My Christmas Day 2013

Hello! I know it’s the day after Christmas aka ‘Boxing Day’ but I don’t have my boxing gloves with me on this trip so I thought I’d recap Jesus’ Birthday for ya…

boxing day

I’m in Florida with Ben’s family and they celebrate Christmas on the 24th. On Christmas morning everyone sleeps in, but that is not my style. Mi familia always celebrated Christmas morning by opening presents and eating tamales and the whole thing. So, I filled that empty void with a longish run.

beautiful beach running in florida (668x501)

I ran 12 miles and ended it at the beach. I am sad that I don’t get to spend Christmas with my family, but this is a special little present to myself instead.

beach in florida (668x501)

12 miles on the garmin 410 watch (376x501)

I sported my ProCompression Christmas socks to celebrate the holiday!

running in florida with pro compression socks (376x501)

My run was almost a disaster because on the way back the bridge to the beach was closed and there were cop cars blocking people from passing! At this point I needed water and wanted to get home for eggnog cereal* so I was about to freak out.

bridge is blocked and cop car (800x309)

Luckily, the officer was nice and let me cross the bridge!!! Merry Christmas to me!

Post-run food – by this time it was lunch but I wanted breakfast so I combined both with a scrambled egg salad. This is totally normal, right? No? Well, most of what I do isn’t normal, so I’m self accepting.

eggs on salad with coleslaw (376x501)

*eggnog cereal is cereal that you eat with eggnog instead of milk. If that wasn’t obvious to you, you don’t know me very well.

eggnog cereal

Question: What was your favorite part of Christmas this year?


  1. says

    I totally get having to deal with different (or just plain weird…) inlaw’s Christmas traditions. I need to wake up early and rip open all of the presents but my husband’s family doesn’t open presents until the afternoon. SO frustrating!

  2. april says

    scrambled egg salad looks completely normal (and delicious) to me.

    my favorite part was spending time with relatives from out of town =)

  3. says

    My fave, was just being with ALL of my family this Christmas – everyone is healthy and happy, I can’t as for much more than that! My 5K treat to myself in between FUNstivities, was really nice too!

  4. Laura says

    Looks like it was a beautiful run!! I totally would rather run 12 miles on the beach rather than sleep in. The best part about yesterday was simply spending time with family!

  5. Morgan says

    8 miles on the dreadmill and my new bibfolio. Plus my reflective arm and leg bands, and gift cards for running gear. Yup. It was good.

  6. says

    I can’t wait to get a run in tomorrow, all the gyms have been closed for the past three days for the holidays and I am not brave enough to run in the snow and ice! Florida is sounding pretty amazing to me right now!

  7. Annemarie/Carmier says

    Played a terrific game of Hedbanz and laughed until we cried. Then watched Doctor Who and cried more! I love crying on Christmas!

  8. says

    I have to tell you that I bought my first bottle of sriracha today! Apparently I’ve been reading your blog long enough that you’ve sufficient brain washed me 😉 into liking it too!

  9. says

    A 12-mile run on Christmas sounds delicious! I only managed a few miles before Christmas dinner, but my run, and then dinner was my favorite part of the holiday :)

    Oh, and I found my wedding dress today. So that would be my favorite part too!

  10. says

    the differences in family traditions can be soooo different. Where we went, they said they were picking up lunch meat for sandwiches, so I asked what we could bring and they said potato salad. So I show up with potato salad and they changed their mind and made lasagna. I am not complaining, I love their lasagna, I just felt like an ass, because potato salad doesn’t go with lasagna

  11. says

    My favorite part of Christmas this year was the weather. I’m in FL also, and I was loving the temp. We took a boat ride in the Gulf of Mexico after lunch with the whole family. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.
    What’s with Boxing?

  12. Sonia Campos says

    Seriously Monica? You are a very selfish brat. Ben’s family is your family too so suck it up and appreciate the time with them.

  13. says

    My favorite part of Xmas was my beach run as well! (We also do most of our celebrating on the 24th, but since I make the rules at my house (it was just me and hubs and the dog), I didn’t find this to be disappointing. My beach run was…3.5 miles. Oh, and my beach run was in Washington state, so it included running over frost covered sad!

  14. says

    Too funny, sometimes I forget it is only us Commonwealth countries with Boxing day – it was traditionally for boxing up all the Christmas decorations or something?

    Unfortunately down here in Sydney, Australia it was pouring with rain on Christmas morning so we didnt get out for a run but we did on Boxing day, had to take hubby’s new Garmin out for a test run!

  15. Charlotte says

    I really admire your ambition to continue on with your fitness routine throughout the holidays. It is so easy for many (well me) to put it on the back burner. I think when you continue with your regular routine, it is less likely to pack on holiday pounds, plus you can indulge a little too.

    Happy Holidays!

  16. says

    Sorry you didn’t get to spend Christmas with your family this year… but that Christmas morning run sure does look amazingly beautiful!! Great way to celebrate Jesus’ birthday!! :) Glad you had a Merry Christmas!!

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