Winter Running–How to Dress at Different Temperatures


Years ago I read that 55 degrees is the ideal temperature for running. And even though I am a warm weather girl to my bones – I completely agree that for long distance running low 50s is the best weather for the sport. Running in the winter is tough. It’s hard to even get out of bed when it’s cold. But when you finally get out from under the warm comfy covers it’s difficult … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday–25 Days of Fitness Day 16


Happy Monday! There are only 9 days left until Christmas – are you ready? I’m not ready at all! I have no shopping done and when people ask me what I want the only idea I have is my favorite eyeliner. Bah. I’m on Mission: Christmas Shopping today, but first we gotta work on our fitness challenge. 25 Days of Fitness Challenge Day 15 was to do your plank for 20 seconds … [Read more...]