Healthy Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread Recipe


So, I was going through some of my recipes recently thinking up a dish to make for Christmas. Last year I made an easy Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread that was fantastic! It’s more of a special occasion dish (read: not something I should make/eat all of on a random Wednesday night). But the craving was there so I decided to create a healthy version of the bread (also known as … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition


Hello! How’s your week going? Countdown to holiday vacation time – right! I took half a day off  yesterday and headed to my mom’s for some Christmas shopping. The dogs wanted to come too, but we made them stay and hold down the fort. Blue skies by day… Pink sky at sunset – beautiful. Lunch - Salad in the container the lettuce came in, I consider it a small victory … [Read more...]