Never Have I Ever–Christmas Edition

Hello and Happy Christmas Eve!

santas coming

I am currently blogging from LAX. They busted out the green and red for Christmas!

christmas lights at lax

Today was kinda frantic and I’m sure I forgot something but I’m trying relax and just go with the flow…ing wine Winking smile

white christmas

I am excited that I bought myself a Christmas present.. a new ridiculous salad bowl! I know, I’m fancy since I don’t have to eat out of a mixing bowl now.

epic salad bowl (376x501)

epic salad (668x501)

fuzzy raspberries (668x501)

Packing makes me hungry and tired so I had a Lee’s iced coffee and half a quest bar (ate the other half yesterday randomly)…

lees iced coffee (376x501)

Plus this new Carrot Cake Luna bar! I liked it!

carrot cake luna bar for snack (668x501)

carrot cake luna bar (668x501)

I recently saw a quiz floating around “Which Character from Love Actually are You?”

And I thought, ‘is Love Actually that popular that most people would know the characters?’ I haven’t seen it.

love actually


So then I thought… what the heck else have I been missing out on?! (I have a lot of time to think on long runs.)

And that’s why we’re playing…

“Never Have I Ever – Christmas Edition”

The Rules: Verbal Virtual Game where we all get in a circle. I share a “never have I ever…” and if you have done it you have to drink. Or do a burpee. Either way.

Never have I ever…

Seen Love Actually.

to me you are perfect

Had a white Christmas (with snow).

Built a gingerbread house.

Sat on Santa’s lap.

Roasted chestnuts over an open fire.

Went to a cookie exchange party.

Cut down a Christmas tree.

Drank spiked eggnog.

Kissed under the mistletoe.

Hung a stocking by the chimney with care.

Left out cookies for Santa. And he ate them!!

Ate tamales on Christmas Eve.

Made a homemade gift for someone special.

Ate a Sriracha Candy Cane. (They are at WorldMarket)


(RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

Went caroling.

Been on the NICE list.

santa saw your facebook


Check which list you are on here.

I did all the ones that were crossed off!

Question: How many of these things have you NEVER done?

What else am I missing? Anything I need to do?


  1. says

    Even though it came out in 2003, I just caved into virtual societal pressures and watched Love Actually with my hubs a few days ago. There were maybe a handful of laugh out loud moments and a about 100 fat jokes made about a woman that looks like a younger, prettier brunette Kim Cattrall aaaaaaand that was about it.

    I love sappy Christmas movies, but for some reason I just really, really didn’t like this one. I wouldn’t ever watch it again. You’re not missing out on anything – I bet the Sriracha candy canes were a more exciting experience!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Courtney says

    I have never eaten tamales on Christmas Eve growing up my family always had chinese food for Christmas Eve dinner we would all get dressed up and go to our local chinese restaraunt when I started dating my ex husband and married we always did Christmas eve with his side and the Christmas day with mine. The dinner has varied from year to year Italian to ribs and one year my brother in law made the best skirt steaks…. This year my ex and boys and I are having appertizers and playing games.

    • says

      Me too! I mean about the tamales and Chinese food. I’m guessing you’re Chinese as well?
      Anyway, Merry Xmas Monica and have a blessed holiday in FL.

  3. says

    I so wish I was having tamales tonight. I’ve never had eggnog, the idea of it nauseates me lol. My mom used to make us drink these shakes with raw eggs when we were little and it just reminds me of it so I stay away:) I’ve also never roasted chestnuts.

  4. says

    Need to get those Sriracha candy canes! I’ve done most of the other stuff, growing up in Chicago, you do Chrismas stuff! However, I haven’t seen Love, Actually and I’ve eaten tamales on Christmas day, but not eve. Merry Christmas!

  5. says

    No White Christmas? Wow!
    Have you ever peeled a mountain of sprouts on Christmas Eve? Went to Midnight Mass? Eaten mince pies until you’ve made yourself sick?
    They’re all checked off my list, and happen pretty much every year… 😉
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Lorin says

    Every Christmas Eve, my family and I drive around the neighborhood to look at lights, then go to our neighbor’s annual Christmas Eve party, and then watch It’s A Wonderful Life. I like Christmas Eve just as much as Christmas, if not more!

  7. says

    You MUST watch Love Actually! It is such a sweet movie and trust me, guys and girls both like it. I was surprised that I had done most of the Christmas things listed–with the exceptions of eating tamales on Christmas Eve, eating a Sriracha candy cane (thanks, but no thanks) and roasting chestnuts over an open fire.

  8. says

    Okay I’m glad to hear that I am not the only person who hasn’t seen Love Actually lol people look at me like I’m crazy when I say that I haven’t seen it lol

  9. Gillian says

    You MUST go watch Love Actually! One of my favorite Xmas movies along with Serendipity, Elf, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, and White Christmas. Been rewatching them all running on the treadmill since we do have a white Xmas here in western NY. Have a MERRY XMAS!!!

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