TMI Thursday

Alternative title: That time I almost pooped my pants on a run.

I am back in California!!!! I had a blast of my lifetime in China, but it’s great to be home.

 dont pants your poop (450x800)

I got home late last night and my body was all confused with the time difference. So, I took some melatonin and knocked out around 11:30pm. Seven hours later I woke up with a bunch of mocos. I’m hoping my body is just trying to get rid of the recycled air from the plane and fighting off the germs!

dont poop on the couch

Mocos or not, I needed to run this morning. I set out for 8 miles feeling great. Then on the way back my stomach started to feel weird and out of no where I had to go to the bathroom ASAP. In seven years of running has never happened to me before!

lose weight farting

Luckily I barely made it home in time to avoid disaster, but that was scary. My body must be all confused from the time difference. Whew! Close call.

I find it ironic I didn’t even eat anything weird yesterday and that happened.

Speaking of eating weird stuff… today is National Hot and Spicy Food Day!!! Mmmmmm spicy.

sriracha on everything

After those exciting events I made breakfast – a protein shake with frozen cherries and oatmeal. Basically, the only food in my house besides a huge container of nutella.

protein shake for breakfast (600x800)

Remember how my washing machine broke the day before I left for China?

Well, now I have a whole suitcase full of dirty clothes and need to get a new one today.

cat on my suitcase (800x600)

Question: Ever had runner’s trots problems?

Any washing machine suggestions??


  1. Cara says

    Poop scares have happened to me waaayy too often. It’s awful! I always have this debate in my head: Do I run faster to make it home but risk letting it all out… OR walk, so it takes longer to get home, but have a better chance of keeping it in! haha TMI I know, but hey, that’s life!

  2. Andrea says

    I have had that happen before, actually for a little while it was like every time I got to 4 miles I had to go, like now. It was so weird/frustrating/nerve wracking!!!! I’m glad you made it home (and I’m sure your pants are too).

  3. says

    Well if it makes you feel better, the day I got back from China (Thanksgiving 2012, literally 4 hours after getting off the plane) I had explosive diarrhea for then next 3 days. At least you didn’t get that. TMI?

  4. Amanda says

    Ugh, I have that happen on virtually every run. It is always at 4 miles. I think because there is a bathroom at that spot that my body has gotten used to using. There was a while where it happened several times most runs. Stomach issues are no good.

  5. says

    Just got a new (for us) washer and dryer off craigslist. I went to Sears and learned a lot. Then realized I didn’t really want to spend over 1000 bucks. I like the older styles with dials instead of LED displays. And I’m not an HE-fan. Good luck!

      • Stephanie says

        Ha! Based on the bunny photo I thought mocos = farts.

        The very first half marathon I ran, I wasn’t very well trained, and it was a hot day. I was probably super dehydrated, and so things weren’t working well. In the finish area I thought I had to fart and well…oops. I had to get home real fast.

        HELLO TMI.

  6. Corrinne says

    I have had a few close calls (usually happens to me in the summer for some reason), I am sure my neighbors all wonder why I am speed waddling to my house and untying my pants as I sprint up the driveway. Also happened on a long run last year and I barely made it into the Hardees and had to sprint past a group of old men having their morning coffee who all looked at me like I was crazy.

    • Laurel says

      Glad I’m not the only one who has started undoing their pants on the way in the front door. Your comment cracked me up.

  7. Kara says

    Luckily no problems with runners trots for me! But my husband on the other hand…

    Good luck with the washer- I’ve got a repairman coming to my house today to fix ours!

  8. Shannon says

    Yes!!! I call it, and FE = Fecal EMERGENCY! I was running near where I used to go to college when I had an FE and remembered a building that had a bathroom near the entrance, thank goodness that outside door was open!!!

  9. Shannon says

    Yes!!! I call it, an FE = Fecal EMERGENCY! I was running near where I used to go to college when I had an FE and remembered a building that had a bathroom near the entrance, thank goodness that outside door was open!!!

  10. says

    i have dealt with that horrible running experience only once before. I’ll admit that it was my fault…. i ate chipotle 2 hours before going on a 11 mile run. the last 2 miles of that run were hell! on the bright side it makes normal running seem way easier

  11. Katie D. says

    I almost always had close calls when running! Doesn’t matter if I was doing 2 miles or 14 miles, the second I was at the furthest point from home – trouble! I’ve scaled back to a walk (while clutching my stomach), stopped at Gas Stations, McDonald’s, campgrounds and even construction site porta johns.

  12. april says

    ahhh that happened to me on a run once. luckily a park was on my route back home and i was able to use the (disgusting) restroom… although after visiting china, i guess the restroom wasn’t half bad. 😉

  13. Jackie says

    Depending on what time of day I ran, I used to get runners trots on about 1/2 of my runs. I’ve always had a plan–park bathrooms, churches, etc. I’m considered knocking on people’s doors, ducking into old folk homes. It got complicated when I started running with my dog ‘cuz I couldn’t exactly drag her through a gas station. Switched to eating Greek yogurt in the a.m. with chia seeds and its stopped. All mental, I am sure. But I don’t care!!

