Silent Saturday Except it’s Matt’s Birthday and also it’s not silent

Happy Weekend!

Yesterday I did a little shopping action for a holiday party. I asked for a vote on Instagram and then went walking around to other stores and the vote winner = the black & white one was gone. #FAIL

dress picks

Luckily my Costco faves were all in stock Winking smile

costco haul (668x501)

I just realized this was supposed to be a silent Saturday and here I am blabbing. It happens.

Saturday morning run:

Nothing says classy like a public bathroom selfie.

bathroom selfie (408x544)

12 miles on saturday (668x501)


salad saturday (668x501)

I think my hot rollers are dead. RIP rollers. It was fun while it lasted…

flat hair dont care (376x501)

Your local Monican. Either my front facing camera really sucks or you’re drunk. Possibly both.

saturday selfie blurry (282x501)

Today is my lil brother’s birthday! He is 13 – finally we can party together! #Jokes

I stopped by the cupcakery to get him a special birthday cupcake and spotted someone drinking an iced coffee. It occurred to me I haven’t tried Lee’s iced coffee, which is a tragedy so I went for it.

holiday cupcakes from frostings

And my life will never be the same.

It is AMAZING. STRONG but smooth, just like I like it Winking smile

lees iced coffee (339x452)

Happy Birthday Matt!

matts birthday with cupcake

Question: Whatcha doing this weekend?


  1. says

    Resting and relaxing! That’s the motto of my weekend. I do plan to get a little housework done but it’s not a priority 😉

    Great job on the run! I’m sorry they sold out of the dress – hope you find another one you like!

  2. says

    Having our first annual Christmas party as a married couple! It’s tomorrow so we’ve been gearing up for it today! Cant wait! But first, I get in my long run tomorrow morning 😀 Happy birthday to Matt! (Which happens to be my husbands name as well)

  3. says

    I’m almost done with my first week of half marathon training!

    Your brother is lucky to have someone who gets him such awesome cupcakes.

    I actually liked the red dress better!

  4. Marlene says

    I ran a 5k (ugly sweater run). I was so excited for a mason jar and a Christmas tree ornament! It made my day! Today was also a day of tamale making for my family. My grandma and I are still finishing up the last bit of it now (made 120lbs of masa). Tomorrow is a day of relaxation of visiting family.

    Happy Birthday to your little brother!! Hope he had a great day!!

  5. says

    I had my long run yesterday and today I am up early for show rehearsals, I’m performing on the aerial hoop at a Christmas showcase next weekend so today is the last rehearsal! I should wrap some Christmas present, but….

  6. says

    Your hair always looks great Monica! Boo about the dress! Happy Birthday to your little brother! Nothing much going on here, have to bake a couple of desserts and get some veggie and fruit trays put together for my husbands change of command ceremony tomorrow.

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