I Almost Got Eaten By An Alligator


Hello from Florida!! I’m still here on the other side of the world from CA and loving it. (Even though I lovelovelove California. 3 loves.) Since this is meant to be a chill vacation there isn’t much to do so I’ve been running a lot (and eating a lot). I decided to do my long run as 2 back to back runs because somehow that is easier for me. Yesterday: 16 miles Today: 15 … [Read more...]

A Year of Running Recap – Running 13 Half Marathons in 2013 and Failing, Kinda


My life in 2013 was dominated by running. I didn’t plan it like this, it just kinda happened on that way. ( I also didn’t plan to be on the Refuel poster, but that was extra cool!) My 2013 goal was to run 13 Half Marathons. I knew it is hard to find races in summer months so I went out guns blazin’ to get in a good number of races in the first half of the year. So, I … [Read more...]