RER Highlights for 2013


I know you know I was going to do this highlights posts. And I know you know your Bloglovin or reader service of choice is going to be flooded with them. I also know you know you don’t got the time for that. So, I’ll keep this short and sweet. The Best Running and Eating of 2013 Top 3 Runs: 1. OC Marathon because that’s where I got a surprise PR (3:36:25) and … [Read more...]

Marathon Discount and IDEA Discount

eggs and oatmeal breakfast

Hello! I know Saturdays are pretty low key in blog land but I have a couple marathon coupons and fitness conference discounts I wanted to share before I forgot. Last night was pretty chill, relaxing around a bonfire and champagne. Run. This morning I did a short run because my legs told me I needed a break. Long run tbd. I have a marathon Jan 5th that I need to make sure … [Read more...]