this Brooks gear looks awesome!

  55. Amber S. says

    It’s currently -2 here in Minnesota, and that’s not factoring in wind chill. Needless to say it was a treadmill day. Looking forward to 20’s later this week so I can get back outside!

  56. Kelsey M. says

    Haha! I always find it amusing when people complain about 40 degrees!! Just ran a 5k yesterday and it was 26 degrees out! It was snowing. Talk about a pretty day! Cold, yes. Today it is a sunny 16 degree day! Enjoy your 40 degrees! :)

  57. Maggie H says

    It was -4 this morning in Northern WI, but thanks to some sunshine has risen to a balmy 5 degrees! I could use some nice new gloves!

  58. Brandy Corrales says

    I’m in SE Houston and it’s a roller coaster. Been in the 30s, today is the 40s and will hit 70 this weekend and drop again. Makes running difficult when you don’t know of you’ll freeze or sweat to death.

  59. mary says

    It is currently 5 degrees in Iowa with a windchill of -15. But the sun is out and with the new snow, it is a beautiful day! We have a deal – we try and wear shorts one day each month during the winter. Fortunately, we got shorts in last week while we were still in the 20’s. Stay warm!!

  60. Jessica says

    Weather in NYC is yuck-o today. Hovering around 35, and slushy/foggy. I would get some good mileage out of those cold weather accessories!

  61. says

    Ohio is covered in ice and about twenty degrees! I am headed to SoCal this week for work and actually looking forward to the incredibly “warm” temperatures there. I’ll be running in shorts!

  62. Sarah Williams says

    Haha. 40 degrees. I ran a race in NEGATIVE 45 degrees (celcius) on sunday here in snowy Canada….I think I need to move!

  63. Mandy says

    its about 43 and rainy here in NC, I really wish it were either A. warmer or B. colder so it would be snow. It is just miserable here now, although I am still hoping to get a run in tonight!!!

  64. Christine says

    8in of snow fell yesterday with more on the way tomorrow and training for my first marathon starts this weekend! Who doesn’t love a run in the snow!

  65. Lauren says

    The weather is way too hot for my taste. I know I live in Florida, but I’d still like it to feel at least a little bit like Christmas time!

  66. Sherrie says

    Iced in for day #4 in Arkansas… Missed the St.Jude half in Memphis when it was cancelled and had to run it on the treadmill. That’s like, 3 times as long mentally at least for me! Starting to thaw out a bit so I’m hoping we’re free tomorrow!

  67. Erika says

    Here is San Diego it is supposedly 52 degrees, but it really feels FREEZING!! Us Californians are such sissys when it comes to cold.

  68. Mandy says

    Cold, snowy and icy here in PA! I’m wondering if I should risk life and limb and attempt to run outside just to avoid the dreadmill. I probably will. I have been looking for gloves too!

  69. Sarah C. says

    It’s pretty chilly here in NM – 27 on this morning’s run, but the wind made it feel way colder. The run before this one the temp started at 7 and warmed up to 19. That wasn’t as bad as it sounds because the wind wasn’t as fierce as it was today. I’m running in those cheap knit gloves from target that do literally nothing to keep my hand warm – so I NEED these Brooks gloves!

  70. Kristina says

    The weather here in central IL is COLD! It’s warm for what’s still to come, but there is snow on the ground! And the cars! And the bare trees! You can’t step outside without gloves and a scarf.

  71. Jeanette Brass says

    We have some balmy warm here in Indiana, only 2 degrees! With a dusting of snow! Perfect training weather! 😀

  72. cara says

    they are predicting 2-4″ of snow tonight. if I dont get some cold weather gear, i’ll have to invest in a treadmill

  73. says

    At the bus stop this morning it was a chilly minus 3 degrees wind chill with enough snow and ice on the ground that I had to wear my yak traks. I think it’s in the low 20’s actual now.

  74. Lindsay says

    It’s ffff-frreeezing here today, in Dubuque, Iowa. We got about 3 inches of snow last night, and the temp right now is about 6 degrees with lots of wind.

  75. Alex says

    Florida has managed to escape the cold for the time being but I am traveling to Virginia soon so I need warm clothes!!!

