Thirsty Thursday–Drink Your Water

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Last night I celebrated New Year’s Day with black-eye peas and salmon. I also made brown rice but ate it in a separate bowl because I’m a freaking adult and I can dirty as many plates as I want to thankyouverymuch.

salmon and black eyed peas for dinner (668x501)

Then, Vegas and I cuddled the night away with hot tea and peppermint bark.

cute cat sleeping (668x501)

I’m excited to get back to ‘normal’ aka non-holiday/vacation life. I like routine. I know most of you are back to school or work next week but if you want to get back to a balanced, healthy lifestyle may I suggest starting off with working on this simple, sipping check-in…


Today is Thirsty Thursday and I challenge you to drink enough water to stay hydrated and satisfied. I asked for another BIG water bottle for Christmas and my mom delivered! I plan on filling all three bottles up each morning and drinking them by the end of the day. This way I get nice, cold water all day! (It’s the little things.)

thirsty thursday drink enough water (668x501)

NOTE: This is more than most people need but I am a very salty sweater, eat a lot of salt and have this little hobby calling ‘yogging’ so I need to hydrate according to my needs.

yogging anchorman

You should drink half your body weight in ounces or until your pee is light yellow. If you’re not sure that your pee is the right color take a picture of it and tag me on Instagram or Facebook* so I can verify.

drink water

Run: REST day! This morning I did some strength work and a little plank action.

plank time (725x544)

Breakfast. The same as yesterday, told ya I like routine.

oatmeal and eggs with sriracha (668x501)

Blueberries gone before I could snap a pic.

blubes (376x501)

Speaking of drinks… Honest Tea sent me this special Holiday Brew before Christmas and I didn’t get the chance to drink it pre-vacation! How cool is that?!

monicas holiday brew from honest tea (376x501)

Question: What are you drinking today?

*Kidding. I shouldn’t have to specify this, but I guarantee someone would tag me with their pee pic today and I’d regret skipping this clarification.


  1. says

    this is hilarious! I actually just noticed my pee was a little too yellow before I even read this post and was about to chug water. I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if someone actually does tag you in a pee pic!

  2. says

    hahaha when I read the Insta-pee suggestion I totally believed it for a sec and thought sheesh this poor girls is probably getting tons of tags of pee on instagram! (and also, who would Instagram their pee?!)

    I’m definitely on board with drinking TONS of water. I always fill up my giant water bottle in the morning and have two alarms (one at 11am and one at 5pm) to refill. That way, if I haven’t finished the water when the alarm rings, I know I need to step it up and finish it to refill it! That 66 oz (the bottle is 22oz) plus a cup of tea in the morning and two at night is my daily water! :)

    Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

  3. says

    Haha glad you added in the extra note, I think you may have had a few pee pics to check out otherwise. Totally agree though that staying hydrated is a top priority when getting back on track. Not only does it keep me hydrated but it helps control my appetite so its a win win!

  4. says

    I’m dying with your suggestion of posting pics so you can verify pee color! You are awesome! That Honest Tea is pretty neat too! I hate having to pee every 30 minutes when I drink tons of water, oh well #firstworldprobs

  5. says

    My New Years Resolution is to drink more water! I am sooo bad for not drinking enough. I find I drink way more when it’s in a bottle, so I’m using my Contigo water bottles, also helps me with tracking amounts. I’ll send a pic of my urine pre/post and send it to ya;)

  6. says

    Monican, Maybe you know that I am a water geek. I always want the cleanest water which is difficult to find in most areas where people live. I found Pristine Hydro 4 years ago. They are located in Laguna Woods. It’s the best water around and close to you. I have had their counter top machine for the last 4 years. My water is clean and alkaline. I also recommend a shower filter. There are too many reason to list here but both are great investments in your health.

  7. says

    I, too, suffer from the must-pee-every-30-minutes syndrome, but water is so good! At the moment, though, I’m chilling some seltzer to mix with a little pomegranate juice because I love me some bubbles.

  8. says

    I go in spurts being good with my water – and I’m usually very “not good” with it in the winter when I’m slugging down coffee & tea all day – so thanks for this post to remind me to get on it!! BTW, way to go the extra mile for your readers with the offer of urine analysis!! :-)

  9. says

    I’m usually great about drinking my water, but it’s harder for me in the wintertime. And it isn’t even cold out right now (getting up to 70* in Northern Cali, what?). I’ve been drinking more Ultima hydrator, which helps me feel more hydrated and tastes better than water unflavored.

  10. betty says

    I try to aim for a gallon a day, before 5pm (so i’m not up all night!) then, when I go to the bathroom 38297 times at work I go to the downstairs bathroom to get my steps in on my new fitbit! win win!

  11. Shannon in Tustin says

    I am a water drinking fool; I have a 22 ounce cup at work that I probably fill at least 4x a day; sometimes 6. Its crazy! I have more trouble keeping that up on the weekends when I am not sedentary and busy with my kids. But I still manage to down at least 50-60 ounces then. I love flavored seltzer water (Trader Joe’s or Arrowhead) and thankfully that counts too!

    glug glug glug
    Happy New Year!

  12. says

    I kicked my diet coke habit (it was a bad one) several months ago. I drink water like there is no tomorrow now. Well, and coffee. I kind of love coffee. Yes, this combo does ensure that I pee a lot.

    I love your colorful rainbow of water bottles. :)

  13. says

    Ugh, I’m less good about it in the winter, but I usually get my 64 oz in. Today, not so much, but I’m working on it and the days not over yet. Tonight I’m going to a wedding, so probably some wine. :)

  14. says

    Funny, today I have especially good about my water intake. I’m catching (aka trying not to catch…) a cold right now so I’m hydrating like crazy! I’m at about 70 oz right now, so just about at half of my body weight. Woot!

  15. says

    I had water, coffee, lemonade and then some water with Mio in sweet tea flavor added in. I am TERRIBLE at drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water. I mean TERRIBLE!

    I think I’m going to set the alarm on my phone to go off everyday at 11am and 3pm to ask me how I’m doing? Or I’ll have to get Richard Simmons on my a$$! =)

  16. says

    I drink a lot too, a big glass of water when I wake up, 3 bottles of water at work, 24 oz each, and some more in the evening at home. Add to that 3 cups of coffee, they say it counts for daily liquid intake.

  17. says

    I am a big water drinker. I’ve struggle the last few days with it because of morning sickness and the stomach flu. That is not a fun combo! I feel human today and was actually able to get down all my water today. I’m still thirsty. I think I’m making up for lost time.

  18. says

    Today I actually drank a ton of water. I was trying to detox a bit since I’ve been eating too many goodies lately. I just ordered a new waterbottle too. If I keep a large cup or bottle of water on the counter, I’m more likely to drink that instead of teas or *gasp*! Soda! Diet pepsi is my weakness. I’m weaning off…slowly.

  19. says

    Water, water and more water. I get thru 3-3.5 liters before lunch – yeah, I’m a water person too. And a cup of java when I woke up.

  20. says

    I drank a crapload of water today! Every time I have to run indoors on a treadmill I sweat extra (and I already sweat a ton). I also had to have my daily iced coffee because Dunkin is truly a godsend. And a cup of green tea!

  21. says

    Simple and to the point! Water, water, water! People don’t realize that liquids can lower their urges with hunger and is of course great for your body! I just recently finished a new diet and if it were not for water I would have never been able to meet my goals. Great post! Keep up the great work!

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