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Happy Monday!

Did you get back to school or work today? Darn real world, cramping our vacation.

vacation dream

Okay. That’s not true for me –  I am going on vacation tonight!

I bought a Groupon to go to China months and months ago and it’s finally time! It was so long ago I kinda forgot about the trip so it’s weird that it’s suddenly happening. I think I mentioned it when I bought the tickets, but it’s been so long I don’t even remember where or why or how I decided to do it. Ha!

packing for china

Since I knew I’d be gone for a while I made sure not to go overboard with grocery shopping this week and just bought enough to last until today. So, lunch was the usual salad beast…

salad beast part 2

But, dinner might be a box of triscuits and some vodka. Hey, I’ve done it before and I’m still alive.

Phoenix Marathon Discount Code

I don’t have my whole race calendar planned out yet – but I have added one race to the list = Phoenix Marathon March 1st. I’m super excited about this race because I love running in Arizona but I’ve never run this race so it’ll be kinda new to me too!

phoenix marathon

The race organizers for the Phoenix Marathon are hooking you up with a coupon too! Use code: runeat10 for $10.00 of registration!

i need a vacation[5]

I am really going to try and post while I’m in China because I LOVE reading travel blog posts with pics of new places and interesting food! But, I’m not sure what the whole internet / social media situation is going to be like there. So, I have calendared posts ready for each day in case you’re super bored and want to hang out with me here Smile

Question: Should I dip the triscuits in PB if I only have vodka water  to wash it down?


  1. says

    My boyfriend was just in China in April…apparently the internet can be pretty reliable but they block a lot of websites. The government also has access to your search history! Wheee!

    As for tomorrow’s dinner? Just a spoonful of vodka helps the peanut butter go down. In the most delightful way.

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. says

    Ahh!! So exciting. A coworker bought a crazy discounted china trip last year and loved it. He leaves next Sunday for his second trip this time with his girlfriend. He highly recommends whatever site he used (I don’t remember it) but it was flight + hotel + some tours for like $1k.

  3. says

    When I was in China in 2012, some places like Starbucks (of course) had free wifi, but they require you to enter your phone number to access. Luckily we had bought SIM cards, otherwise we wouldn’t have access to email, Instagram and Facebook. 😉

  4. says

    Which city(ies) are you visiting? You should try the Great Wall Marathon in May! Have friends who have done it and enjoyed the event. Or if you’re in Shanghai, run along the Bund.

  5. Christina says

    Love living vicariously thru u…just don’t eat the donkey at Walmart. But please post lotsa food pics!

  6. says

    Are you going alone? I could never take that big of a trip alone!!! If so, kudos to you and if you are bringing Ben well, have even more fun! 😉

  7. says

    I’m so jealous! I’m always looking at the “getaway groupons” but never have the money to get one. Just a couple days ago I saw a cruise to Greece, how cool would that be!?! That’s where my dream marathon is. I’ll run 26.2 miles, then relax on a boat and drink cocktails for a week. Perfect recovery:-)

  8. Aly says

    Don’t think you’ll be running outside much in China.. the smog is GROSS. I was there this summer and only had one outdoor run. If you can get to the Great Wall it’s AMAZING… I cannot recommed Sonya as a guide enough on the wall or within Beijing (if that is where you will be…)
    HAVE A BLAST! China is fun :)

  9. says

    Hey I’m running the Phoenix Half! I did it last year and it’s a very flat, even slightly downhill race. I was impressed with the crowd support too. Have a great time in China, I’m going to Hong Kong in the fall, which I’m pretty pumped about. Also, I used a Groupon for my honeymoon and it worked out great!

  10. betty says

    i’d be interested to hear how well the whole groupon travel discount worked out for you. I always see great deals, but I’m always worried about them falling through or being too complicated (blackout dates, must travel this week.. ) that I end up not buying them. have funn!!!

  11. Kendra says

    I’m sure you already know this but they have a marathon ON the GREAT WALL! I lived in Taiwan for a while back in the day and I had a few friends that did it. Not sure when it is, but if it’s happening when you are there you should totally do it!! Have fun.

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