Top 10 Websites for Runners

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10 best websites for runners

I figure you’re probably busy catching up on all the work you procrastinated yesterday (am I the only one that would used Monday to catch up with friends at school or work?!) so I’ll skip the small talk and share over 10 other running websites that you can use to ‘waste’ your time when RER annoys you with that darn running pose…

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10 Best Websites for Runners

  1. and Running in the USA – most popular race finder sites.
  2. Competitor – Tons of articles about running, tips, training information and features on amazing runners. Women’s Running is also owned by Competitor.
  3. Runner’s World – Obvious choice and I still love it. They feature the elites, but write to the average runner at the same time.
  4. Hal Higdon and Jeff Galloway – two legendary runners offer the best training plans for everything from a 10k to a marathon. Check out both if you are looking for a training plan. Galloway uses the run/walk method.
  5. Half Marathons.Net – List of all the half marathons in the USA and some international.
  6. Marathon Guide – List of all marathons in the world with reviews, link to marathon site and more.
  7. Cool Running – I think Cool Running started the first Couch to 5k program. (There are multiple options now.) The site also is a mix of training plans, events and other running related articles.
  8. Running Quotes on Pinterest. Super motivational – just hit up Pinterest and search “Running quotes” or “Running Motivation” for a push out the door.
  9. Road Runner’s Club of America or Meet-Up – to find a running club near you.
  10. Your Favorite Running Blog – there are a lot of options and ideally it’s someone you can learn a thing or two from and/or is entertaining so you forget the pain of running and just hit the pavement in solidarity. If you want to be fancy you can read professional runner’s blogs like Kara Goucher (who updates her FB more so I’m sharing that), Ryan Hall, Meb’s Words and a BIG suggestion to check out –  The Fast Life by Lauren Fleshman via RW that is great AND  Remy’s World which is the funniest running blog around!

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(source: via Remy’s World)

Question: What is your favorite fitness or running site right now?


  1. says

    I have used training programs from Cool Running. I usually just google a specific topic. I like multiple running/exercise blogs, but only 3 are on my sidebar and yours is one of them. I used Galloway for my first 10K.

  2. says

    I used DailyMile for tracking and love it. I use coolrunnings for their pace calculator, runnerworld for training plans… and yea that is all! I do love the few running blogs I follow (yours included, obviouslyyyy)

  3. says

    I love all the sites you mentioned. We also have a local site called Currently they only have races in WA, OR and CA, but are expanding in 2014

  4. Cindy says

    Speaking of blogs…I’m unable to get on Skinny Runner’s blog lately. Anyone else having a problem or is it just me?

  5. says

    Strava rocks. It’s the perfect place to record workouts (download from Garmin or other compatible GPS device), and it’s away from FB/Twitter/etc. The only people who might see it are those who care about your workouts.

    It’s also a good competitive site–you can see where other people have gotten a QoM (Queen of the Mountain; cycling) or CR (Course Record; running), and then try to beat them. Or try to beat your previous times on various routes or roads.

  6. says

    One of my favorite running sites is Twitter! I know, that’s pretty vague. Hop on there and search #running or #runchat or #motivation and you can find lots of great photos, suggestions, motivation, links to articles and discover tons of new running blogs (I think I’ve started following 20+ new blogs since joining twitter!).
    PS. I like my own blog too, but I’m still new and finding my voice. I love the community I’ve started to foster, I’ve been missing out for far too long!

  7. Sarah G. says

    LOVE Running in the USA! That’s where I find 99% of my races.

    Just curious, but did I miss where this changed titles from “Just the Tip Tuesday”? I always got a chuckle out of that and thought it reflected your funny personality.

  8. says

    Great list! There are a couple of good ones I’d add:
    1) – Great online running community and a place to post and track your workouts. Can sync with Garmin, Nike+, and a couple of other apps.
    2) – Not as good of a “community” as DailyMile, but a good place to check out all of your stats from all of the races you have run, including your PR’s, rank, comparison to other members, etc.
    3) – Actually, I probably prefer his Youtube page to skip to the videos, but ALL of the content on his website is great. He is HIGHLY entertaining and has some of the best product, and race reviews anywhere.

  9. says

    I have definitely used all of these sites at one point or another. I am missing having Iceland needs to get on making something similar so its easier to find races. Or maybe they just don’t have many since its freezing outside! I love so many running blogs they are always great for inspiration, and I always check out runeatrepeat for a good laugh after a painful run!

  10. says

    I really like It lets you keep track of all of the chip timed races that you’ve run. It’s really fun to look at the stats and see your PRs.

  11. says

    I love Cool Running’s Pace Calculator…I can often remember race finish times but can’t remember my pace…I’m always typing in the numbers when race times come up in conversation!

  12. Honore MacCoy-Patty says is awesome and easier (for me anyway) than Love your blog, SkinnyChick, OnceUponaLime, OlivetoRun, and BornandRacedinChicago. And pretty much all you mentioned except the famous runners, I’m just running for myself and they are way to serious.
    Have fun on your trip!!!

  13. says

    You listed some great sites, including a few that I didn’t know about, but will check out‎. There are also a lot of great sites mentioned in the comments. I’d add by Matt Fitzgerald, and DC Rainmaker for endurance related tech reviews.

  14. James says

    I visited a lot of running websites and I need to find out more about Asia running scene as most of the time I will travel around in Asia. So one of my best choice will be

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