New Year’s Resolutions 2014

Tequila, Hilary Clinton and New Year’s Resolutions… some people love ‘em and some people hate ‘em.

new years resolution e card mixed drinks

I LOVE New Year’s resolutions!!!

monica and tapatio

and hot sauce.

I love setting a goal that will make me better, make me happy and give me some purpose for the year. I know most people don’t keep their resolutions, but I usually keep mine – or at least get really close.

Last year my #1 goal was to run 13 half marathons for 2013. I kinda failed, and kinda surpassed it at the same time.

RunEatRepeat 6 weeks of races

My other 2013 resolutions were:

Go to yoga or cross train 2x a week. Eh. I did cross training, but not yoga.

Stick to my new eating plan for 3 months. <- DONE! I had a little fact finding mission suggested by a holistic nutrition expert and I did some trial and error with my diet.

Be nice. Um. Yeah, about that…

Get organized. I’m 50/50 on this one.

Go to China. I bought tickets in 2013, but won’t be going until 2014.

Take better care of myself. Yeah, mostly.

Choose Happiness. Done! I had some highs and lows this year and really focused on my blessings when it got tough.

always eating

My 2014 resolutions:

1. Run 14 RACES – I need to redeem myself for last year’s miss of the 13 13s! I was tempted to try and do 14 halfs but, now that I know I sometimes dig the full mary I’m splitting it. I’m shooting for 7 half marathons and 7 full marathons. Plus a cherry on top = 30 miler for good luck.

2. PR in the marathon! Yes, I’m chasing it.

3. Lose the last 5 10 pounds. I finally figured out how to lose weight for my body and was doing great before the holidays, so the last 5 pounds turned to 10. It’s okay.

Even though I made a lot of progress in 2013, I didn’t get to my goal weight and I really want to get there this year.

i want to lose three pounds

4. Dress better. Let’s make this Messican, less of a mess in a dress Smile

stop dressing like a little girl

5. Figure out a five year plan.

6. Love. Love God, myself, my body, my family, my friends, strangers, lamp… learn to love everything and everyone more.

Last year my focus was on choosing happiness and I want to keep that and expand on it with learning to come from a place of love with my thoughts and actions. #PassItOn

love dunkin (311x553)

7. TBD. I had seven goals when I did this in my head and now I can’t remember the last one?! I’ll add it as soon as my brain works again.

Question: What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by your local Monican. All opinions, goals and measuring sticks are my own. Please don’t use my ruler to measure yourself. 


  1. says

    My resolution is to follow through with a running streak – run at least a mile every day with my running companion @TrackRunnerApp. I’ll blog about it, too, on our website. Wish me luck!

    Happy New Year!

  2. says

    Love… lamp 😉

    My number one goal is to worry less- I’ll always be a worrier, but I need to get it under control. I also want to continue to stay active (average of 30 mins of exercise/day) for the rest of my pregnancy and after. Drinking more water, vacuuming more often (I two hairy dogs) and not getting behind on my grading are also up there.

  3. april says

    my goals include going to yoga regularly, focusing on happiness, and traveling to a different continent. side note: you’re going to LOVE china! i visited beijing and shanghai at the end of november and had the best time. =)

    happy new year!

  4. leann says

    NO!! I will not do 14 races in 2014 just to be like you. No!! (Tiny voice: maybe.)

    Thank you for prompting me to really think about 2014 goals. Tuesday morning I was goal-less. Today I’ve got good, relevant goals for me.

    Here’s to the PRs!

  5. says

    I was killin it keeping my eating healthy throughout the holidays until this week. It’s been bad but I need to get on track and drop the final 8 as well. I’m also gonna steal your year olds and be nice/ choose happiness.

  6. says

    I love your “love” goal! I should add that to mine too. One of the biggest things for me is to not sweat the small stuff – which is most stuff and remember to breathe. After take a hiatus from running from being pregnant and raising an infant, I am making a comeback. It’s beyond time. How do you run so many miles and stay injury-free??

  7. says

    You’ve hit some really really good ones right on the head. I’m still trying to come up with my own list – and mine are a little more financial, but I really, really want to stick to them this year :)

  8. Charlotte says

    Great goals. Everyone (mostly) gains poundage over the holidays. We just have to soldier on and keep at it. You’re mostly in workout clothes, but it’s your active lifestyle. When you dress up, you clean up well!

  9. says

    My goal for 2013 was to run a race a month but I ended up doing 13 races, including my first and second half marathon. I’m trying to figure out what 2014 should look like…14 races would be fun but they get expensive if you’re paying for them yourself (which I am…). lol

  10. says

    I can tell you put a lot of thought in your new years resolution. My favorite of yours were “to run 14 races”. I love it!! it’s a measurable goal where you can just check off a race one at a time. Not only that, it’s great because you’re not focusing on the weight loss as much as running the actual race WHICH in return will help you lose the 5-10 pounds for your other resolution. I personally think that is the way to stick with a NYR. You must thread them with others that aren’t totally focused on the actual goal. So no matter what you’re doing, you are going after your goal one way or another. And of course, to top it off the highly respected “5 year plan” (something I need to do -___-). Anyway, great post!!
    If you want, you can check out my site.
    Good luck with everything and I hope you reach your goals!

