Healthy Holiday Tips and Win $100 from Benefiber


Hello! How is your week going?

Last night I went to my little brother’s Christmas concert. I appreciate your song suggestions, but they refused to play any of the requests I shouted out. I think I mostly just embarrassed him. Ha! That’s what big sisters are for!

christmas concert (668x501)


me and matt (376x501)

This morning I snacked on an apple-banana from my neighbor. They have a tree and when it’s ready it gives off like 98 of them at once so they hook us up.

apple banana

Plus some epic granola clusters from my SECRET SANTA! More on this soon Smile

massive granola clusters (376x501)

Christmas is coming fast and I know I’ve already fallen off the healthy eating wagon a few times. Part of me wants to just say ‘F it’ until New Year’s but I know that’s not the smart decision (plus I’d be pissed at myself later).

So, I have some tips from a registered dietician below to help me/you/us? stay on track this season PLUS a great giveaway from Benefiber.

benefiber and eggs (376x501)

How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Tips from registered dietitian Elisa Zied

1. Don’t waste calories, especially on treats and desserts that don’t do it for you. Instead, spend your treat calories on a few bites of your favorite indulgences to feel more satisfied on less food.


2. If you find yourself having one too many bites of your favorite indulgence at each holiday get-together, why not create a new tradition?! Fill (but don’t stuff) one plate with small portions of your favorite foods to enjoy and savor. When your plate is near-clean, apply lipstick or take a swish of mouthwash and head for a quick brisk walk to signal the end of eating.


3. Even though you might be trying new treats during the holidays, make sure you’re still getting the nutrients your body needs. Fruits and veggies are great to munch on for vitamins and nutrients.


4. Instead of wearing loose fitting clothes to your next holiday get-together, button up! Show off your figure with some fitted attire (at least in your under layer). That’ll help you feel full faster and resist the urge to take one too many bites or sips.


5. Don’t go to a holiday party or dinner starving. Instead, enjoy a protein- or fiber-rich power snack 1-2 hours before you get there. One cup nonfat milk or yogurt or a piece of cheese, 1 small piece (or 1/2 cup) fruit, and 1 tablespoon nuts/seeds fills you up and can reduce the likelihood you’ll eat to an extreme at the main event. Although food is the best first source of fiber, when you fall short, making a fiber supplement like Benefiber part of your daily routine can help you feel fuller longer so you are less hungry at holiday parties.

I love tip #1 – don’t ‘waste’ calories on foods that aren’t your favorite. It’s like a bank, only spend it on things you really want! And don’t feel bad when you do pick something that’s your favorite – enjoy it.

I love See’s Candy and tamales! This is the one time of year when my Nana makes tamales at home – they are delicious and I eat ‘em up.

tamales for breakfast (800x800)

Benefiber is giving one RER reader a container of their fiber supplement (I’ve been sneaking it in random things, and never taste it) and a $100 AmEx gift card! I vote you spend it on something pretty to wear to a holiday party, but that’s just me.

Benefiber and $100 AmEx Gift Card Giveaway

To Enter: Leave a comment with your favorite holiday food or drink.

Closes 12/14/13 at 8am PST. Open to residents of the US.


Disclaimer: This post is part of my partnership with Benefiber. All opinions are my own.


  1. Shannon in Tustin says

    Way hard to pick one, but first thing that comes to mind is Eggnog Latte from Starbucks! It screams holiday to me……… :)

  2. says

    I have to pick just one? Haha! We make this thing called Sopapilla Cheesecake, with crescent rolls and cream cheese and butter. It’s divine, and I could eat the whole pan by myself!

  3. Rhonda H says

    A Christmas morning poinsettia. Take your favorite sparkling wine, add a little cranberry juice, and a few cranberries. Delish and oh so cute!

  4. Barbara says

    my favorite holiday treat is pickled shrimp! my grandmother used to make them and now my dad does- they sound weird but are AMAZING

  5. Alex Myers says

    I can’t live without good ol’ fashion sour cream sugar cookies! I also discovered white chocolate peppermint kisses this year, and they’re amazing!

