Butt Photo-Bombed In Shanghai

When we last spoke I was on a bus headed to Shanghai. We made it around 6pm. So, it wasn’t late but the sun was sleeping already.

chinatown in shanghai

Luckily, we weren’t sleepy so we headed to a market area our tour guide referred to as “Chinatown” to shop.

shopping in shanghai

We’ve become fast friends with our fellow travelers after spending all day with them on a bus or sitting together for every meal. Luckily, everyone is super awesome and interesting and nice!!

They have pretty nice butts too.

nice butt mr. traveler blog

(I have been photo-bombed and photo-butted so many times on this trip! I’m going to do an all butts post soon.)

The Chinese New Year is coming soon so everything is decorated for the celebration! There are so many red lanterns and lights around public areas and a ton of colorful decorations here.

food blog from china new year

Since it was freezing I warmed up with a hot boba milk tea.

boba milk tea on china food blog

boba milk tea in china food blog

boba milk tea on china food blog

And I did a little shopping. The one thing I wanted from China (besides eating Chinese food for breakfast, lunch and dinner) was my own set of chopsticks. I found a set I really love.

my own chopsticks food blog from china

I was getting hungry by this time and got a few treats from one of the candy stores. chinese candy shop food blog

roasted nuts in china food blog

This almond one was the best out of the bunch (and I got another one).

chinese pastry with almonds food blog

The green tea powder on this wasn’t sweet at all, it was almost bitter. I’ve found most of the desserts in China are very mildly sweet.

chinese pastry with almonds food blog

chinese pastry with almonds food blog


Dinner was on our own, not with the group. Ben and I headed to a small restaurant near the hotel.

SAM_0969 (800x600)

My egg obsession has been very happy here in China. I ordered ‘rolled egg’ and a vegetable stir-fry.

rolled egg in china food blog

**Check out RunEatRepeat on Instagram for a video of my veggies moving! It was so weird!! But, the waitress didn’t say anything about it at all, like it’s totally normal.

mixed vegetables in china food blog

We ended the night with a visit to the Shanghai waterfront. At night this place is GORGEOUS! It’s all lit up in different colors that reflect on the water. This picture just can’t do it justice.

shanghai waterfront at night travel blog

I knew Beijing would be hard to beat, but this made me fall in love with Shanghai. Amazing.

shanghair waterfront travel blog from china

Tomorrow is our last full day in China. It feels like I’ve been gone for weeks and weeks! I have loved every second, but I am a little ready to go home.

See ya in a bit!

Question: Do you have a set of chopsticks?


  1. says

    We have three sets of chopsticks at home, I honestly don’t recall how I ended up with them! But we keep them around for when Hubs eats ramen or we get pho.

    Amazing pictures!!

  2. april says

    as much as i loved beijing, i completely fell in love with shanghai! my tour group went to the acrobats show on our last night there and had a blast – i highly recommend going if you get the chance! =)

  3. says

    Yeah, our family has many many chopsticks (we’re Korean).
    I would totally love going around and tasting all the yummy eats in China (probably good that their desserts aren’t too sweet).

  4. says

    We do have a set of chopsticks. They were given to us as a gift many years ago and I don’t believe we’ve ever used them. My husband likes Chinese food more than me. I find it difficult to find a place that offers good gluten-free food as I’m usually stuck with boring steamed chicken and vegetables and no soy sauce.

    Those lights of the city are amazing! So colorful!

  5. Rosamund says

    It all looks so beautiful! I had the same experience with a meal in China which freaked me out as I am a veggie. My friend who spoke Chinese asked the waitress and she said it is the onion flakes that go on top of the dish. They react with the sauce and air and just start moving, craziness. I did however see the silkworms in the middle of a produce section of a grocery store. They were packaged and sealed but a few of them were moving around and pushing on the plastic wrap around them. That was just creepy.

  6. says

    Plenty of chopsticks at home since I’m Chinese but we don’t use them except during meals for festivities/celebrations. And if you do make a trip to Korea or Japan in the future, pick up some chopsticks too – they’re slightly different from the Chinese ones.
    Really do hope you can run along the Bund/waterway. :)

  7. says

    I have a pair of beautiful Chopsticks from when I lived in Japan as a child. (they actually look like the ones in your picture are Japanese Chopsticks – Chinese chopsticks aren’t usually “Pointy” but Japanese are). What an amazing trip you’ve had.

  8. says

    Speaking of photo bombs, I just realized that you are flipping us off in your newspaper header picture! Too funny! What’s up the photo-butts?!? Is it a China thing or maybe I just don’t take enough pictures. :)

  9. says

    I grew up in Hong Kong and Shanghai Since (finish middle school and high school there) and loved it. Shanghai is an amazing city :) your pictures bring back some great memories! And I know how you feel, running in China can be a bit challenging. We used to have track practice cancelled at least once a month for dangerously high pollution levels!

  10. says

    I love the Bund in Shaghai. It’s such a modern area and such a contrast from all of the historic areas of Beijing. I bought some great tea in Shanghai when I was there!

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