  76. JT says

    Its slushy and gross here. The weatherman had an epic fail yesterday when predicting 1-2 inches of the white death… instead we got over half a foot in NW Baltimore :( with more coming tomorrow.

  77. Laurie Menser says

    Weather here today (Rockville, MD) is TERRIBLE. So cold. We had an ice storm yesterday and tonight we are expecting snow. Ugh. Pick me, Pick me!

  78. Jill Banaszak says

    The weather here in Nebraska is FREEZING. It was in the negative digits yesterday and today the high is a steamy 12 degrees with a negative wind chill. Totally need those gloves and ear warmers!!

  79. Amie F says

    I’ve been under 4 inches of ice since Friday. My 10k was cancelled. Haven’t left the house…thank goodness for the treadmill!

  80. Gretchen says

    It’s miserable here today!!! Freezing rain & ice this am and snow tomorrow, up to 6 inches!!! Good times, no running outside for me today.

  81. Sara says

    The weather in Illinois is freezing – got our first sizable snow fall last night! This weekend I ran 11 miles outside in -11 degree Fahrenheit weather. At least the sun was out!

  82. Dana says

    We got snow over the weekend – two big perks of that – work was closed Friday and I got to see my 15 month old’s delight in the falling snow!

  83. Kaylie says

    The weather in Indianapolis, IN is so gross. I think I saw the sun for 5 minutes today… but mostly it’s been 20 degrees and grey for like, over a week. Last night it iced on top of the snow we had… needless to say my relationship with my treadmill is getting super close again. I miss my trail.

  84. Kelly says

    Dry and cold = STATIC!!! Everywhere! Strangers give you a gentle bolt of electricity as they pass you! Your hair is like a tumble weed!! there is just not enough conditioner that will make it stay tame. Finally, its cold for us here but everyone you talk to outside of CA thinks your crazy and then they mock and laugh and call you a weather wimp! But I’d rather be a weather wimp any day, why you may ask? well….because I LOVE CALIFORNIA!!! :)

  85. Kelly S. says

    If it wasn’t so cold and windy out, I would go out and play in the 4 inches of Iowa snow outside:) But the sun is out in full force and it is beautiful to look at through the window of my warm living room!

  86. says

    Yesterday in S.Jersey it snowed – a lot! Today it’s 43 and that snow is now slush. Preparing for another small storm tomorrow! Slushies for all!!!

  87. Cindy says

    81 deg and way too hot to think Christmas is 2 weeks away!! I have lives in FL all my life but the weather gets me every year!!

  88. Mandi says

    15 degrees with a feels like of 10! Plus 6 inches of fresh snow on the ground in the MidWest so I will be running indoors today. :-(

  89. Christine says

    I’d love a 40 degree day! It’s too cold and icy here in MN to get out today – high of zero with windchill in the negative teens:(

  90. Sarah G. says

    It’s pretty icy here in southeastern PA. We got a good amount of snow yesterday, and then rain that froze overnight…yikes! Winter has definitely arrived.

  91. Emily says

    The weather in Olympia, Washington is COLD! Brrr… it is 27* (feels like 20*) right now, and we are predicted to have snow showers this evening. Last night it was 17*, and when I got off work at 12:30am, I had to defrost my car for 10 minutes before I could drive home. Too cold for this girl that was raised in a much warmer climate.

  92. Kate Lewis says

    Woke up to it snowing ( I’m in New Hampshire) It changed to freezing rain and now it is changing over to just rain for the evening commute. If I didn’t have a stress fracture in my foot I would be hitting the treadmill. It is miserable outside! But my dog is super happy to play in the white stuff so at least I am entertained!

  93. Aimee says

    The weather here is quite dismal today! Rainy, icy, and cold! Not a good way to start off the week, but I guess things can only get better from here, right?!

  94. says

    I’m also in Southern California and am currently wearing a sweatshirt, scarf and winter coat sitting at my desk at work… looks like temperatures will be rising over the next week and highs will return to the mid-60s. I don’t know what we did to deserve this hellish weather, but things will hopefully return to normal soon (I actually really like the change!). I’d love those gloves and headband, I’ll be running in the cold, potentially snowy Smoky Mountains in a few weeks, and desperately need some winter running gear!

