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Hello and Happy Wednesday!

This morning I had my first awkward boob sweat situation. It’s weird that this hasn’t happened to me before, but I usually get completely sweaty not just in this areola area. I think it’s the combo of the shirt and sports bra I was wearing.

boob sweat marks are not sexy (282x501)

Breakfast of Monicans… EGGS for days

egg quesadilla (668x501)

apple and blueberries (668x501)

Last night I made a healthy pull apart bread and proceeded to eat half of it. It was AWESOME. Recipe coming soon!

pull apart bread healthy recipe (376x501)

25 Days of Fitness Challenge

Day 18 – Text 3 people you haven’t talked to in a while “hello!” Yes, you can text me if you want Smile 

25 Days of Fitness with RunEatRepeat

Benefiber $100 Giveaway Winner:  Nora M

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Ricola Giveaway


Despite my plan to stay healthy during my 6 weeks of back to back races I ended up getting sick right after Disney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon. I got a flu shot, I took Vitamin C but I still ended up with a cough that would not go away!

flu shot (800x800)

Seriously I had it for the longest time and hit up CVS for Ricola cough drops multiple times so when a company rep reached out to do a giveaway I was all about it!

Especially since at that point I gave Ben my cough – note: he opened the Ricola package right away and I didn’t get a picture of the awesome box they sent it in!

ricola extra strength cough drops (668x501)

Anyway. I am usually a fan of the store brand versions of things, but Ricola cough drops are no joke – especially when you travel as much as I do and don’t want to be that gross cougher on the plane. You gotta go with the legit stuff!

i feel fine

So Ricola is helping one RER reader NOT be that gross cougher with a Soothing Relief fit AND a $100 gift card!

To enter leave a comment answering:

Are you celebrating the holidays at your home or traveling to family/friends?

Closes 12/19/13 at noon PST. Open to residents of the US.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Ricola. All opinions are my own.


  1. says

    Driving out to see the family on my dad’s side of the family. It will be the first time I’ve seen them since my wedding (almost 5 years ago). Unfortunately, we have about 20 hours in the car each way.

  2. Rebecca says

    Traveling to family! Headed to Geneva, IL this weekend, Oshkosh, WI on Tuesday, then Menomonee Falls, WI on Wednesday and then Grafton, WI on Saturday. Home in between :).

  3. Nicole says

    Both. We are traveling the weekend before (this weekend, eek! just thought about that) to visit my husband’s dad and stepmom and have Christmas with them but will be home on the actual day of Christmas for our girls to see what Santa brought and have Christmas with my parents and his mom and stepdad.

  4. tara says

    I am doing my residency about 8 hours away from home and due to the holiday being on a Wednesday, my parents are driving to see me! But now I have to cook for them…..

  5. Katie Coleman says

    We are actually going over to my son’s father’s house for a family Christmas. I’m since remarried and so is he, and all of us get along very well. We’re both military families (I’m retired, but he is still active) so we don’t have any family in the area so we celebrate together :-)

  6. Maria says

    At my friend’s. They’ve absorbed me like the Borgadopted me into their family, so that’s where I’ll be. I’m in charge of gravy and the glaze for the ham, plus whatever else her Mom needs me to do that day.

  7. says

    We are still not married, so with our last Christmas as a non-married couple, he will go to his parents’ and I will go to mine. We’ll meet up probably x-mas night or the next day because we hate to spend too much time away from each other!

  8. says

    For the first year in the last 5 we are staying home for Christmas and traveling to see family the next weekend. Not driving on Christmas is going to be amazing!!

  9. says

    I’ll be leaving my humble abode to go see the fam in New Jersey. But NYC is a germ fest this time of year (everyone coughs and breathes and you don’t know where anyone’s been) so I always up the zinc, vit C and anything else I can to stay healthy.

  10. says

    I am not really traveling, per se. I’m doing breakfast with my mom. Then heading home and celebrating Christmas with a peaceful 10 mile run. Ok..that is as long as it isn’t raining cats and dogs or anything.

  11. Jennifer Bell says

    Hi! I will be celebrating at my brother’s on Christmas Eve and at home Christmas morning. So glad to have my wonderful family around me during the holidays. Feeling blessed.

