Camarillo Marathon Results and Recap

Hello from the laundromat. After the marathon my washing machine completely broke and it’s a long story involving some broken down hoes hose.

laudromat (583x437)

Oh, did I mention I have a massive trip coming up and should be doing 100 other things?! Anyway. I am making it work. First world problems to the max.

This morning I ran the Camarillo Marathon in…. you guessed it Camarillo, CA.


It’s north of LA and a bit of a drive, but there is race morning packet pick-up so I didn’t have to go back and forth.


The artist formerly known as SkinnyRunner joined me for the occasion. I think she is going to unfriend me on the Facebook because I kinda pressured her into running this race and it was super windy (just like she warned me about a similar race).

skinnyrunner is a winner (376x501)

There are only two things you need to know about this race…



Both in all caps because I am YELLING it!

pre marathon picture camarillo runners (282x501)

camarillo marathon course flat and fast if not for wind (668x501)

camarillo marathon flat course (668x501)

This is the flattest course I have ever run. There are only two tiny overhead passes you run up and they are not steep or high at all. (It’s the same one twice for the full marathon.)

This was also most wind I have ever run against. It was comical how windy it was at times. At one point the windy almost knocked a water cup out of my hands. I felt like I was running in place at times.

running camarillo marathon (270x480)

But, I pushed through. Mostly because I had to… Reese had to be at an appointment at 11:30am so I couldn’t crawl to the finish. And Reese took the best race pictures of me so I kinda owe her…

rer skinnyrunner reese camarillo marathon (777x437)

Camarillo Marathon done in 3:50:35

camarillo marthon finish line (246x437)getting my marathon medal (246x437)

It was a very small race, so there wasn’t a lot of crowd support. But the water station volunteers were extra nice. And again, it was FLAT. That’s my favorite.

finish camarillo marathon (270x480) (270x480)

My favorite song of the race was a new addition to my playlist. I randomly remembered I wanted it last night. SR had never heard it before because she lives under an Alaskan rock.

Post-race SR and I hit up Subway because we like to eat fresh. We talked about how we’re super tight with Jared the Subway guy and we should all get lunch again soon.

subway eat fresh after a marathon

Then, I came home and ate half a jar of Nutella. (It was part of a Christmas present and amazing.)

nutella and sriracha (408x544)

Question: What did you have for lunch today?


  1. Loralyn says

    Wow that is an amazing time – congrats! I did my last half in just under 2 hrs and want to do a full but wouldn’t hope to finish in under 4. What is your PR for a half?

  2. says

    Yum! Still recovering from wisdom teeth being taken out so I had applesauce, 1/2 a banana Muscle Milk and crackers that I ate with my front teeth. Super cute.

  3. says

    Nothing beats a flat race, well except a flat, not windy race. That would be the ultimate.

    For lunch I had a bagel and biscoff spread because I am seriously addicted.

  4. Denise says

    Lunch was scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onion, red pepper, and spinach… topped with sriracha.

    Gavin DeGraw rocks!

  5. Christina says

    Wow I don’t like wind… But u made that look easy. Reading your blog I now put sriracha on my eggs and I love it. Even my 8 year old son thinks it’s good.
    Didn’t know subway has salads? Prob cause I also live under a rock.
    Hoping to do my first full this year! Flat sounds grand!

  6. says

    Great job battling those winds! It was tough just running the half so you are awesome for running the full in such a great time! Nice seeing you out in the course today.

  7. says

    I always admire those who runs marathons. Girl, you are fine and surprising! I hope, and I will be able sometime to make it 😉
    You ran against a wind?! Usually I can’t come for jog if a little more cold or more hot, than I prefer. I will repeat – the girl, you inspire! I hope, you will have a good day :)

  8. says

    I don’t do well on flat courses – something about repeatedly using the same muscles all the time. :(
    Well done RER, SR and Reese!
    Lunching now – whole wheat crackers with PB, some wasabi coated broad beans and cashew nuts on the side.

  9. says

    Running in wind is my least favorite but running on flat ground is my favorite so I guess it balances it out. Lunch was a big yogurt bowl with a big handful of Special K for an extra crunch:)

  10. says

    It’s pretty cold here in MN ….yesterday too so what did we do? Hunker down like polar bears in a cave ~ watched football ~ and chowed down on ice cream! Seriously have an issue here!

  11. Emily says

    Divorce diet for lunch! That means anxiety = no food. Not the healthiest way to lose weight, but it’s been highly effective!

  12. says

    How has she never heard that song before? That’s crazy! And my mind is blown that your friend Reese had to go to an appointment after the marathon. I feel like when I train for a marathon life stands still the days leading up and after the event. I would someday like to get to a level where I can run a marathon and it ain’t no thang, just another day of running.

  13. Traci says

    Thanks so much for mentioning your fav running songs and new ones you are into! I’ve added them all to my running playlist and the new music is so fun to run to. My music was getting so predictable and unmotivating and now it’s new and exciting again! Love your blog!!

  14. j.camarillo says

    when will the pictures be posted from the Camarillo 2014 Half FULL 5K , We had so much fun running the Camarillo run

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