Skinny Pop Is Not So Skinny


Hello! How’s your day going? First, let me say "Thanks?!" for all the stories in kind on my last post. Is it weird that it made me feel better that so many of you have had 'problems' on the run? I had limited access to email in China so I would just use it to upload a post or update Instagram.  I didn’t look at email at all so there is a HUGE pile of that waiting for me. But, … [Read more...]

TMI Thursday


Alternative title: That time I almost pooped my pants on a run. I am back in California!!!! I had a blast of my lifetime in China, but it’s great to be home.   I got home late last night and my body was all confused with the time difference. So, I took some melatonin and knocked out around 11:30pm. Seven hours later I woke up with a bunch of mocos. I’m hoping my body is just … [Read more...]