Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition

Hello! How’s your week going? Countdown to holiday vacation time – right!

I took half a day off  yesterday and headed to my mom’s for some Christmas shopping. The dogs wanted to come too, but we made them stay and hold down the fort.

dogs smiling 725x544 thumb Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition

Blue skies by day…

blue skies 376x501 thumb Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition

Pink sky at sunset – beautiful.

pink skies 376x501 thumb Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition

Lunch – Salad in the container the lettuce came in, I consider it a small victory when I avoid dirtying a dish.

healthy salad with sriracha 668x501 thumb Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition

Dessert – when I got home I ate some of the healthy monkey bread with a ton of whipped cream. So, I guess that cancels out the health. Bah. Recipe coming in a bit!!

pull apart bread with whipped cream 668x501 thumb Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition

Throwback Thursday – Christmas Edition

There are 2 versions of this picture, one is with my glasses and then I took them off so you get this one…

SCAN0384 467x800 thumb Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition

It was probably about 6th grade when I asked for those Mickey Mouse slippers for Christmas. I loved them! Ha! Side note: I still haven’t learned how to sit like a lady.

SCAN0385 800x721 thumb Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition

Vegas gets a throwback too! Santa Cat from 2 years ago.

santa cat thumb Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition

25 Days of Fitness Challenge

Day 19 – 25 minutes of cardio. I usually take Thursdays off from running so today I walked for 25 and I plan to do another 25 later.

image thumb33 Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition

(RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

Question: What’s your cardio of choice today?


  1. says

    Running is certainly my cardio of choice. I’ll have logged 1,900 miles in 2013 alone, which is way beyond the 750 I’d originally I’d thought I’d be able to do.

    Can’t wait for that healthified monkey bread recipe. I could eat a whole pan by myself and that’s probably not a good thing.

  2. says

    Cardio of choice WILL be:

    The Zumba class that I teach (but I don’t count that for myself because I’m teaching)…

    And then I will head upstairs to the treadmill for a run!

    Hoping to be up early in the morning for a nice run as well!

  3. Bobbie says

    I had an “easy” 6 miles on my schedule today. I’m currently training for my first full. After over 20 years of running, I’m finally taking the leap. But, I have to say, my body is screaming at me. I’m having a time of it..and I’m only 6 weeks in! I’m having a knee issue and a piss poor stomach after my long runs! I should have attempted this 10 years ago when I was younger and less injury prone ;)

  4. Angela A. says

    We don’t have to travel more than 10 minutes to celebrate! Of course, we live in WI, so that’s not that exiting; we should probably go to Hawaii or something.

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