RER Highlights for 2013

I know you know I was going to do this highlights posts.

And I know you know your Bloglovin or reader service of choice is going to be flooded with them.

I also know you know you don’t got the time for that.

So, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

im going to say soething

The Best Running and Eating of 2013

Top 3 Runs:

1. OC Marathon because that’s where I got a surprise PR (3:36:25) and it’s also where I live so I gotta represent for the OC. what what.

oc marathon recap

2. Born to Run 50k. I have never run a trail race before BTR. I had never run more than 26.2 miles. Then, I ran 30 miles on a trail in May. Who.Am.I??

I am a girl who is very proud of that ish.

3. This one is hard to choose! My first reaction is Marine Corps because I on some level I felt really alone and yet full of love from all the support on that course. But, I think some of my favorite runs this year were the ones with friends. I was never a social runner, but a lot of that changed this year when I ran Central Park with Tina and around the OC with SR and a relay race too!

skinnyrunner and runeatrepeat 10 miles (800x800)

(What I learned from my goal to run 13 half marathons this year is coming next!!)

Top 3 Eats:

1. Max Brenner’s Chocolate Fondue in New York during the Sabra trip.

chocolate fondue max brenner

2. Beignets in New Orleans.

cafe du monde

3. Anytime I had ice cream.

national ice cream day

(RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

Honorable Mention: My favorite day of the year, Thanksgiving is always the best eating day but that’s a given.

Top 3 Posts I Want to REPEAT:

1. How to Lose 10 Pounds <- My April Fool’s Joke that got a crap ton of traffic because even though most of us don’t want to admit it, we want to know how others are losing weight.

This is the vlog where I actually talked about losing weight.

2. Best Half Marathon Training Plans post

3. How to Look Good in a Bikini without Working Out. (Clif’s Notes: Get a tan. Stand up straight.)

thank you

Running specific post coming next – stay tuned! Spoiler: I kinda failed.

Question: What are your top 3 favorite runs or eats this year?


  1. says

    Your April Fools joke cracked me up & still shows the people want the quick fix or want to know the secret to losing weight no matter how many times they try & it does not work.. :) NO quick fix or secret! :)

  2. says

    My favorite runs were the New Jersey marathon where I pr’d with a 4:48
    The Trenton half where I pr’d with a 2:07 (after running the NYC marathon 6 days prior)
    And my 4th day of the center of the nation series half marathons (5 half marathons in 5 days in 5 states) It was in Montana.
    Beautifully scenic. And I was having an emotional moment realizing I was so close to completing my goal. (65.5 miles in 5 days)

    Oh gosh. Favorite eats? Halibut fish tacos at a restaurant in pismo beach California when I was on vacation in July and my friends “slutty brownies”.

  3. says

    My favorite runs this year were: my 10k PR, my first run back after a femoral stress fracture, and my run with my husband the day I lost my job. That sounds like it would be awful, but that day all I needed was running and my husband – it was perfect!

  4. says

    Fave runs: Austin 10/20, Space Coast Marathon, and probably my 2 20 mile training runs with my husband. Fave eat: this is hard, but probably all the amazing seafood I had in Key Largo. Love the end of the year recaps, working on mine too. :)

  5. Kelli says

    I started reading your blog maybe a month ago.. Anddd I’m hooked and I’m not easy to hook! Anyway while I was grocery shopping I was looking for my weekly bottle of franks red hot sauce when I noticed the sriracha bottles. Long story short I bought the sriracha bottle and I can’t get enough! So thanks for passing your obsession for delicious chili sauce to me!

  6. says

    Your How to Lose 10 pounds post was awesome. I remember being so confused (I was super new to blogging) but now know, it was brilliant.

    Favorite run: went for an 8 mile after work run the day of the Boston marathon bombings. It was so cleansing to just get out and run after watching that horror.

    Favorite race: Women’s Running Series Scottsdale. Unexpected PR, and gorgeous race.

    Favorite Eats: Korean food from Giwa in Philly. It was one of my first “cool” restaurants when I moved to Philly. Its good that its a mile walk and they don’t deliver.

  7. Annemarie/Carmier says

    I have so many favorite runs but I’ll name Beach to Beacon in Maine. Fun fact: My pace for a 10k had been a 10-minute mile. At B2B, I happened to spy YOUR Monican braids ahead of me! I thought “ha! I’ll see how long I can keep pace with RER!”. The result was an 8:30 first mile for me (and then I had to slow back down to 9-10 minute miles, I gotta be me). But I PRd the race AND I was greeted by Joan Benoit at the finish! That was a really fun race! Subsequent 10Ks were PR after PR! It was you who inspired me to run just a little faster and that proved to be transformative! Thank you!

  8. Brooke says

    I had a lot of favorite runs this year! I have to say my very first marathon tops the list – Twin Cities Marathon. I’m also a fan of the San Diego Safari Park Half marathon because it was my husband’s first half marathon! I also enjoyed the Minneapolis Monster Dash Half back in October because I ran the whole thing with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile and we wore costumes. 2013 was a fun running year!

  9. says

    My top run for 2013 was my half marathon in December – it was my first half and I was so proud crossing that finish line!

    My top eat for 2013 was probably discovering the recipe for “Crunchers” on Pinterest. I now make that for every family gathering and eat them up!

  10. says

    My favorite running thing this year was that I actually did races (way more of them then I planned but not 10,000 like you :) )
    I also learned to be a lot less picky about food this year and found out that thai food and indian food are amazing and delicious.

  11. Kelly says

    1)My first Marathon/October

    2)Broad street 10 miler/ a week after Boston where runners were asked to wear red socks and about 90% did

    3) my first Half/ April Nashville it poured rain the whole 2 hours but it was great to run 13.1 with my daughter who got me into running in my 40’s

  12. says

    My favorite run is a race at the site of our proposal (St George Island), vacation run with a large group through the mountains of North Carolina, and any run I did with my fiance :)

  13. Bobbie says

    My favorite run pretty much each and every year is the Broad Street 10 miler in Philadelphia! I PRd this last year! This last year was also special b/c about 40,000 people ran in red socks as a tribute to Boston. It was quite a sight!

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