  95. Alyssa Chance says

    37 right now but Thursday it is going to be a high of 16! YIKES!
    I ran yesterday when it was 19F by the Famous Three Rivers in Pittsburgh and it was soul crushing cold!

  96. Tara R. says

    It’s currently 61 degrees and cloudy in New Orleans, but as they say…if you don’t like the weather in NOLA wait 5 minutes!!! I’m pretty sure this is the only place that you can wear shorts one day, heavy coats the next day, then back to shorts and tank tops! :)

  97. Rhonda H says

    We are still feeling the effects of that cold front that just came through Texas, it’s in the 30’s here…brrrr….

  98. Shanna says

    It’s awful!! It’s -4 right now with a “feels like” temperature of -24. I’m in West Fargo, North Dakota, and it’s not supposed to get above zero until tomorrow. Stay warm! 😉

  99. Liz says

    Well, I live in South OC too so I imagine my weather is very similar to yours (i.e. about negative eleventy-seven degrees). I had to scrape ice off of my windshield this morning. ICE.

  100. Sara says

    My phone says it’s 34 degrees in downtown Cleveland right now, but I don’t think it’s taking that wind into consideration at all. Those gloves would seriously rock!

  101. Ashley c says

    I’m in So Cal too so the same as you… But I don’t have heat so I’m trying to stay warm under 2 blankets right now!

  102. emily s says

    It is simply FREEZING in Wisconsin! Windy and 8 degrees today… total gym day. I love that Brooks coat! I pinned it to my pinterest wish list after I saw it on your blog!

  103. lindsey b says

    I could really use a hooking up with the Brooks gear! I live in Minneapolis, MN and it has been redic cold the last 3 days. I’m talking not even above 0 cold. I think the “warmest” it’s been is -5. It’s really sad when you are looking forward the 25 degree warm up that’s coming later this week, score! Maybe I’ll have to bust out the running shorts for the heat wave!

  104. Jenny says

    It’s cold here in Tulsa. It needs to warm up soon so that the ice and snow on the ground from last week will finally melt!

  105. Ketty says

    The weather in Chicago…..Ha! What can I say about the city of Wind, the Windy City. I ran 10 miles yesterday in a blustery 21 degree trail. Although my buttocks were frozen, it felt amazing to get back in the groove after a brutal graduate semester. I want eggnog and some gloves:(

  106. says

    It’s freezing here! Good gloves are hard to find! It is often in the teens and single digits here and the husband and I have the hardest time finding good winter gloves! Once my hands are cold it is so hard to continue running!

  107. Denise says

    Ok people don’t hate me it 79 degrees but I would trade some frigid weather anyday! The mosquitos are horrible and I am over the heat! I am in the Tampa bay area! Great giveaway! PS it does get cold here in Jan, Feb…can’t wait!

  108. Jenn C. says

    We had our first real snowfall yesterday. I actually love running in the winter. The scenery is beautiful and the trails are wide open. Also helps to keep those holiday extra LB’s at bay. ; )

  109. says

    Cold in ohio, not as cold as other places as I read the comments. But dreary and no sun so it feels even colder than it is. Yikes.

    I have that jacket!!!!!!!!

  110. says

    Oh man Seattle’s had quite the cold snap the last week – temps in the 20s and 30s, which is COLLLLLD for us! I went on a few verrrry chilly runs and my hands were like ice blocks afterward so I could definitely use these :)

  111. Tiffany says

    Like everyone else, its super cold and snowy here! Luckily, Michiganders can handle the cold weather :-) The gloves and ear warmer would be perfect for runs in this cold weather!

  112. Melanie says

    It’s literally 0 degrees in St. Paul, MN right now. The roads are glare ice, and there’s so much snow, I’m already going crazy with cabin fever. 40 degrees sounds like a dream. It’s going to be a looong winter!

  113. Sonya says

    So cold in Albuquerque. Snow this morning at my house and the high won’t get above freezing.
    I LOVE the jacket…and gloves…and ear warmers. I just love Brooks in general :0)

  114. Ashley says

    It just hit twenty here in Illinois! It’s warming up a bit:) Gloves, headband and a neck warmer are a must going out on cold morning runs.

