FitBit Force Review and Giveaway

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

I’ve been sportin’ a Fitbit since November. First, I tried the Fitbit Flex for a non-blog project. Then, the FitBit company sent me the Fitbit Force – their top of the line model. Fancy.

fitbit force review weight loss wednesday blog (409x545)

I am a big fan of walking to lose weight so I LOVE activity counters like this. But, this is more than a pedometer – it also gives you updates on

  • How Many Steps You’ve Taken
  • How Many Calories You’ve Torched
  • Distance (in miles!)
  • Stairs

And it can work as a silent alarm!!

I’ve worn it on some runs, but I prefer to put it on after a morning run to see what activity I get during the day.

fit bit and garmin review (409x545)

I wore both for a run with SkinnyRunner last month and this is how I usually wear it – one on each wrist. The above picture was just easer to take.

wearing both fitbit and garmin review (376x502)

The Garmin is more accurate, but it’s not really something you can wear all day to track activity. Plus, the Fitbit dashboard is automatically uploaded to your phone and computer via bluetooth so it’s super super easy to use.


Here is my review of the Fitbit Force:

Want to win a Fitbit Force? Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Fitbit sent me this to review and provided one to giveaway. All opinions are my own.


  1. says

    I have used the Force since Nov and I love it. I leave it on all the time but don’t use the tracking as I prefer my Garmin 910XT for that. I have logged over 16 million steps over the last few years with Fitbit products. My daily goal is 12,000 steps and 10 floors every day.

  2. says

    When I used to wear a pedometer I would shot for 10,000 which is hard some days! But when I get a run in, that’s no problem. I loved the sleekness of this bracelet.

    • Cate says

      I just found the new Polar Loop (similar to a Fitbit) at Marshall’s for $79.99. I don’t know how much it retails for, but I assume around $95-100. Just thought I’d share in case anyone is in the market. They also had a few different heart rate monitors.

  3. Kelly.kilian says

    Since I sit at work all day it would be nice to see on averag how many steps I take.

    My goal would be between 8,000 and 10,000

  4. Ashley C says

    I really don’t know how many I take, not as many as I should! I’d like to be in the 800-900 range!


  5. Mariah says

    Is it sad that I don’t count? I like to run, so I’m sure I get plenty of steps in that way, but I don’t count the rest of the day because I work a desk job. I should start though!

  6. Michelle says

    I have never really tracked my steps but I am guessing around 7,000, Would love to win to know exactly how many and build up to 12,000 :)

  7. Cheryl says

    I work as a children’s librarian so it’s tempting to be sitting all the time when I’m in the office. I make a point of standing at the public desk so I’m constantly walking around. I try and walk as much as I can–having a device like this would help me push harder to walk more.

  8. JessG says

    I aim for 8,000 to 10,000 but really just try to find ways to move more in general throughout the day. I am really looking for something to keep me motivated to move through the rest of my pregnancy and of course after!

  9. says

    I don’t have a fitbit so I don’t know a current count but I try to move as much as my baby legs will take me! I have a desk job and commute 4 hours a day so I sit A LOT. I have to counter that with some movement!

  10. Claire says

    I never watch how many steps I take, so I would be super interested to know how many I do! I’m a college student, so I wonder how many steps I take walking everywhere haha:)

  11. says

    Well I don’t have a way of counting them but I try to stay as active as I can at my office job all day. Would love to have the fitbit and aim for 15-20,000 a day.

  12. tiffany says

    ah i’d loveeee one! i work out and run, but for the rest of the day i guess i’m kinda stagnant. it would be interesting to know!

  13. Elizabeth says

    I just try to get up at least once an hour (I should probably try for more) from my desk but it’s so hard! I have to walk to public transportation every day so I bet that helps me. I’ve been looking for a pedometer so maybe this is the one for me!

  14. Courtney says

    I have been looking at fitbits for awhile now cause I do want to know how many steps I take. I walk to work, run, and walk dogs so I would guess at least 10,000??

  15. Andrea P says

    I have been wanting a Fitbit for awhile now, so this would be awesome! I try to move as much as possible and honestly have never counted steps I take during the day. I always park far away from store entrances, take the stairs, and do whatever I can to walk more. Would love this!

  16. Nicole says

    Since I’m working full time/studying for my CPA the rest of my spare time I try to shoot for 7,000 steps (days I don’t run makes this hard to hit!)

  17. says

    I love, love, love my Fitbit Flex. I bought it as a little Merry Christmas to me gift. A big plus for me is that I can use it inside on the treadmill, especially since running in -23 temps just isn’t my thing. I’m also a wee bit competitive and really enjoy it when I hit my goal before my boyfriend reaches his goal…I’ve even been known to hop back on the treadmill after a run if I see that a few more hundred ste

  18. Megan says

    I don’t have a specific number of steps to aim for because I don’t have a way to track it but I’ve been thinking about getting a Fitbit for that reason since I’ve been seeing them all over lately! I just try to add as much activity into my workday as I can and not sit too long at each time

  19. Hayley says

    I aim for 70,000 steps a week. I like this way better since on average it is 10K a day but then when I have a low day it is nice to be able to make it up over the next few days.