  6. Mercy says

    Nothing in particular, but while I can live off of veggies and smoothies during the summer, all I want to eat during the holiday season are large bowls of carbs. hahaha

  7. Kirsten says

    My favorite holiday food/drink is probably the cup of Bailey’s and coffee I drink on Christmas morning while we open gifts with the family.

  8. Kat says

    being from germany we have little christmas markets everywhere that sell “Gluehwein”. it’s a hot spiced wine, a bit like mulled wine and it is soooo good! especially with a little bit of rum :)

  9. Meghan says

    Favorite holiday food: my mom’s cinnamon raisin sticky buns! They are TO DIE FOR, and only come around once or twice a year. But totally worth the wait! :)

  10. Jessica says

    My fave holiday treats include cinnamon buns on Christmas morning, and eggnog. I used to thing eggnog was gross, but now I’m a huge fan.

  11. julie says

    OMG you want me to pick one?!?! probably gonna go with homemade sugar cookies with icing!! love those. oh and see’s is ah-mazing. Have you tried the cinnamon lollipops? heaven…………

  12. says

    I absolutely LOVE homemade Chex Mix during the holidays! I made a double batch last weekend and gave it all away, so I’ll be making a double batch this week and actually enjoy some of it!

  13. Bobbie says

    Danish on Christmas morning from the local bakery is probably tied with pumpkin gooey cake (recipe by Paula Deen–not healthy at all) 😉 Hard to choose just one.

  14. Rob Runs says

    I am not ashamed to admit that I love fruitcake. There, I said it. My mom-mom gets me one every year, it’s super booze-heavy and she has to call and order it from a monastery somewhere and it is totally the best thing ever. And nobody else likes it so I get the whole thing to myself.

  15. Gail says

    Every Christmas morning, my family eats homemade cinnamon rolls that it takes my dad two days to make. We make two varieties (raisins and no raisins), but this year we’re adding a third- gluten free. Earlier in 2013, my brother-in-law was diagnosed with Celiac’s, and he’s always been a big supporter of the cinnamon rolls, so we’re hoping the gluten free version will be a success! If not, we’ll just have to spend 2014 repeating the recipe until we get it right 😉

  16. Heather M says

    I love Christmas cookies! All of them. I try to make an effort to up my mileage in December to make up for my lack of will power when it comes to cookies 😉

  17. says

    Pepperoni and mozzarella monkey bread! It’s become a tradition to have it on Christmas, and I already brought some to a holiday party last week! Yum!

  18. Amanda F says

    Sausage balls on Christmas morning and Whitman’s Sampler chocolates. It’s the only time of year I really enjoy indulging in the chocolates, and we have the sausage balls for breakfast as part of my husband’s family tradition.

  19. Lara says

    My favorite holiday drink is white russians made with peppermint kahlua. Yum-o! I use milk instead of cream so I don’t feel so guilty having more than one… or three. :)

  20. Heidi says

    My mom makes cranberry orange quick bread that it to die for! I love it so much, it’s easy to eat a few too many pieces!

  21. says

    My absolute favorite holiday snacks are the Cranberry Bliss Bars (CBB). My favorite food, ugh that’s a hard one – maybe my Aunt’s Sweet Potato Casserole. Favorite drink, by far, is a peppermint (soy) Mocha :) Thanks for the tips, always good reminders for staying healthy during the calorie happy season!

  22. Leigh says

    I LOVE homemade Chex mix (the packaged stuff, not so much). I try to convince myself it’s healthy because there are nuts, and cereal. But even though I know it’s not…I still eat it.

  23. Christina says

    Every year, our family makes these awesome sugar cookies that l cannot seem to get enough of. My favorite part is eating the dough while we make them and eating them right when they come out of the oven. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  24. lindsey b says

    I’m a sucker for Christmas shaped sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles! Oh, and Angies white peppermint kettle corn. I swear I could eat the whole bag without realizing it….

