Santa Dog and 25 Days of Fitness Day 23

Hello and Happy Monday!

Last night I had dinner at mi familia’s.  I’ll be out of town on Christmas so we celebrated early. And since my peeps ‘save’ tamales for Christmas Eve/Day we did salmon, salad and sweet potatoes = my favorite dinner after pizza.

salmon and salad christmas dinner (668x501)

I was in charge of bringing dessert, but I was busy getting everyone’s gifts ready so I ranked out and just bought cookies from TJ’s.

gingerbread cookies (668x501)

i love santa

Eggnog. Note: My Quick Tip from Tuesday doesn’t work if you refill 6 times.

eggnog and christmas cookies (376x501)

Santa Dog was there!

dog clause (376x501)

Baby in a Christmas stocking!! My niece, I want to eat her for dessert.

 christmas baby (376x501)

This morning I did a quick shake out run and then the 25 Days of Fitness Challenge day 23 – 25 each: push-ups, crunches, jjs and squats.



egg quesadilla with laughing cow (668x501)

I am off to Florida on a red eye tonight and have a long list of things to do before I leave so I’ll see you in a bit!

Question: What did you do this weekend?

Did you do the challenge day 23?


  1. says

    Got in two long runs over the weekend, just so I wouldn’t feel as guilty about the mass amount of cookies that have been consumed! Wish I was headed over to some Florida sun, enjoy your trip!

  2. says

    I sh-t the bed and missed a boatload of challenge days (hanging head in shame)….
    That dog is a good sport…not only a hat a but a beard too?! WOW! Hopefully there were some doggie cookie rewards…
    Have an easy speedy red eye!
    This weekend I ran (6ish miles) around NYC with my friends taking pictures at all the department store windows and at rockafeller center. One good thing about living here….we go at the crack of dawn while the tourists are still sleeping to enjoy the sights without the crowd.

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    I ran, shopped and cooked. I love the holiday’s but yesterday I felt like I got beat up. I am really looking forward to just relaxing the next two days. I think the mall really made me exhausted.
    p.s. I think you are bringing the cooler weather with you to Florida. Thanks 😉

  4. says

    Have fun in Florida! We’re off to Nebraska tomorrow afternoon. We didn’t do too much this weekend except for get ready for Christmas a little bit.

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