Onion Fajitas for One (because you’ll smell so much after no one will be your friend)


Hello from my fam’s! I stopped by this afternoon because I had a doctor’s appointment in the area. It was just another one of my hypochondriac attacks. I think I’ll survive. (If I don’t someone take care of my cat…) But they made me bleed my own blood. Not cool. Lunch was the usual randomness: Plus a Quest Bar of course. I bought chicken fajitas on super sale today … [Read more...]

Thirsty Thursday–Drink Your Water


Hello and Happy Thursday! Last night I celebrated New Year’s Day with black-eye peas and salmon. I also made brown rice but ate it in a separate bowl because I’m a freaking adult and I can dirty as many plates as I want to thankyouverymuch. Then, Vegas and I cuddled the night away with hot tea and peppermint bark. I’m excited to get back to ‘normal’ aka … [Read more...]