  12. Janay Ridge says

    My husband and I switch up the holidays every year. This year we’ll be with his family on Christmas and celebrate with my family over New Year’s. I have no problem with it either. I love seeing both our families around the holidays.

  13. Jenna U. says

    My daughter is 11 months old so it will be our first Christmas together! We will be celebrating at my parent’s house (1.4 miles away). So excited to start new traditions together!

  14. Rob Runs says

    We’ll be traveling a few hours to see my family this weekend, then spending the actual holiday with his family in the area. New Year’s it just the two of us (well three if you count his cough which has been his constant companion for the past few weeks, he could use that Ricola!).

  15. Patty T says

    My parents and in-laws live in town so my husband and I do a small celebration at home with us and our dog, then go to his parent’s house in the morning and my parent’s house for dinner.

  16. Amber says

    Both actually! A few days at home with my fam them a few days in Phx with my boyfriend’s fam. So….TWO Christmasas!!!

  17. amanda says

    I’m traveling a few hours home to see family. I have a cold starting to come on, hopefully it doesn’t progress or goes away in the next week!!

  18. Christy says

    I am doing both this year. Home for Christmas and leaving the day after. I am currently battling a cold too, and would love for it to go away!

  19. BreannaS says

    We are doing both although our travel is relatively close to home. On Christmas day we will be hanging out at home enjoying our own Christmas traditions.

  20. Tricia says

    We are celebrating pretty much at home, and going to also celebrate Christmas Eve and Day with some nearby relatives…….Happy holidays Monica!

  21. Jenny says

    I’m heading to Freemont, CA to see my sister & her hubs, first time since last Christmas & the first time I’ll go to San Francisco too!

  22. Lindsey Sue says

    We are staying home for our daughter’s first Christmas. She’s a preemie baby so we are on lock down this cold/flu/rsv season! Maybe next year I’ll see my family!

  23. says

    I’m so grateful we all (the fam bam) live in the same city. No significant traveling for anyone. I’m more worried about getting sick at the mall or somewhere random like that 😉

  24. says

    Sorry for another comment, but I totally forgot to write this on an earlier comment. Unfortunately my sweat looks like that more than often, than not. It’s a running joke between my best friend and I. I now have to be conscious of what type of shirts/tanks I buy for the gym. I sweat like a crazy person and more than not it turns out like yours today! :(

  25. Megan says

    We are traveling a bunch of different directions over the holidays, my husband and I live away from both of our families, who of course live no where near eachother!

  26. Sara says

    We are traveling but everyone is close by so it’s only about an hour each way, not bad at all. I love the holidays and my family so it’s totally worth it.

    PS Did you throw that tortilla onto your electric cook top to get those grill marks or did those come through the pan? Either way it gave me a solid laugh so thanks for that!

  27. Cellabella says

    We’re celebrating it at “home” meaning Christmas eve with my husband’s family and Christmas with my family. But luckily no major traveling involved :)

  28. marisa says

    Working in retail has never allowed me to travel home for the holidays. Somehow we still manage to have a wonderful time. Snowshoeing is top on our list this year!

  29. Annemarie/Carmie says

    We are celebrating all over the place! But we aren’t traveling far and we are staying in the Portland, Maine, area (home) This post was extra amusing! Thanks, as always!

  30. says

    I agree, Ricola are the best. Thankfully I have not had to use them yet this year:) I will be spending the holidays traveling to Iowa to see family – including my newest nephew who was born yesterday!

  31. Holly B says

    I’ll be spending the holiday at home with my new husband. I promised him our first married Christmas would be relaxing and quiet after our wedding in Nov this year :)

  32. Missy says

    Both. Spending Christmas Eve at my house and then traveling on Christmas day to see family. Praying they don’t get 10 inches of snow this year, like they did last year, and that we can go see them!

  33. says

    Since I don’t celebrate Christmas (my holiday was in November this year) I am going to bum off my bf’s family because I love Christmas! Even though it’s not my holiday, I still enjoy celebrating it (a lot)!

  34. Kate says

    At my parent’s house Christmas Eve (40 mins away)
    Christmas morning my house with my hubby, 7 year old , 2 year old and my 2 dogs
    Christmas afternoon at my in laws with a million family members(10 mins away)

  35. Shannon in Tustin says

    Celebrating right here at home!
    And I have had some form of cold, nasty cough since the Monday before Thanksgiving. So. Totally. Over. It.