  115. Anna says

    In Fayetteville, Arkansas it’s freezing! I have a half marathon on sunday and I’m hoping the ice on the roads melts in time!

  116. Melanie says

    Well RER…. Talk about shit getting real, it’s a chilly 29*F and snowing here in Boston. Gloves would come in handy (no pun intended!)

  117. says

    It actually warmed up quite a bit today. Weather is sunny and the temperatures are at a balmy 16 degrees as we speak. First time to see double-digit temps in a week. Yeah :-)

  118. Jelena says

    40F (5 celsius) and sunny here in Germany. Almost bikini time!
    I did 7K run by the river, but my lungs and ears hated me afterwards :)

  119. Kim says

    Started off snowy and pretty, but now its just rain and dirty mush…. Def a treadmill running day! Wish I was in Cali now.

  120. MARGARET says

    I’m digging the Brooks line this year, so cute. I just ran the Atlanta half, and it was 20 degrees at the start, so cold I had to walk through the water stops to avoid slipping on ice on the ground. Well worth the run when i got to eat the grub later in the day.

  121. Alex says

    Since I’m in the same zip, my weather is the same as yours…butt ass cold this morning! It was 35 when I left to meet my trainer. Thankfully it was inside but boot camp tomorrow should be brutal.

  122. says

    I LOVE Brooks! My first pair of running does were Brooks. We’ve gotten that ice storm that’s swept the lower part of the USA. 30 degrees this morning but my neighborhoods rds are clear and my marathon training plan called for 8 miles today. So that’s what I did! Could’ve opted to run at the gym but using these frigid temps to help me buck up haha! Id def use these gloves. Love all of your posts, girlie! Keep running!

  123. Beth says

    I’m in Minnesota and it’s 1 degree with a windchill of -16!! I love to run outside in the cold but I won’t in the wind! I even have spikes to go on my shoes to keep me safe on the ice!!

  124. Heidi says

    Cold here in Northeast Ohio. 28 degrees right now, tonight’s low is 17 :(

    The rest of the weeks is supposed to be colder.

  125. says

    If 37* is warm then it’s warm here. Central Valley in California has been hit with a cold snap. It’s sunny and bright but colder than sin out there! I ran in 28* and 30* weather on Saturday and Sunday!!!

  126. Nicole says

    Since I live in the desert of Arizona, it’s “warm” and in the 50s today. Temps I’m for sure going to miss when I am in Alaska next month!!!

  127. Karinna says

    Oh, the weather? It’s doing fine. Doing it’s snow to sleet to rain thing here in RI. Me? I’m freezing with my electric heater on under my desk. and warm coffee.

  128. Laura says

    47-windy-rainy….going on day 3 of this here in VA Beach :,/. Looks like another run in the cold rain for me tomorrow-ugh!!

  129. Ann E says

    It snowed here yesterday and the day before. Then today I had to drive into town (45 miles) and the roads were a little bit icy. Supposed to be colder tomorrow!

  130. Johanna says

    Well Chicago received it’s first real snow accumulation yesterday, so this morning made for a nice run thru 3 inches of snow with a temp of 10 degrees out, though it def felt much colder!

  131. Shannon in Tustin says

    well we’re practically neighbors out here in SoCal so I won’t bore you with the freeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzing details of our weather forecast! Fortunately we should see some relief by the end of the week.

  132. Jackie O says

    Ugh-cold!! In the twenties today and more snow in the forecast for tomorrow. I’m so over winter and it hasn’t even started!

  133. LISA says

    30’s, sleeting for two days off and on, trees are froze with ice, and expecting snow tomorrow, so to sum it up, it freaking sucks. Been taking group classes at the Y since its been to messy to run outside.

  134. says

    Weather here is in the mid 30s following the first mini snow-ice storm of the season. We’re supposed to get another 3-5 inches tomorrow morning. My office opened 2 hours late today. I’m hoping we’re closed tomorrow.

  135. Phoebe says

    In Cambridge/Boston it started out with snow this am, turned to slushy, sleety drizzle by noon. So its basically gross…. :)

  136. Kelly Jo says

    In KY it is high of 32 degrees. This past weekend we had an ice storm, luckily we didn’t lose electricity. Been there done that 10 years ago no electro for 12 days!!!!!!

