Friday Favorites for Chinese New Year


Happy (Chinese) New Year! Since we went to China somewhat near the Chinese New Year a lot of places were gorgeously decorated with red and gold lanterns and other ornate art. It was amazing. I scored some red envelopes to share the love from this little shop. It’s the year of the horse. From the Guardian: The Chinese zodiac – or Shēngxiào – is a calendar system … [Read more...]

If Diets Don’t Work What the Heck Are We Supposed to Do?


Hello! I had an appointment in Newport Beach this morning and knew I’d have an hour to kill while waiting. Since today was a rest day I wore my walking shoes and figured I’d get a little exercise exploring. Well, I scored the exploration jackpot when I checked Gmaps and realized I was down the street from Balboa Island. It’s been years since I’ve been there so I was psyched! … [Read more...]

Dessert Every Day with Arctic Zero


Sponsored I am a girl who wakes up every morning thinking about food. I love it. I want to eat dessert every day and chocolate as a chaser. Some people love sports teams or One Direction or their dog… I love sweets. I  realize eating dessert every day isn’t the healthiest habit to have. But I also realize I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t have a treat! So, … [Read more...]

What I ATE and WORE (and RAN) Wednesday


In the blogworld there are certain themes that peeps like to stick to, for example… “Wordy Wednesday” or “Meat-lovers Monday” or “Slurpee Saturday”. Back in the day I used to do these all the time, but now I just jump in when I feel the urge. Like today. So here is What I Ate What I Wore What What in the butt Wednesday. I woke up thinking I wanted to run. So, I did. 10 miles … [Read more...]

How to Foam Roll Your IT Band Vlog


First – free shipping on RunEatRepeat gear right now! Check out my Spreadshirt shop. Get FREE shipping on 2+ items until Feb 4th. Coupon code: LOVELY14 Cannot be combined with other coupon codes. Two weeks ago I shared a few Strength Exercises for your IT Band. Today we’re foaming rolling it! There are a lot of different foam rollers out there in the world. The one … [Read more...]

The Easiest Nutella Cookie Recipe of Your Life


Hola! How’s it going? Run: I started my day with 10 miles. Just like I like it. Eat: Breakfast - Oatmeal Pancake.  (With a big side of eggs not pictured.) This is another ‘easiest recipe of your life’ option! It’s my two ingredient pancake! I couldn’t stand the look of my nails for one more second so I made a quick trip to the salon during lunch today. Then, I stopped … [Read more...]

Marathon Discounts and Desert Runners Movie with Sam Gash Interview


Hello! After missing all the races weekend before last I have started to plan my 2014 Race Calendar. I have a few new races to add and discounts to share! Palm Springs Half Marathon – Feb 9 <- I’m excited to do a mini getaway with my best friend!! Phoenix Marathon – March 1 Discount code: runeat10 for $10.00 of registration! IDEA World Fitness Blog Fest August 14-17 … [Read more...]

Skinny 7 Layer Dip for Super Football Time


This edition of Mexican Meatless Monday is a healthy version of the oldie 7 Layer Dip. Swap Greek yogurt for sour cream. Skip the cheese and opt for green onions (or olives, but despite my last name I’m not big on black olives and didn’t have green olives). There are 24 different options for the layers, you pick what you want. Green chilies or jalapenos – the world is your … [Read more...]

Eating Vegetarian in China or Rather Not


I read The China Study in 2009 (thanks to my time machine aka RunEatRepeat’s old posts, I can check things like that). “In The China Study, Dr. T. Colin Campbell details the connection between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The report also examines the source of nutritional confusion produced by powerful lobbies, government entities, and opportunistic … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up–Closet Clean Out


Hello! Happy Sunday!! How was your weekend? I did another run this morning because I’m digging the back to back and I’m too lazy to do a full 20 miler right now. I’m at peace with it (until I get my azz handed to me next weekend at the race). I heard orange is the new black, so I’m sportin’ this shirt today. Yesterday I hit up Sonic for Happy Hour and saw they have … [Read more...]

Scenes from Saturday


Before we get to Saturday, this was Friday. This morning I broke a rubberband while still half asleep getting ready to run. That woke me up real fast as it flew across the room. My hair is ridiculous. Pre-run fun. I paid for all that wine on my run today. I was not feeling it at all. Every mile I checked my watch like, “Are we there yet?!” Found this on super … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites for January 24


Happy Friday! I spent some quality time catching up with trash TV last night. I know it’s not good for you to love bad TV, but I do. There are worse things I could love It’s Friday. I’ve officially been home from vacation for a week and am finally caught up on life, liberty and the pursuit of my inbox. Whew. This morning I did a short run and some stretching. I’ve been … [Read more...]

Running Socks not Running Sucks


How’s your day going? It’s busy over here in RERland! January is a great time for healthy living / food / fitness / redheaded Mexican blogs because people want to get back on track and healthy! So, there are a lot of new projects and new readers!! If you are new to RER, welcome! And I formally apologize for the bad jokes, mediocre recipes and repeated use of my running … [Read more...]

Blueberry Pie Smoothie for National Pie Day


Happy Thursday! It is really foggy up in here this morning! Last night I took my shark fin hair to hang out with some friends and Jesus. We take turns bringing dinner. Next week is my turn – what should I bring? I started my day with a walk in my new PINK Mizunos (these are the Hitogamis). They are new to me so I just took them for a walk to get a feel for them before … [Read more...]

FitBit Force Review and Giveaway


Hello and Happy Wednesday! I’ve been sportin' a Fitbit since November. First, I tried the Fitbit Flex for a non-blog project. Then, the FitBit company sent me the Fitbit Force – their top of the line model. Fancy. I am a big fan of walking to lose weight so I LOVE activity counters like this. But, this is more than a pedometer – it also gives you updates on How Many … [Read more...]

Cauliflower Pizza Crust Strikes Again


Hello! Last night I made Cauliflower Pizza Crust but subbed nutritional yeast for the cheese. It came out more ‘eggy’ than I remembered but I love eggs so it was good to me! Note: Carrot sticks are to French Fries as Cauliflower Pizza is to REAL Pizza. For those of you who skipped SAT prep: it’s not going to fool you into believing it’s real pizzeria pizza. But, I like … [Read more...]