  36. Maggie H says

    I’ll be home for Xmas, but am leaving for Hawaii soon after to get married! I am taking precautions to avoid being sick while traveling .

  37. says

    I am staying home with my family. I have tried to convince them to get a beach house together and celebrate a warm Christmas but no one wants to break tradition.

  38. says

    We celebrate xmas eve at home, and then go to my rents’ house on the day to celebrate.

    And I just wanted to say my throat is scratchy right now, so I should totally win. :)

  39. Emily says

    I’m traveling to my uncle’s like we do every year! And I’m going to eat 6,000 pounds of pasta and cake and it will be amazing and joyous.

  40. Heather M says

    We are staying home for Christmas Day so Santa won’t have trouble finding my two little guys! The day after we’ll head out to see family!!

  41. Crystal F. says

    My husband is in the Air Force so we don’t have any family nearby (except for our military family!) but we are looking forward to a Christmas with just the two of us!

  42. Bobbie says

    Mostly celebrating at home, with 3 little girls it just makes the most sense to let everyone come to us. We do travel locally to my sil’s for Christmas Eve and then again to a friend’s for NYE.

  43. Mackenzie says

    I’ll be traveling about an hour for Christmas with my dad’s side and 30 minutes for moms side. No big vacations planned for this girl.

  44. callie b. says

    whoops! forgot to include where I am going home for Christmas and absolutely CANNOT wait! Can’t wait to spend time with my family…I have missed them ever so much!

  45. Maria says

    I will be home for Christmas! I’m working Christmas ( hospitals don’t close), but I’ll be going back to Vegas for new years to see my parents and friends!!

  46. says

    Celebrating at my parents place, 6 hours north of where I live! Solid boob sweat : ) I wore a pair of blue cotton (WTF) running tights last night and whole crotch disaster. Note to self – only wear black bottoms. AWKWARD.

  47. Megan Chism says

    Ricola cough dropsare seriously the best ever. This year for christmas we are traveling to my boyfirends family gathering this coming weekend and the celebrating with mine on Christmas! Should be a good time!

  48. Robin says

    I am going back to Ohio to spend 2 weeks with my children. I miss them so much it will be great to spend that time with them.

  49. zoe says

    i loled at your boob sweat!! you go girl :)) it was nature’s way of helping out the IBTC member 😉

    i have a DISGUSTING cough right now and could really use some ricola drops!

  50. says

    I am celebrating with both my family and my husbands family for Christmas. This involves us staying at my parents house (which is about 20 minutes away from mine) on Christmas eve night to wake up with my family, then driving to hubbys Moms place about two hours away on Christmas afternoon! Busy busy! But oh so fun :)

  51. Emy says

    We just got back from traveling for an early holiday celebration, so we will be celebrating just the two of us at home on Christmas Day!

  52. says

    I am very excited to celebrate the holidays. My sister/bestie from Ohio will be here from the 20-25th even though she is leaving Xmas day it will still be tons of fun!

  53. says

    We are staying home and celebrating with just our family…its OK…we will be fine! (My son had a cough…not much else…lasted at least a month …just cray I tell ya!)

  54. Karleen says

    My fiancées family if flying her from IN and I’m so excited just to be able to relax at home with family for the holidays!

  55. says

    Celebrating with my mom and sister on a cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel! First cruise! Then to Asheville for the weekend with the manfriend. Should be quite a different Christmas than one at home!

  56. Alycia says

    Ugh, I have had a cough for two weeks now. I will have to try Ricola and see if it will kick it out!

    We are spending Christmas st home but have to travel two and a half hours to the inlaws on the 28th.

  57. Jane says

    We are traveling by car to meet up with family at a water park. But we just got back from a week in Disney and unfortunately brought home some cold germs! Merry Christmas…here’s a kleenex! :)

  58. Eri H says

    Packin’ up the car and heading up to the BFs family. A 7-hour drive away, but I love Christmas so not even that can dampen my spirit!

  59. says

    Both – my family is in town still which is nice and then we’re traveling for the BFs family. I believe we’ll be celebrating Christmas 4 times…

  60. Erin Nicole says

    I’ll be traveling both days to different aunts houses, but both are less than 10 miles away! One is actually less than a mile, does that even count as traveling?