  20. says

    I don’t track my steps, but I am curious to see what my activity is through the rest of the day. Some days I do the stairs more than 20 times and other days we play on the floor and move very little. It would be a great tool to have.

  21. says

    I’m a teacher, so I walk a lot in the school, and am honestly not sure how many steps I log – I had one ill-fated attempt at a pedometer app (killed my phone) that told me I got 2 miles in before lunch – and I barely left my classroom.

  22. says

    i have no idea…i need one of these so i can calculate my steps, lol! i just signed up for my first marathon and would love to have one :) thanks for the giveaway!

  23. says

    I shoot for 10,000, but it’s difficult with a desk job. I’ve been know to march in place by the bedside at night if I’m way too far behind!

  24. Maddie says

    I honestly don’t know how many steps I take on an average day, so not sure how to set a goal. Hope to find out if I win the FitBit!! :)

  25. Rebecca says

    I try to get 10k steps everyday and my poor fitbit ultra (that has been through the washing machine twice) needs a replacement!

  26. Lindsey B says

    I don’t count my steps – I try to get a workout in and to walk to all of my meetings if possible, but I have to drive on my commute. I’d love to count and the force would make it possible!

  27. heather says

    I have thr fitbit one and I love it but have been looking for this one. I aim for 15-200008 steps on average per day.

  28. Erika says

    Not much these days as I am glued to a desk studying for my physical therapy licensing exam– but I get in a TON on running days!

  29. Taylor says

    I aim for at least 6,000.
    When I run I get over 10,000, but I do a lot of strength usually which doesn’t amount to a lot of steps. Commuting to school doesn’t make it easy either :(

  30. says

    Lately I have been really thinking about getting a fitbit. I am a runner and use my garmin for runs but I would love something to track my daily steps and the sleep component is super cool. I have also heard that you can connect it with myfitnesspal which would be awesome for me because I use that to count my calories.

    Great giveaway!

  31. Caroline Porter says

    I don’t have a clue as to how many steps to aim for per day… Am I the only one who’s never tried to keep track?! Guess I really DO need one of these things!

  32. Stefanie E. says

    I aim for general mileage since I’m at a desk most days, but this would def help me track total steps in the day. I have been dying to try!

  33. Jacqui says

    I have no idea how many steps I take a day and that’s one of the many reasons I’ve been looking into a FitBit. Right now my goal is to lose 5lbs and I’ll reward myself withone, but if i could win one then the 5lbs would be easier to lose!

  34. says

    you know if I guessed how many i acutally do per day (outside of my workout) I’d say well under the 10000 recommended, but i think a 10,000 is a great goal. I’ve never tracked my steps so I couldn’t guess how close to reality I am

  35. amanda says

    I had the fitbit that clipped on your pants and I washed it :( I miss it dearly and I always aimed for 15000 steps each day and at least 10 floors.

  36. Grace says

    I have no idea but run around after 26 pre schoolers so I imagine a fair few! I’m training to do a sixty mile walk to lose weight and raise money for a dog charity in my home town so would take all recommendations on pedometers/ walking kit :-)

  37. says

    I have never tracked my steps, so I think it would be really interesting to see how much I walk during the day. I am moving around quite a bit at work, but I would like to be able monitor my activity each day!

  38. Charline says

    I have no idea how many I already take, so just aim to move every day… whatever I have time for. I think this would be a great incentive to move more…

  39. Lindsay says

    10,000 steps is the number I have heard most as the magic daily number so that is my goal. It’s hard to reach in the winter but I try!

  40. Kate says

    Great review! I’ve been debating if I should get one of these and which one makes the most sense for me. This one sounds awesome!

  41. Susanna says

    I am not sure how many steps I would want to hit… What’s the norm? I am excited it would help me want to get up and move more at work!

  42. Amy says

    I’ve never kept track, but I hope I’m above 10,000 (I’m a nurse, so I’m on my feet a lot!) I have been debating whether or not to buy a FitBit, so I would love to win this!

  43. chicomegz says

    I’d like to believe I take 10,000 step a day, but I am probably not. I have been looking at all the reviews trying to find the best fitness tracker, Fitbit is pretty high on my list :)

  44. sarah pavis says

    I dont know how many to aim for since I dont have anything to track it. I have actually been looking into getting onebof these!!

  45. Maura says

    12,500 steps is my goal! I have a pretty sedentary job, so I always try to make up an excuse to get up and move around the office, walk outside, etc.

  46. says

    Ideally 10-12k. But at least 7k since I have to wear a pedometer for work and 7k gets me 60 points vs 20 points a day on days I can’t get at least 30-45 minutes of running in.

  47. Becca says

    I actually have no idea how many steps I aim for each day. I work from home but feel like I am up and moving quite a bit. I would love to have. FitBit to track my steps!!!

  48. Rachel A. says

    I don’t currently track my steps but I’d like to think that I hit 10k often between running and teaching kindergarten.