  137. Erika says

    Boston is a little chilly (30 and wet). Yesterday I ran an awesome 5k, but I wish I had a headband and some gloves that were a little better. It was the first 5 minutes that were chilly, and then cheering people on after that I was cold. All worth it though!

  138. Kristin H says

    Here in PA we have tons of snow – we were suppossed to get a few flurries but in 3 hours we had about 4-6 inches nothing like being stranded inside in your Birthday!!! and now were suppossed to get 4-6 more inches of snow starting tomorrow morning – ugh

  139. Jodi C. says

    I’m in Denver and it’s FREEZING (actually, freezing would feel down right balmy about now!). It’s 5 out and has barely gotten into the double digits in a week! I don’t have a treadmill and just can’t go outside in this!

  140. Meredith says

    Cold, snowy, rainy, icy, the whole nine yards! It’s miserable! I really think I should live somewhere it’s warm all year round..

  141. Elissa Landers says

    It’s in the 20s with some leftover slush here in upstate NY. There is no sign of seeing anything above the freezing mark in the forecast!

  142. Lea says

    Last week near 80… This week 50+ degrees colder. Ice storm over the weekend cause us to be out of power and heat for 3 days. Fun:0

  143. Kim says

    Cloudy and 19 degrees here in the great Inland Northwest. My running partner and I are committed to running in anything above 20 degrees. We are prepared with winter running gear, but these items would defiantly be nice to add to my stash.

  144. Melissa says

    Its cold, freezing rain, gloomy and dark! It defiantely wasn’t an outside run day today and had to head indoors on the treadmill!

  145. Ann says

    It’s so cold. Right now it’s in the 30s but it dropped into the 20s this weekend. Luckily we didn’t see the snow that some parts of the country did this past week in the great state of Tennessee (at least the part I live in) but sadly there was LOTS of ice and broken tree limbs and no electricity. :(

  146. Jennifer says

    Sunny in Roseville, CA but a bone chilling low of 25 degrees with a high of only 46 degrees :( Yowza!!!! I absolutely love the Brooks gear!! And your boob job comment :)

  147. Ashley N. says

    It’s been about 11 degrees here in Wisconsin, weather says it’ll be a whopping 6 degrees on Wednesday! I’d love these warm weather items. :)

  148. Erica D says

    The temps aren’t too bad for Maine today right around the 30 mark. But we are under a winter weather advisory and getting 1-3″ of snow.

  149. Erin says

    It’s currently 37 feels like 31 here!! I’m still trying to get used to running in the cold!! Texas isn’t supposed to be this cold brrrrr!

  150. says

    The weather in Wisconsin is what we expect for winter…barely above zero but it’s sunny! No awesome winter running gear so I head to the gym:) Happy Running everyone.

  151. Brandy says

    It’s a (frigid) 82 here in central FL. Yes, 82. Sadly, it feels nothing like fall or winter so it’s tough to get into the Christmas and holiday swing with all this heat! I wore flip-flops and shorts out Christmas shopping yesterday while several peeps I know hit the pools. On the actual cold side is the building I work in; it’s a crisp 60 in my office and the lab and most days, I can’t feel my fingers (or my ears….I’ve actually worn a toboggan all day at work on numerous occasions). I know, “whine poor FL girl, whine; you have no idea what cold is”. I know I’m whiney; I get that way when I’m cold. :)

  152. Christine says

    I’m in Denver where we have had our frigid below zero temps for the last few days! I could use the accessories to battle the cold!

  153. Sam says

    It’s in the mid 30’s in Maryland and we’re recovering from a snow and ice storm. It’s going to snow more in the morning. Booooo

  154. Jessica R says

    Our high is 20 and we have 5 or so inches of fresh snow on the ground. It sure looks like winter here in good ol Wisconsin!

  155. Steph F. says

    40 sounds positively tropical to me right now! Here in Milwaukee today it is currently 14 with a wind chill of -2 (and let me tell you, the wind is howling and kicking up all the snow that fell yesterday). It was 4 miles on the YMCA track for this girl today!