  61. Jessica says

    We are celebrating at home and heading over to family that are only about fifteen minutes away.

    I actually have a cold right now and am pregnant so I can’t take anything for it! So this is a great giveaway, thanks.

  62. says

    We are traveling, only a 4 hour drive, but we are spending the entire week on the other side of the state with out of town family. We LOVE the years (we flip flop every other year traveling and staying home) we get to travel for Christmas, it makes it so much more festive!

  63. Lara says

    My husband and I are traveling four hours south to spend Christmas at my brother and SIL’s house. I can’t wait to see my little niece! :)

  64. Natasha Emily says

    I wish I could go home-home this year (in the military)! Duty calls, but I have fiance and friends to spend my holiday with. :)

  65. Megan says

    We are going to Milwaukee this weekend to celebrate with my in laws, then hosting my family at our house (Minneapolis) for the first time on Christmas Eve!

  66. says

    my poor 6 yr old is coughing up a storm, and I don’t know if he is old enough for cough drops…nor do I know if his school will allow them. I haven’t given him hard candy, unless a stick is attached (aka a lollipop)

  67. Linda says

    I will stay at home in the morning while my kids open their presents, then we go one block away to my in-laws for dinner and hanging out the rest of the day.

  68. says

    We always stay home for the holidays. My birthday is the 23rd, so I throw a big party that night. Then, we have a big Christmas Eve party the next night. It’s one big week of celebration and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  69. Cari says

    I’m traveling ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! Up to upstate NY this weekend to spend time with my fiancé, then to western PA to spend Christmas with my brother and his family and my parents, then down to GA with my parents where I grew up, then flying back to NY to do New Year’s Eve/Day/a few days after with my fiancé again before driving back to Philadelphia! Crazy!

  70. Sonya Morris says

    My family is local so we will visit them but for the most part I will be at my house celebrating with my husband and four kids on Christmas day.

  71. Emily Feldhake says

    I’m traveling home to be with family! I live ten hours from my parents so I definitely cherish time with them. I’m looking forward to lots of food and festivities with the fam.

  72. says

    Home! But the running group will have a short run in the morning. We’ll have our early Xmas breakfast cum get-together this Saturday.

  73. says

    I will be traveling 0.9 miles to my parents’ house to celebrate Christmas Eve with them and my brothers and their families.
    Christmas morning my parents will come over to my house for breakfast and to watch my girls open gifts. Then my girls go to their dad’s for a few days. And I will spend the rest of Christmas day at my parents house for an open house for extended family.

  74. Meghan says

    Flying back to the east coast to see my family for almost a whole week! I’m pretty excited (but will miss the kitties and pup!)

  75. Claudia says

    Many Homes – his mom’s (Christmas Eve), mine (Christmas morning) and my mom’s (Christmas dinner). Fortunately all within 25 miles of each other ;o)

  76. says

    Neither: We are traveling to get away from family! (Not joking). We don’t have kids, while our other relatives in town (who are extended family – hub’s cousins, etc) have tons. We don’t feel close enough to them to buy presents for all their kids, but feel weird spending xmas with them without providing presents. So, we figured out to just go out of town every Christmas. It’s pretty great!

  77. Denise says

    Heading to Oregon tomorrow evening til Sunday for Xmas #1. Xmas #2 with in laws and friends to buffer the inlaw vibe at our house on Xmas eve.. #3 with just us 5 on Xmas day. Its mentally exhausting.

  78. Emily B says

    I’ll be with my family on Christmas Eve, but then they are leaving me to visit my sister in Colorado on Christmas Day. Boo.

  79. Alycia Wilson says

    Ricola cough drops are the only ones I use…those other types taste nasty. I’ll be traveling lots to see family this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

  80. Amy says

    we are staying local (my mom’s for xmas eve, MIL’s for xmas day) because I have to work xmas night-but at least I get time and a half!

  81. Jen says

    We are traveling, but not staying overnight for the first time. That’s going to feel great because this is our first Christmas as a married couple!

  82. Melissa says

    Traveling this weekend to visit my parents and celebrate Christmas but the actual holiday, we will be home! Baby’s first Christmas this year!

  83. Kathleen says

    Luckily my entire family lives within 45 minutes of me, so we’re all celebrating at one place! So thankful because traveling makes the holidays WAY more stressful!

