What The Biggest Loser’s Alison Sweeney Eats


Sponsored Hello! How’s it going? I had a busy morning and have to rush out to my brother’s Christmas concert in 10 minutes. Lunch was the usual random salad mix with an apple and half a Quest bar for dessert. (TJ’s egg white salad on top.) I’m excited to share this interview opportunity I had with Alison Sweeney. (photo credit: Robert Trachtenburg) She is the host of the … [Read more...]

They Can’t All Be Winners


Last night I had a great idea for an Easy Apple Crisp recipe. Unfortunately, the crisp part didn’t stick together so it’s not ready to share yet. I guess they can’t all be winners… Today is a WINNER on the weather front. It’s still cold, but Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. My run wasn’t gorgeous though, I just wasn’t feeling it and walked the uphills when I felt like … [Read more...]