25 Days of Fitness Challenge Day 12

Hola! This morning I started my day with some strength exercises and then did today’s 25 Days of Fitness Challenge = the 7 minute workout (see below).


Lunch was sponsored by my love of Sriracha. Several people have contacted me saying the Sriracha favorite will in fact be closed for a while so I am making a special trip to the store tonight to buy them out.


Today’s 25 Days of Fitness Challenge will only take you 7 minutes, but it’s not easy. Do the infamous 7 minute workout!

I tried this workout back in May and now my video has almost 95k views. Crazy right?

Well now it’s your turn. Do it with me on the video or use the Tabata Timer to do the following:

How to do the 7 minute workout – for each move:

30 seconds of exercise

10 seconds of rest

The exercises:

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Wall sit
  3. Push ups
  4. Crunches
  5. Step ups
  6. Tricep dip
  7. Plank
  8. High Knees
  9. Lunge
  10. Push up with rotation
  11. Side Plank

I am working on some plans and challenges for next year, but I want to make sure I am meeting your needs. So, we need to act all adult-like and communicate. Tell me what you need and I’ll make it happen.

Please take this little poll so we can make 2014 ROCK!

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Add your own thoughts!

What would you like from this Monican next year? 


  1. Mariah says

    I have those same weights! Thanks for sharing this quick workout! I am loving these 25 days of Fitness, thank you for sharing you journey. God bless you! :)

  2. says

    Everything you do is great but if I could have more it would be training tips. More of your expertise about training, running, working out, gear. Etc. It’s always great to get insider tips 😉

  3. Amy S says

    Love your blog! I have trouble with my hips and lower back towards the end and after long runs (10+ miles-that’s long for me). My hips get real stiff, and my lower back becomes sore to the touch, even lasting a day or two. Can you recommend any stretches and/or strengthening exercises for hips and lower back? Thanks so much!

  4. Paula says

    I’d love to hear more about what races you think are worth traveling for! Pretty sure this past year qualifies you as an expert on the subject. Recommendations for good sources of training advice are always great, too! And, you know, Vegas photos.

  5. MiaMia says

    I just love the whole mix of things you blog about, maybe more workout details and advice. Keep up what you’re doing, I love reading your blog every morning after a workout, keeps me motivated for sure!

  6. says

    I enjoy race recaps too…b/c I live vicariously through you and your California world. (Or California dreaming while being a Midwest girl)

    BUT~ I need something to motivate my butt to quit eating and start doing!!!! UGH. 😉

  7. DiDi says

    I love posts on the practical info about each race like fueling, taper, pace strategies, how to prep on race day etc…( your recaps have been awesome). Love info on expos, parking tips, overall race vibe helps. Many races cost mucho denero so your critiques are valuable to help newbies decide on races to invest in. Love the costume races!

  8. Ida says

    i like the variety your blog provides and enjoy the Q&A posts. I will say there was a lot of sponsored stuff this last year and i hope to see less of that in 2014.

  9. says

    I love reading your blog, especially the race recaps and fun pictures! I’m running my first half marathon this weekend and I know I will be slow, so I would love some tips about how to get faster for races. My 5k average pace is 10:25, but then as my mileage gets higher, my pace slows down A LOT. So I would love tips about how to keep your average pace steady throughout the long runs as well. Also, I love reading about mental obstacles when it comes to running. For me, it’s winter right now and it takes a lot of ambition and mental self-talks to get me out the door into 20*F snowy weather! But overall, I absolutely love this blog and all the helpful tips and entertainment!

  10. says

    I’d love to have a plan to get me from one half marathon on March 2 to the next one on April 27th. I entered the one of the 2nd, then entered a draw for the one on the 27th and was chosen. How do I maintain my distance and aim to PR in both?

  11. says

    i would love to know more about your training plan (if you really have one scheduled out and what it looks like if you do) and whether you’ve ever considered hiring a running coach or getting more competitive! you’ve run so so many races!

  12. Sarah G. says

    Since I train with a group and we all follow the same plan while training together, the most useful thing for me is anything regarding nutrition. I voted for meal plans (because I suck at meal prep and actually having all the groceries required for meals in my house at the same time) but recipes work also. I just think some of the recipes shared on here can be (and I hope this doesn’t sound mean!) a bit too simple to be very useful or innovative for those of us already following a healthy or “clean” diet. It also seems like the portion sizes are always really small or they are aimed to be “dinners for one”. Obviously I can just double or triple them as needed, but I wouldn’t be able to make a breakfast-for-dinner type meal or a salad and pass it off as dinner to my husband. Just my two cents, of course! I still love your blog and find a lot of what you share with us very helpful and entertaining. :)

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