  25. Suzanne says

    Oh, man, I use Benefiber every single day! At night when I get home I have a giant glass of water I work on all night and put the clear Benefiber in it.
    My favorite holiday food is roasted turkey. I know it’s more of a Thanksgiving thing, but I make it for Christmas too because there is nothing better than a fresh roasted turkey in my book!

  26. Cearley says

    All the different types of Christmas desserts that people deliver to the office or have at parties, peanut brittle, choc. covered pecans, Christmas cookies…

  27. Natasha Emily says

    There is no greater pie, than pumpkin pie. Waiting through three seasons to enjoy it takes some serious willpower — making it that much better!

  28. Zana says

    Lucky, I wish I had a nana that will make me homemade tamales. I just came back from grocery store, they had a section with all the items to make tamales, but I had to buy store bought.:-(. I digress, my favorite holiday food is mashed potatoes made with a ton of butter and cream.

  29. becca says

    I know people would probably say this is more a Thanksgiving thing, but I absolutely LOVE pumpkin pie!!!!!! Nomm, nomm, nomm :)

  30. Kelsey M. says

    My favorite food at a holiday party? My great-grandma’s sugar cookies. No frosting, just a red hot in the center of it. Yum!

  31. Laura P says

    I love my mom’s homemade fudge. It’s the only time of year she makes it, and she always gives each of us a tin filled with it. It’s delicious and I savor every single piece!

  32. Sarah C. says

    I have a fond memory of my grandmother’s drinkable custard – it’s like egg nog but cooked. Topped with whipped cream and fresh nutmeg – delish!

  33. Lara Ryan says

    My favorite holiday “snack” is saltine candy! I start dreaming about it in October and usually have a batch made by November. But this year, I haven’t even made one batch yet. I hope to remedy that soon (but I also think it signals that I’m behaving this holiday season. – Yay me!)

  34. Kaitlin says

    My favorite holiday foods are ALL.the.desserts! My cousin makes an epic pumpkin cheesecake and a caramel/chocolate turtle pie (love her!)

  35. Denise says

    My favorite holiday goodie is homemade almond roca which is why I make it last so that it’s not hanging around my house weeks before Christmas.

  36. Cari says

    I loooooooooove all of my family’s many kinds of Christmas cookies! Some of my favorites are gingerbread cookies and sugar twists :)

  37. Rebecca says

    All of my mom’s holiday cookies! She gets started early and does: chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, chocolate crinkles, butter cookies and more! I love all of the variety and cookies from scratch are always the best :)

  38. Amy says

    my mom makes amazing mint chocolate brownies-and I don’t even like chocolate that much! This totally applied at work last night-one of the women I work with had chocolate caramels-which I don’t like that much-and everyone was having one-but I was saving my calories for the mug of cereal I really wanted when I got home!

  39. Kristin H says

    My favorite holiday food and drink would have to be
    1. Pumpkin cheesecake – its amazing
    2. eggnog (non-alcoholic and with 1 ice cube in a tiny kiddie cup) weird – yes, i know
    3.Green bean casserole

  40. Sarah G. says

    It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but my mom’s homemade pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting are to die for!

  41. DiDi says

    Wintertime Faves: PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE, See’s candy (scotchmallows, butterscotch squares, and coconut specials in a three way tie)… and, Sourdough bread hot from the oven with butter and warm soup!

  42. Tricia says

    Hmmm favorite holiday food would be my peanut butter/chocolate oatmeal clusters- like a candy/cookie! and drink is Prosecco or a sparkling wine like Asti Spumante!

  43. Ashley N. says

    I can’t say no to the dessert table at Christmas-the peanut butter crackers dipped in chocolate are my favorite!

  44. Chatelaine says

    Dessert, all of them. I make batches and batches of dessert and not all of them are christmas-sy but for whatever reason I only make them once a year LOL

  45. AJ says

    anything peppermint! I hate pumpkin, so I get so excited when everything switches from “Pumpkin spice” to Peppermint.

