Hello from China and Running or Not


Late Monday night I headed to LAX for my flight to Beijing. The flight is 12.5 hours! It took off at 12:40am and landed around 5:30am. That is a good little transition because I tried to sleep a lot of the flight and then it was morning when I arrived. I probably slept for about 7 hours (tossing and turning the whole time). But that’s great for killing a good chunk of the … [Read more...]

Top 10 Websites for Runners


Quick Tip Tuesday! I figure you’re probably busy catching up on all the work you procrastinated yesterday (am I the only one that would used Monday to catch up with friends at school or work?!) so I’ll skip the small talk and share over 10 other running websites that you can use to ‘waste’ your time when RER annoys you with that darn running pose... 10 Best Websites for … [Read more...]