  11. says

    I want to stop taking extra plastic cutlery (I’m a plastic cutlery hoarder at work for some reason) at the deli where I buy my lunch every day. Technically that makes me a thief and I’d like to make sure there’s no warrant out for my arrest this year 😉

    I also have a goal to shave 8 minutes off my marathon time.

  12. Emily says

    Have a happy divorce. You know, as much as that is possible. And continue to send love and happy thoughts to my soon to be ex. Shave my legs more often and lift some weights, because that stuff kind of matters now that I’m single.

    • Janelle says

      This made me LOL. My goals are fairly similar to yours, Emily. Except that my divorce won’t be happy so I’m just hoping for it to be fast. I really do like how you said that you want to send love and happy thoughts to your ex. I need to try to do that!

      • Emily says

        Maybe happy isn’t the best word. Peaceful? That would be good. Hopeful? Kind. I think kind is what I’m going for. Janelle, this has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m committed to doing it love.

        • Janelle says

          I completely understand what you mean! I think kind is good. I agree that this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done! Best of luck to you and keep your head up!

          • Emily says

            Ooops. I meant, I’m committed to doing it WITH love. I wasn’t calling you a pet name. Thanks Janelle. Best of luck to you too!

  13. says

    Hahhahaha in your 4th picture, that guy behind you chowing down on whatever that is – I can’t decided if it’s chicken or chocolate – and he is JUDGING so hard. hahhahha I can’t help but laugh!!

  14. says

    1. To find more running buddy’s. I was missing my old running club today as I ran my 5 miles solo and they had about 100 runners at the NYD run/brunch.
    2. To make it to the start of the Boston Marathon healthy.

  15. Lisa H. says

    I love reading your blog so much! You are so inspiring! I saw that one of your resolutions for this year is to get to your goal weight. I know that it once was 145. Is that still your goal? By the way, you look great just the way you are!

  16. says

    I love your goal of running 14 half’s or a combo in 2014. I actually want to do this too. I need to find 14 half’s. I have signed up for one already and I already have two others in mind. Hmmmm….I have found another goal for 2014. Thanks girl!

  17. says

    You have great goals.

    My goal is to run 400 miles this year. I know that seems like a lot but I plan on breaking it down by month and by week. I also would like to run another half marathon.
    My other goal that I had last year was read a book a month. I think it’s do-able again this year + 1 more. So 13 instead of 12.

  18. Sally says

    My first goal is to run my first half marathon at the end of February (2/22 to be exact)!
    My second goal is to work towards a full marathon by this Fall.
    ^^ that goal scares me a bit, but I’m putting it out there and going to work hard to get there!

  19. says

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  20. Kim says

    Happy new year! Im running my first half in may so my goal is to train properly for that (>2 runs a week)! Another goal is to sign up for one more race aftrr that! :)

  21. says

    I love all the excitement around New Years! Way to go on your goals! I had to comment because last year my focus was “Choose Happiness” as well. This year I am focused on more of a “Get Yourself Together” theme. I want to get-together more with family – this means spending an overnight once a month with a relative that is within driving distance but a little too far to spend quality time with in one day. This also means more date nights with friends. More time with family. Facebook is waaaaay to convenient and before I know it I’ve gone two months and haven’t seen most of my family in person.

    Yikes, now I’m just writing a blog post in your comments! ha!

    Anyway, “Get Yourself Together” is my theme – relationships, my house, my business. Get organized. That’s my goal for 2014!

  22. julie says

    as stupid as it might sound my goal is to love myself and treat myself the way that i love and treat my friends. i tend to put everyone first and not look out for myself. im going to try to do that this year. I also want to learn to just say thanks when someone gives me a compliment. I have a terrible habit of saying ‘thanks, but…’ and adding something negative. Like someone said ‘i love your nail polish’ and i said ‘thanks but it’s all chipped now’. Gonna work on it…..

  23. says

    haha I’ve never laughed at a disclaimer the way I just laughed at the one in this post. Thank you, that was needed :)

    I’m working on 6 races this year, doubling last years 3. 5 halfs (halves?!) and my first full!! eeeek!

  24. says

    Love your resolutions! I am with you on finally finding the best way to get to my perfect size and then the holidays slapped me in the face and yelled NOT THIS YEAR MY FRIEND NOT THIS YEAR. So for me this year my goal is to be healthy ALLLL year (ACL surgery in 2013), do my first marathon without dying (3/9), finally do the Northface Trail Half that my knee did not allow last year (june), and yea I think that is it. Oh and lots of love, love all around.

  25. Denzil Jennings says

    Just started following your blog a few weeks ago. Love the snarkiness, and the great, honest information. I’ve always wanted to be a dedicated runner, but only achieved it one year in my life. Managed to lose 24 lbs doing it too! Then I got out of the military, got stuck on a job working midnights, and I was going to school full time. Fell off the wagon and got ran over by it. Weight came back, running went to crap. That was 2007. 2014 is my comeback year. Took me long enough right? Anyway, this year I’m staying focused on running. I plan to run a 5k this year, run regularly, and eat healthier. I’m summoning my neediness to help me out, and using a Jawbone Up 24 to motivate me and give me more insight into myself. They sound like very simple, basic goals, but I guess that’s where you start when you’re trying to foster a better lifestyle. Baby steps.

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