  46. Ashley says

    I LOVE homemade cinnamon rolls. I just made some last night to give to our neighbors and I now have 8 pans in my kitchen! They are the real deal…whole milk, real butter, tons of sugar….Om nom nom!!!

  47. christine says

    Gingerbread White Chocolate cookies! Soooo delicious! I make a big batch pick out my favorites and send the rest to work with my husband!

  48. Andrea P says

    OMG…..have you tried the White Trash Snack Mix? It’s sooooo good. That and homemade Christmas cookies — yummmmm!

  49. Amanda says

    Hillbilly breakfast that my husband’s grandma makes every Christmas morning. Biscuits and gravy, sausage, fried potatoes, and fried apples… yum!

  50. Lauren B. says

    My mom makes the best cornbread dressing and homemade sugar cookies (which we decorate together every year)! It’s not Christmas without them. :)

  51. Jeanette says

    I love to make The Engine 2 Diet Raise the Roof Sweet Potato Lasagna! You can google it to find the recipe, it’s so filling and very healthy! Perfect for the cold snowy weather! :)

  52. Jennifer Noguez says

    My favorite holiday food are pasteles! They are a traditional Puerto Rican Christmas dish which is basically meat (chicken or pork) stuffed inside of a green banana (plantain) and wrapped in the banana leaves and boiled.
    I eat them over steamed white rice smothered in ketchup!

  53. Marissa says

    My favorite holiday drink is definitely ‘spiked hot chocolate’ so yummy! My favorite holiday food has to be all the cookies especially snicker doodles. Yumm :)

  54. Angela says

    I can’t live without carrot cake and cheese cakes during this time of year. I try not to over do it but I find myself eating carrot cake for breakfast with a big glass of milk if I have it at my house.

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!

  55. says

    I am a bread girl, and I love homemade rolls with homemade jam. Yumm. I could eat those over dessert 9 times out of 10! Actually, I could eat 9 rolls out of 10… yikes.

  56. Hayley says

    I love Martinelli’s apple cider. I know not super holiday but as a kid I only had it at the holidays and it reminds me of this time of year.

  57. Kelly S says

    Fave drink: sugar free hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps!
    Fave food: ooh too many to list! I’d have to pick my mom’s rugulach cookies – yummo!

  58. lauren says

    snowballs/mexican wedding cookies/russian tea cookies…
    you know, those super yummy shortbread cookies with chopped nuts that are rolled in powdered sugar? everyone calls them something different but they are my favorite! and gingerbread cookies. and eggnog!!! yum yum yum

  59. Amy says

    I really appreciate these ideas for Holiday Food eating! Thanks for posting them. I agree that we should just allow ourselves to eat bits of our “favorite” things. I know that if I deny myself from eating them altogether, I tend to get moody, then end up craving them even more later. If I just take bites (or for my favorites, the full item), I’m a happy camper and can just “move on.”

    Anyways, to answer this Giveaway Question for the Benefiber and $100 AmEx card (which would be awesome!!!), my favorite holiday food is Fudge (followed closely by Gingerbread Cookies) and Egg Nog (yep…I love the “all-out-rich” stuff!)


  60. BreannaS says

    Okay I know this won’t help anyone stay on track but my favorite holiday food would have to be gingerbread men cookies.

  61. Harper says

    Things wrapped in bacon. I loose all restraint when I see that every familiar toothpick signifying bacon glory…. yeah I may have a problem.

  62. Chelsey jones says

    Ooh pecan pie, hot coco, cream cheese Christmas cookies, ham, peppermint and cinnamon anything! I could go on forever! Also all Christmas flavored coffee creamers!