  14. Caroline says

    What is it about running that makes everything move faster?! I run in the mornings before work and normally have to sprint home the last 5 minutes and run up my apt stairs (3 floors!)….I may have also used a dark alley on one occasion, not proud of it but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  15. says

    Recently my stomach has been acting up periodically on runs. It’s crazy how it just creeps up on you. Normally starts as cramps for me, then you know it’s just a matter of (no) time!

  16. Megan says

    I’ve been running on and off for 17 years, and have only gotten the runners trots once. I was 1/4 mile into my run and realized I needed to go so I was going to keep running and get to my friends house 1/4 mile away and use her bathroom. Except she wasn’t home. So I had to walk, slowly, home. Then go back out..

    I did pee my pants during an 8th grade race once. I was mortified by I don’t think anyone else knew it happened. I was trying to beat the girl JUST in front of me. It was a mile race, she beat me (for 1st place) by 1/100th of a second! Closest mile distance race ever!

  17. says

    that’s happened to me once! but i bet it’s all the different food you’ve been eating in China. even though you were back to normal the day before, your insides usually have stuff in them from 2-3 days back sometimes :-/

  18. says

    I had a trots issue in Wyoming on a ranch in 90 degree heat running a half Mary after eating Hardee’s the day before. I actually had to stop running and walk and clench my cheeks for the last few miles. But I made it to the porta potty and then all hell broke loose. It wasn’t pretty.

    I suggest a washing machine that lets you soak clothes for a while before cycling through for running gear. Mine doesn’t so I manually stop it after basin fills and then I have to remember to go back and start it up again :)

  19. says

    I’ve been running for years, no problems. In November during a half marathon, mile 10 and headed for a PR, BAM! EFR (Emergency Fecal Release, that’s the term in my house). No Porta Potties for the last 3.1 miles. I did the only thing I could do, I ran into a park and found a grouping of trees. I did not PR, obviously. The good news is that it wasn’t an AFR, (thats an accidental fecal release). I don’t even want to tell you why we came up with that term. Point of Story: It happens to everyone at some point. :) Hope you had a great time in China, glad you’re back.

  20. says

    Ahh yes I’ve had a close call before. Luckily, I was like two miles from home and made it back safely with no accidents! I couldn’t imagine! Have fun getting a new washer! :) Welcome home!

  21. says

    Yes! That happened to me when I started running early in the morning. I would literally wake up, put my sneakers on, and was out the door. I think my body was just in shock from going 0-60 in two minutes!

  22. Steph F. says

    Glad you made it home in time! I’m prone to stomach issues, so yep, I’ve had several close calls. Once, after eating too much coconut cupcake batter the day before a long run, I had to complete 12 miles as four three-mile loops past my house, where I barely made it to the bathroom each time. I’m a little more careful these days with what I eat pre-long run these days :)

  23. says

    That actually happened to me on my first day of Running Club last spring. Luckily I found a porta-potty at a park. Being the inexperienced runner I am, I actually opted to train on my own instead, and haven’t been back.

  24. says

    I wouldn’t be too worried about your running trot situation…after I got home from China my body had no idea what to do. It’s been adjusting to eating all this Chinese food and after that long flight your body just goes crazy! If it keeps happening, of course be worried. You might also want to look into medications (deworming pills) that a lot of people take (including me!) after being in places like China…juuuust in case.

  25. says

    Story of my life! I have major GI issues and I ran a marathon this weekend and every 2 miles I had to stop and use the restroom, gross and not fun, especially during a race!
    I would check out Craigs List for a washing machine, I found mine that way and it was super cheap!

  26. Eugenia Byrne says

    So sorry that happened to you! At least you weren’t racing…

    As a side note, I think I would have gone with the Nutella for breakfast, especially after that “emotional” event.

  27. Emily says

    Yes, that has happened to me. The first time during a race, and I had to stop several times. I am still not convinced there was not even a small amount of leakage. 😉 The second time was really sudden, and I had no choice but to handle business in the woods. Thankfully I was running on a wooded trail, and that was an option. It doesn’t happen to me much, but when it does, there is not much you can do.

  28. Rob Runs says

    I have really bad pre- and post-run tummy. Luckily it’s never bothered me during a run but almost as soon as I finish I need to book it to the nearest bathroom. After my last marathon I was in the bathroom the ENTIRE DAY. I wish that was an exaggeration. I had to pass up on dinner at a place with 103 beers on tap, which was almost as important to me as the race.

  29. says

    Totally has happened to me too! Thankfully I was close to the climbing gym I was a member of and ran straight back to the bathrooms. The guys at the front desk gave me a weird look as I ran past. I planned my long runs to make sure I pass plenty of places to stop…parks, grocery stores, and coffee shops!

  30. says

    I’ve had times when I’ve been running that I thought I might have one of those moments, but thankfully they’ve all seemed to pass and I’ve made it home with no problems. I just bought a Whirlpool washer. it’s pretty basic, 3.6 cubic feet. It’s not a bad washer for the price.