  84. Kat says

    Half/half for me actually, my family lives in germany and I won’t be seeing them but I am celebrating with my in-laws :)

  85. Laura says

    We are going to my sister’s house. She lives about 45 minutes away, so my whole side of the family will be there. I like local traveling- especially at this time of the year!

  86. Alison W says

    I will be travelling this weekend to my Boyfriend’s mom’s house and then we will come back home to celebrate christmas eve and christmas day with my family!

  87. Heather C says

    We are leaving warm and sunny Florida and traveling to be with family in warm and sunny Arizona. I wish we were going to some place cold and snowy though!

  88. says

    We are having Christmas Eve at our house for my side of the family – just a bunch of appetizers and what not. And then Christmas day is at my in-laws. She’s making my favorite – roast beef and mashed potatoes! Yummy!

  89. Paige Callahan says

    I’m on my way to New York right now to meet my mom at her best friends house and stay through Christmas. My sister moved to New York last year too so she’ll be joining us

  90. Amanda says

    My husband and I will be traveling to visit with his family. We do a lot of driving within a few days but it’s totally worth it to be able to visit with everyone.

  91. Kate says

    I’ll be driving to NY to spend the holidays with my family. Including my extended family who for the first time ever is coming up from Florida for Christmas!

  92. Jessica says

    I am traveling to Illinois from Florida (brrrrrrrrrr) to spend the holidays with my husband’s family. He is lucky I love him because its going to be 83 degrees this Saturday in Florida and like 9 in Illinois!

  93. Emily P says

    I will be traveling to South Dakota TOMORROW to spend 10 DAYS with my family! I love this time of year and am so grateful that I have a career (teaching) that allows me to be with my loved ones.

  94. Brittany says

    Love Ricola! We will be at home on Christmas Eve and going to family’s house later in the day on Christmas Day. But no far travel, just across town :)

  95. Kristen KB says

    We are headed to spend the weekend with family this weekend, but will be home for christmas eve and christmas day!

  96. says

    I’m traveling from Baltimore to Northern NY (practically Canada), two locations in PA, and DC. It’s going to be a whirlwind tour. Can’t wait!

  97. Tara says

    Ricola all the way!
    We are staying home, having Eve celebrations at our house, then we will head 20mins to my sisters on the 25th!

    Merry Merry!

  98. Katie D. says

    At my momy’s home (20 minutes away) and my inlaws (2 hours away), so technically, “traveling” since we will be in the car…

  99. Tara says

    Oh and that sweat….that happened to me. In hot yoga. The only sweat marks I had were two tiny little round sweaty nip marks.

  100. Brittany O'Brien says

    I am doing both! Christmas eve home and Christmas day away. I am ALWAYS seated next to the “cough-er” on the plane!

  101. Liz says

    We are traveling 2 hours by car to be with our families Christmas Day. First time in 5 years we can drive since we just moved back to our home state.

  102. Vicky S says

    I am hosting 9 adults and 2 dogs at my house! its going to be nutty but isn’t that what the holidays are all about!? 😉

  103. Laura Z says

    I’m traveling, but only one hour to my SIL’s. It’ll be great becasue I don’t have to clean. I’ll help but it’s less stressful!

  104. says

    i will technically be celebrating Christmas day at home, but am having a delayed celebration a week later! i am all about making Christmas celebrations last as long as possible. :)

  105. Mandi says

    My husband and I get the entire two weeks off this year and will be traveling close to 700 miles to spend the holidays with family!

  106. says

    I will be spending time with both my family as well as with my boyfriend’s family! Starting the 23rd-25th we’re booked solid, then again on the 29th! Cannot wait!!

  107. Kelly Davis says

    I’m celebrating one last Christmas morning at home before getting married next summer. Kind of bittersweet. So excited for marriage but a little worried that Santa won’t visit next year! Ha!

  108. Cassie says

    I will be local (Rhode Island) for Christmas Eve with my mom- then my boyfriend will join us later that evening. Christmas Day I will be traveling 2 hours north to be with my family in New Hampshire! Happy Holidays!

  109. Sarah EM says

    I just bought like 4 packages of Ricola! I love the extra strength ones because they work and are the only ones that work!

    I am going to my parents for Christmas. Then the day after Christmas going to Disneyland! Woohoo! Lots of driving though.

