Mile Square Park Walk and BEST Appetizer for a Holiday Party

Hello! How’s your weekend?

I did a lot of running and eating. I know that’s not news, but this is my online diary so I get to share my day to day life like it’s exciting.

sad diary

Today I was up bright and early for 12 miler. I hadn’t planned on a back to back when I made mid-morning plans a while back so I was just running with the time I had.

I’m considering trying a new pose for 2014… some of the contenders…


(RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

I met my friend Christine from Bookishly Boisterous for a walk at Mile Square Park this morning. I’ve been wanting to check out this park for the longest time! It’s a gorgeous park that is four miles around – perfect for walkers and runners!!

mile square park sunday walk (668x501)

mile square park (668x501)

mile square park walk (668x501)

Mile Square Park is in Fountain Valley. You can get more information on it here. It was $5.00 for parking.

Post-walk I made a quick stop at IKEA that wasn’t the success I needed, but did the job.


salad for lunch (668x501)

cranberry goat cheese on a cracker (668x501)

Let me share a super secret recipe for the BEST appetizer you can take to a holiday party:

1. Buy TJ’s Cranberry Chevre

2. Put it on a cracker.

Boom. It’s amazing!

I was going to take this to my mom’s for our Christmas dinner celebration tonight (we’re celebrating today because I’ll be gone on the 25th), but I can’t stop ‘trying’ it.

ate a whole wheel of cheese

Bah, I can buy another one on the way there…


  1. says

    I’m a fan of Mile Square Park. I’ve been wanting to check out Fairview Park (I think that’s what it’s called… in Costa Mesa on Placentia before Adams), because it looks equally cool and big :)

  2. Chelsey jones says

    I also think you should get try the vanilla blueberry goat cheese it is heavenly and is almost like cheesecake! I have not seen the cranberry yet but I am in Georgia so that could have something to do with it.

  3. Johanna B says

    Last Thanksgiving (2012) a friend and I ate the entire TJ Cranberry Chevre log with a box of rice crackers (we’re both Celiacs) and even with the awful rice crackers it was great.

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