  31. Rebecca says

    Yes. This has happened to me before and it was awful. I was about 2 miles from home and had to go RIGHTNOW.

    I found some bushes and just…yeah. It was mortifying. I am so grateful no other people passed by me…you couldn’t see me from the road, but that path is pret-ty po(o)pular.

    I told my best friend, so naturally she made fun of me and we made a joke about it. That saying “does a bear shit in the woods?” has been changed to “does Rebecca shit in the woods?”



  32. says

    Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with IBS feels for you on this subject. When I lived in California the worse the smog was the worse my IBS was. Now that I love in Oregon with very little smog I very rarely have “flare ups”. I still always make sure to know where all the bathrooms on my running routes are though, just to be on the safe side…lol


  33. says

    I had that happen on a marathon training run – in the middle of nowhere 8 miles from home and had to go in the bushes…not pleasant and even tho I had not seen another person for 30 minutes as soon as I whipped down my pants, whaddya know but a car, cyclist, horse rider AND another runner turn up!

  34. Kristina says

    your story made me laugh. All I can say is at least you made it home. One time at band camp I didn’t!! 😐 Disaster !!!

  35. Nathalie says

    YES, all the time! It’s so frustrating. Guaranteed trots after mile 7…that’s why I now run on the treadmill at the gym for my longer runs. Every time I run a half marathon…I just keep running to the nearest crapper otherwise I am doomed.
    I’m actually scared to run the LA marathon (my first one) since I know I’m gonna have some issues. Not sure what I’m going to do…beside crap 😉

  36. says

    I am so comfortable going to the bathroom outdoors in any environment… There has been more than one run in the city where it’s been now or never and I’ve found a way…using “leave no trace” principles, of course. 😉 TMI from me? I’m a total outdoors woman in that way!

  37. Leah R. says

    This seriously has never happened to you before? I swear it happens to me at least once a week. Consider yourself lucky.

  38. says

    Yes I have the poop scares!! I noticed that it’s worse when I do relay races (day races and over night races). I have problems every now and then with it too. I found that going #2 before I run helps a LOT!

  39. says

    Yes, I have had an issue before. I wasn’t even running, I was walking! Thankfully we were in a wooded area and I was able to go off the trail to “take care of it.” If we had been in a busy area, I would have gone into the nearest restaurant or whatever (which I’ve also had to do before). It’s only happened to me twice, though. Glad you made it home safely!

  40. says

    Have you ever read “Running like a girl” by Alexandra Heminsley? She talks about that in her book and its so funny! Great book if you get the chance… I am terrible at finishing books and I am almost done with this one and I started reading it on Christmas!

    Anyway…. I haven’t had it happen to me yet, but that IS one of my fears… especially after to few many beers the night before!

  41. Jen says

    This actually happened to me while I was living in a very rural area of Taiwan…I was doing a long run and EMERGENCY struck. Luckily I ran past a cluster of homes and was able to ask to use the bathroom (in Mandarin–I’m sure you picke dup that phrase in your travels, ha). It was embarassing, but I think it would’ve been more embarassing had I not asked!

  42. says

    Bahaha! I have totally had this happen before… worst feeling ever! Most recently, this summer: I vividly remember this long run; I was just having an awesome run…I had 4 miles to go to get back to my house and I was gunning for a PR on this loop…and then my stomach dropped… and twisted and grumbled…and the clenching started… I remember getting to my driveway and being terrified that I wasn’t going to make it…and unsure if I should walk or run… I did make it…Thank God!!!!

  43. Stephanie says

    I think my intestines and I have reached a peaceful accord. Now, no matter how far I run, and how long I lollygag in the parking lot afterwards, I can usually wait until about 5 minutes after I get home.

    So pretty much once I get home, ALL BETS ARE OFF AND MY HUSBAND BETTER GET OUT OF MY WAY.

  44. Adrianna says

    this post was on point! it has happened to me a lot, and usually I make it to a gas station or park hut or mcdonalds, but once I didn’t make it at all…totally shit my pants. had to finish in someone’s yard (I was stuck in a residential area) and finish. then I took off my long sleeved tshirt, tied it around my waist, and sprinted home so no one saw my ass. thank God it was so early in the morning…

  45. Kathy says

    I have definitely had a feeling of “urgency” before…once in the last 500 metres of a half marathon. Just kept thinking “not in front of all these people” and powered’s horrible. I’m sure you’ve probably seen this but it’s hilarious..”don’t pants your poop!”

  46. lauren says

    this happens to me all the time. I blame it on poor digestion/diet full of fiber! I make sure to drink coffee + walk my dog BEFORE i run to get it all out!!! (TMI) If i DO eat before I run, I have to wait AT LEAST 2 hours and it has to be something super starchy like bananas or an energy bar. I used to be able to run in the afternoon, but I think as I’ve improved my pace and intensity, my body can’t multitask digestion and running?

    I have ducked into the trees more than once (I live in a very rural/residential area) — but now that the leaves have fallen for the winter it’s a little trickier!!!!

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