  156. Mallory says

    It’s not very sparkily here in the South but I am bringing my own sunshine!!

    Good news is that the rain has finally stopped and the blue sky is peeking through the fast-moving clouds.

    I am looking forward to taking a cycling class this evening :) and hopefully winning this contest-wahoo!

  157. Lauren S says

    It’s cold here, snowed 4 inches yesterday then rain washed it away today lol. It’s supposed to snow again tomorrow.

  158. Heather says

    It is 82 and sunny! Love living in Florida right now, but when I travel up north I freeze to death. Warm clothing would be helpful to have, hope I win. :)

  159. Christine says

    The weather here in the D.C. area is a mess! We got 5 inches of snow yesterday and then ice and rain overnight to make a nice ice coating on everything! Very cold too – looks like the treadmill for me!

  160. Jill says

    We got about 2 inches of snow yesterday and it is freezing here in Illinois today. Would love those gloves for winter running. Thank you.

  161. Samantha says

    FRIGID. Wunderground says .1 degree, which is up from -8 last time I checked. Woo hoo! Clearly I could use gloves and ear warmers… 😉

  162. Laura P says

    I’m in Northern California so it’s a tiny bit colder here then down south, lol. I think the high today is 50 and low was 20. I love it for wearing warm leggings and boots!

  163. Kaelin says

    It is brutally cold in Iowa, which you think would be expected. But, its not even WINTER yet!!! Bundling up for a 12* (feels like -11*) walk with my dog in a minute. It takes sooooo long to put on all. the. layers.

    You don’t actually enjoy reading about everyone’s weather, do you? :)

  164. says

    COLD!!! Portland is in a deep freeze – hasn’t been above freezing in about a week. I think it was 14*ish when I got up :) This is NOT usual for Portland, Or.

  165. Cassie says

    Weather is cold and rainy and foggy…it snowed this morning, will be sunny tomorrow, and then will snow again tomorrow night. Oh, Rhode Island, where the weather is about as unpredictable as a teenage girl 😉 (I am speaking from experience, those were some rough years! ha!)

  166. Collette says

    The weather is cold, in the teens, but the sun it out today in Utah. :) However, I’m ready for spring to be here.

  167. Amy says

    You are a brave woman to do a give-a-way by leaving a comment! I’m in Northern California and it’s just as cold! 27 degrees on my walk into work, I’d even wear it to work if I won!! This jacket would be so cool to have while out running the pavement! I’d love to sport other Brooks gear, as I love their shoes!! Have a good day!

  168. Carrie Ziegelbauer says

    The weather in Wisconsin today is sunny, cold, and snowy! I could really use some winter running gear to motivate myself to get outside!

  169. Nicole in STL says

    Mid-20’s here in St. Louis… brrrr! It snowed yesterday too so everything’s white. I’m a summer girl so I am NOT happy about this!

  170. Jayme says

    It is beautiful here in Idaho! There is nothing more beautiful than the sun shining on a fresh blanket of snow!

    I love my brooks headband but have been searching for glove!

  171. Brittany says

    Here in York, SC it has been cold and rainy! It pretty much sucks! It has stayed around 40 degrees all day and looks like its gonna stay that way through Wednesday. I would definitely love some cold-weather gear :)

  172. Sarah B says

    Oh my gosh…I would super love to win these. I just moved to the midwest a few months ago, after spending my entire life in California. I’m pretty sure my delicate Californian blood freezes at any temperature below 65. It has been in the teens and 20s here in Nebraska (which is actually pretty warm compared to some other areas right now!) and I’m pretty sure I’m going to turn into an icicle…:P

  173. Brooke Walker says

    The weather here is cold….I live in Huntington Beach, Ca. My bones are not used to this chill. I’m a huge Brooks fan and love them! I would love to try some apparel from them!

  174. Lindsey W says

    Ridiculous! 46 in the morning, 70 in the afternoon! Makes it very difficult to dress appropriately for the day!

  175. Jenny O says

    Well the day started off with snow but has transitioned into a cold rain – quite unpleasant! I could definitely use the cold weather running gear :)

  176. Karin says

    It’s cold in PA. 34 degrees right now with chance of 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow. I could definitely use the Brooks gear to get me outside!