  110. Valerie says

    Christmas will be spent at home, and at relative’s homes that are in the same state. So travelling some days, but not too far!

  111. Laura E. says

    Thanks for the opportunity! I’m doing a little bit of both. Christmas eve we go out of town to my dad’s side and Christmas day we have my mom’s side at our house!

  112. says

    A little of both! We’re going to my husband’s parents’ house, which is in the same town as ours, for Christmas, then traveling to see my family in NJ the weekend between Christmas and New Years.

  113. says

    Just me, my husband and the four-legged babies will be celebrating ON Christmas. The family might once over the day after but nothing is confirmed yet.

  114. MiaMia says

    This year we are spending a quiet Christmas at home with an awesome brunch menu… Quiche, pancakes, veggies galore, and of course dessert!

  115. Chummy_Chum says

    We’re traveling. I feel you on the cough. They linger around forever. You start to feel like your a coal miner with the black lung syndrome.

  116. Jason says

    We celebrate at home. Being in Rural MN in the Winter, you never know what the weather will be like, so its safe to get everyone here and stay put! Way less stress that way to!

  117. says

    We celebrate at home… but start at our house, visit my godson, neighbors, host people, then have Christmas Dinner at a neighbors. All around FANTASTIC day.

  118. Rebecca says

    Staying at home, and I cannot wait to have some time off!

    Also, I would like to thank you for using a Chris Trager gif –he is *literally* one of my favorite characters ever.

  119. Jessica says

    Traveling! I am headed south to sunny Florida and I’m looking forward to the warm weather. Just trying not to freak out about needing to leave town in a few days . . . when will it all get done??

  120. Julie says

    I’m going to my parents’ house, which luckily isn’t that far away from mine.

    Oh, and I love Ricola… none of that sugar-free junk. I mostly use it for nausea, actually!

  121. mallory says

    I am going about 20 min north and i am so excited bc i get off early that day!! i am making spinach dip omg its the bomb.com

    i hope i win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. mary says

    Love the boob sweat comment – I have that problem all the time, so I stay away from grays and darker colored shirts. Or the camera!! Happy Holidays!

  123. Anna mcandrew says

    I’m celebrating Christmas at home with family and then driving to visit friends for a fancy New Year’s Eve party! Lots of fun ahead!

  124. says

    We will be staying put for the holidays because my husband will be getting home to PA tomorrow after several weeks in CA! Can’t wait!
    Ps. He got sick traveling to CA with all the nasty germies everywhere on the planes and airports. He probably could have used some of these :)

  125. Kristin H says

    Well this year we are going to my brother-in-laws.
    we were going to Christmas dinner home but after shopping for everyone we are really short on money and I would only be able feed my family chicken nuggets and mac and cheese so we decided to go to a house that has food 😉

  126. Amanda F says

    Mostly staying at home with the husband, though we may make the 2 hour drive to see his family the weekend after Xmas. It’ll be nice and quiet, that’s for sure. :)

  127. Hadas says

    Traveling to Disney world and then to friends. We will be back for New years Eve to celebrate with local friends.
    Happy Holidays!

  128. Angelee says

    I love Ricolas. I used to sneak them as candy when I was a kid! I’m staying home and spending Xmas with my family! They should be so lucky to have =P

  129. says

    Both! Home for Christmas Day, visiting friends at night. Traveling to see family for Christmas #2 on Saturday. Lots of celebrating! :)

  130. Sarah says

    I’ll be spending the morning at home with my hubby, then the afternoon/evening with his parents, siblings, and their kids (only about 45 min. away).

  131. Marin says

    Hmmm, does going 5 miles down the road to my parents house count as traveling for the holidays? It’s great being so close to everyone all year round :)

  132. Sarah G. says

    We are lucky enough to have most of our family nearby. We celebrate with my husband’s family on Christmas Eve, and then we do a big breakfast/brunch and presents at our house with my mom and stepson on Christmas Day!

  133. Christi M. says

    We are very blessed to have my family very close. We will spend the night at our house and then drive 5 miles to my parents house. My husbands family is spread out so we will most likely drive 30 miles to his brothers house.

  134. Alexis says

    Travelled. Back home in South OC!!! I’d say maybe I’ll see you out on the Laguna Hills trails, but I pulled my hip flexor #majorwasteofgoodrunningweather 😛

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