Marathon Discount and IDEA Discount

Hello! I know Saturdays are pretty low key in blog land but I have a couple marathon coupons and fitness conference discounts I wanted to share before I forgot.


Last night was pretty chill, relaxing around a bonfire and champagne.


Run. This morning I did a short run because my legs told me I needed a break. Long run tbd. I have a marathon Jan 5th that I need to make sure I’m ready to run, and there is a discount code below if you wanna jump in too!

florida bay view


eggs and oatmeal breakfast

Camarillo Marathon (Jan 5 Camarillo, CA) use code MOLIVAS141 for 20% off

IDEA World Fitness Blog Fest August 14-17 Anaheim, CA $100 off with Coupon Code: BLOGFEST100 (Rumor has it I will be on a panel at IDEA World!)

Enjoy your weekend!

Question: What are you doing this weekend?

I think I’m going on a hike Smile


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    oooh hike! I’m jonsin’ for a good hike! Maybe next weekend.
    I’m currently recovering from a little high school reunion get together at a local bar last night. Crazy 40 year olds pretending we’re still 17! We even went to the diner for french fries after the bar. LOL!
    I’ll eventually go for a 6ish mile run today.
    Thanks for sharing the discount codes. The blogfest looks like it could be fun. And I never need an excuse to want to visit Cali again =)

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    Hello! I absolutely love your blog, you are so inspiring! I just recently started a blog for eating healthy and being well in college! I would love it if you and others could check it out! It is

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    Just told hubby I’m going for a walk (my first at our new apartment) since it’s in the upper 40s today… next week the highest temp is supposed to be 28, so I’m taking advantage!! I’m also working but that doesn’t count 😉

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    I keep hearing all this stuff about the IDEA blogfest and I really want to go! BUT I’m getting married on the 23rd of August and I forsee myself stressing EVERYONE out by running off to Cali a week before my nuptials! Poop!

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    So nice of you to share coupons! I live on the East coast, so I can’t take advantage, but that’s okay! This weekend, my husband and I plan to go see the Hobbit and perhaps grab dinner with some friends Sunday night! Yippee!

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    I wish blog lands weren’t dead on Saturdays. It’s the only day I have to read all my blogs.
    I went for a 5 mile run did food shopping a ton of cooking now getting ready to go to a Florida Panther hockey game. Not a bad Saturday.

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