  177. Annie says

    It’s not too bad here in Zürich, like 35 and clear. My family’s in Minnesota and it’s really freezing there now so it makes me feel better.

  178. Diane says

    IT IS FREEZING! I feel like I’m being overly dramatic, but there was an ice storm yesterday and I really am looking at treadmills online right now. If only I had space for one! I’m contemplating how I could make space. Do you think my guests really need a bed in the guest room or would a treadmill do? Speaking of … whatever happened to your Boston treadmill?

  179. The Silent Assassin says

    It was 32 degrees today in the Scottsdale desert. Not bad, but way to cold to get out an run. It’s a “dry cold” =). Did cross training tho’!

  180. Meagan Madere says

    It is currently 27 degrees in Fayetteville, Arkansas and I have been snowed in since last Thursday! It’s a bit chilly here and I have a half-marathon coming up this weekend! Could use some nice gloves and ear warmers 😉

  181. Maria says

    Well, it’s 14°F/-10°C in Chicago, but with 28 kph wind that’s blowing yesterday’s snow off the roofs, it looks like it’s snowing again and it really feels like 1.4°F/-17°C. The snowblower came by the courtyard at 4:30AM-ish and cleared and salted all pathways.

    40°F for us is a jacket and maybe a hat if it’s windy. Not multiple layers of warm clothes and the thickest coat available. 😉

  182. Allie says

    25 F here in Illinois brrrrr. Wish it was 40! I am going to try to run tomorrow (haven’t since we got several inches of snow last Thursday) — send some sunshine this way!

  183. says

    Weather in SF is lovely, but chilly. There is not a cloud in the sky, a bit of wind, and around 30 to 40 degrees. Definitely better than some other parts of the country!

  184. Molly says

    I am in North Carolina right now because I go to school here, and it is rainy and cold. But I am originally from Maryland and it is snowy up there… Therefore, I’m currently wishing I was home!

  185. Lori says

    The weather here is COLD!!! Definitely need to wear gloves and a headband (and even more layers) when running with a wind chill of -20!

  186. tammy says

    it’s warming up today for a high of 20 degrees! I ran yesterday will it was snowing. . . 5 miles in 5 degrees. Thank goodness for thermals 😀

  187. Jordan Ferris says

    Cold and icy in Hillsboro, OR! 11F when I woke up this morning with a high of about 28 today! Supposed to have a heat wave and get up to 44 later this week!

  188. Mercedes Cortes says

    Hi Monica! Weather around Boston is crazy! Snow this morning, rain later and cold all the time! I need to gear up for running outside… It would be my first winter trying it! Thanks for hosting this :)

  189. Katherine says

    It’s awful in Boston today! Rain, snow and sleet all day! Bleck! Time for cocoa or maybe something stronger to warm up! :)

  190. Tara Sullivan says

    It is cold, cold, cold in the Midwest! Highs in the TEENS this week, which means this weenie will be taking the running indoors. Resilient, I am NOT (but this gear would help).

  191. Nicole says

    It is cold! Below zero air temp. with a windshield on top of that! It also snowed all weekend so it is blowing everywhere today!

  192. Anna says

    The weather in Denver today is so much better than the last 5 days. We’ve finally reached double digits and the sun is shining gloriously! That jacket, gloves and headband would do me well on my morning winter runs in the Rockies.

  193. Annemarie/Carmie says

    It was 29 and snowy in Maine this morning when I ran. It was really nice compared to much of what I’ve been reading! I love Brooks!

  194. Courtney says

    Here in Minnesota I woke up to -35 degree windchill! And it’s gotten colder throughout the day. I decided to forgo my outdoor run this morning and traded it in for my treadmill, unfortunately. Hopefully it will warm up soon!!

  195. says

    42 degrees would be shorts and tank weather around here right now!!!! So jealous!!! I think its -20 degree windshield in MN right now…..which means we all look like Michelin tire men bundled up and walking like penguins trying to stay warm….and why do I live here??? ha!

  196. Julie says

    It’s cold in the Sacramento valley. Could have used these gloves while I was freezing at the CIM yesterday supporting my parents! They did great! No running it for me unless I get some awesome running gloves!