  63. Sara Denman says

    Frosted sugar cookies! And hot chocolate is very holiday-ish. Flavored coffees are fun too! Everything is better around the holidays :)

  64. diana says

    I cannot get enough of holiday cookies and saltine “crack”! (saltines covered in melted butter and brown sugar and topped with chocolate – turns out like toffee and is sooooo addicting!) thanks for the giveaway :)

  65. says

    My favorite holiday food is crab. Our crab season always opens right before Christmas, so we have a crab feast on Christmas Eve. Also, my birthday is the 23rd, and I always have a sushi party, so I always associate homemade sushi with the holiday season. A more typical holiday favorite—my mom’s pumpkin cheesecake!

  66. says

    Well my family is Italian and my favorite treat is a sweet that we only eat at Christmas called Struffoli. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!!!!! I wait literally all year for this!

  67. Aly says

    Cookies!!!! I love sugar cookies and butter cookies and well, any and all cookies. Oh and rum balls! Wait.. I was supposed to decide on one thing? Not possible

  68. Marin says

    Oh man, I wait all year for peppermint bark! It doesn’t have much appeal to me the rest of the year, but during the holidays there’s nothing better!

  69. Mave says

    I couldn’t LIVE without my grandma’s pernil (basically, pork) and mofongo (smushed plantains made into deliciousness)!

  70. GretchenP says

    i make toffee for christmas only! (then package it up to give away immediately for fear of eating it all) 😉 thanks for the giveaway! :)

  71. Diana says

    I go crazy for anything pumpkin from November through the end of the year! I add it to quinoa, oatmeal, smoothies, and of course have to get pumpkin coffee drinks from Starbucks!

  72. Carly says

    Definitely eggnog! I get the light version and mix it with almond milk so it’s 1/2 milk 1/2 eggnog and mmm it’s so good :) I could only have it once this time of year though without getting sick of it!

  73. Rachel Dillon says

    My favorite holiday food is the frosted sugar cookies we have made every year since I could stand – we usually covered the kitchen in sugar by the time we were done!

  74. Paige Callahan says

    Pumpkin pie is still my favorite I’m going to make another one tonight :) also I love trader joes gingerbread coffee!

  75. Nicole J says

    My dad always makes a traditional Yule Log and it is amazing! We all wait for it all year and fight over it when it comes out!

  76. Sarah EM says

    I can’t go without my mom’s “Butter Yum” cookies. They probably have 1000 lbs of butter in them and they are amazing! And as for the drink…I don’t think I have one. Of course wine with dinner is great, and hot chocolate on Christmas morning is wonderful, but I don’t have a go-to in this area.

  77. Cassie says

    My favorite holiday treat are the White Fudge Covered Oreos- holy smokes, I need weight loss rehab after coming into contact with a box of those.

  78. Jamie says

    My favorite holiday drink is glogg – it’s a warm, Norwegian Christmas wine that’s made with red wine, vodka/brandy, sugar, and spices. It’s so delicious. And very potent.

  79. Chummy_Chum says

    I love anything dark chocolate, but I really love all desserts. When I go to Christmas parties or potlucks, I don’t waste time on packaged bakery. I can buy a box of Oreos anytime. Have an awesome weekend!

  80. Stacie says

    This isn’t really holiday, but for xmas morning breakfast my aunt always makes french toast casserole, which I never have any other time of year! DELISH!

  81. says

    My favorite holiday food would have to be the steak and crab legs brunch my immediate family does every Christmas morning after presents. I look forward to it every year!

  82. Heather says

    i love cut-out christmas cookies with frosting. can’t have a year go by without making them! my new tradition for the past few years has been to make them on christmas eve with my younger step-sister

  83. says

    Growing up, it was my moms elaborately decorated sugar christmas cookies. Now I’m gluten free, so I basically look forward to all the gluten free junk food that’s too expensive to have regularly or too much trouble to make. :) yay “special time of year!”

  84. Angelee says

    I love almond rocha and only crave it this time of year. The fact that it gets stuck in my teeth every time is probably the reason why I only indulge in December!

  85. Annemarie/Carmie says

    My sister-in-law makes a coffee cake that we have on Christmas and that I remember fondly the entire year!

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