  49. says

    When I used to wear a pedometer to work I found that I get only a little more than 1,000 steps by 5 pm via my job. I’m not sure how many steps I get now (with exercise, etc…) but I would LOVE to get 10,000

  50. Natalie says

    On a uni day this must be ~10000, a lab day waaay more with all the running around trying to find everything!! But I don’t have a tracker so I’ve got no way of knowing- not very scientific!! :(

  51. Tori says

    I don’t keep track of steps, but try to walk 3 miles on top of whatever I get running around taking care of my house/chores/kiddo.

  52. TiffanyLynn says

    Awesome giveaway!! It would definitely be interesting to see how far I travel just with day to day activities!

  53. Melissa Lau says

    I don’t keep track or have a goal. I work at a job where I am at a desk for the majority of the day so this would be perfect for me to get an estimate!

  54. Amy says

    I’m not really sure how many steps I should aim for, maybe 10,000? This would be such a great fitness gadget to win!

  55. Sheena says

    I’d love to have a FitBit! I’m a server at a restaurant, so there’s tons of walking back and forth .. I’d aim for 900-11,000 steps!

  56. Janice says

    10,000 steps a day. I’m starting a new job on Monday and it’s more sedentary than I’m used to. So I have some personal goals to keep me going.

  57. jen says

    I try for 10,000 steps. I only use the pedometer app on my phone but I’m always walking around without it so it’s not accurate.

  58. Casey says

    My sister and my mom both have a fitbit and I need to get on board because they look like they have so much fun tracking and comparing their steps! I try to get between 15-20,000 (but that’s also with running!)

  59. Steph F. says

    I don’t currently track my daily steps (other than miles run via my Garmin!) but would love to start using a FitBit. I work outside at my girls’ school as a recess supervisor and always wonder how much exercise I really get on the job!

  60. Caitlin F. says

    I run a lot, but I also have a desk job. I know I’m sitting a lot more than I should be. I have no idea how many steps I take. This fitbit would be awesome.

  61. Deniz says

    I try to reach over 10,000 a day. Some days are more of a challenge than others especially since my IT band has been acting up :(

  62. Melanie says

    Monica your China pix were amazing and I love reading your blog everyday. I hope the blog hasn’t taken a toll on your personal life with Ben. I noticed no ring on your finger :(

  63. Meg says

    As many as I can- I work a desk job and set a reminder every hour to get up and move a little. It helps break up my work day.

  64. callie b. says

    what a fabulous giveaway! i have heard such great things about the fitbit and this would be so nice to have! i am expecting my first this spring, so this would be my best friend! right now i have a desk job, so i don’t get in as many steps as i would like…but aiming for 10,000!

  65. Cat B says

    I aim for 10,000 steps but I do wear a fitbit zip all day to see total activity (including workouts) and get an estimation of calories burned. I sync it to MyFitnessPal.

  66. Lea says

    Super cute YouTube review; you’re adorable! Don’t really have a number but always on the move. Would be interesting to see exactly how many.

  67. Sara Denman says

    The goal is 10,000 but I always try to get more. The most I’ve gotten since December is 20,000 in one day.

  68. Kerri A says

    I had a Fitbit Flex (until my husband ran it thru the washing machine. Ya.)
    and it does sorta tell you where you’re at during the day. If you tap it there are lights that light up. Each light is 20% of your goal and there are 5 lights. SO, if your goal is 10,000 steps and you tap it and 3 lights flash then you know you’re somewhere around 60% of your goal. It’s not a super accurate indication, but it gives you a ball park.
    I’d sure love to have the Force!! :)
    (and it would get my hubby out of the doghouse! win-win!!)

  69. Amy says

    I know I should aim for 10,000, but I work in a lab and its hard when I’m sitting for hours on end. I usually have to workout to meet it.

  70. says

    I just got a Fitbit Flex last week! I’m obsessed. I’ve found that it’s really motivating to be more active. I’ll go out for a walk, or go on a longer run if I haven’t met my daily goal. Now my boyfriend wants one to so we can compete! :)

  71. Beth says

    I don’t have any sort of pedometer so I don’t really know. I have a garmin for my runs, but nothing for the rest of the day. I would LOVE one of these. Thanks you!!

  72. Bo says

    I have secretly been eyeing these since Christmas. My activity level is all over the place from day to day, I would love see the data!

  73. Elena says

    I tried a pedometer app once, but got kind of wacky results. I’m a teacher and feel like I walk quite a bit, but really have no idea. I think that the Fitbit could definitely be a motivating tool for me since I love data! :)

  74. Erika says

    I don’t have a pedometer so I don’t know how many steps I take a day, I do however try to stay active 4 times a week.

  75. says

    I’ve been interested in trying the fitbit for a while. I mostly play outside so there aren’t machines spitting constant results at me which is both nice and leaves a bit curious. I can only imagine how competitive I will get with myself once I get a fitbit!

  76. abby says

    I dont count steps actually…but w her I used to work one of the nurses wore a pedometer and found out we would walk/run up and down the halls for about 4 miles a day!!! It was exhausting 😉

  77. Katie Contests says

    I have no idea! I don’t even know what’s a good amount of steps. Whatever is average, that’s what I aim for XD

  78. Rachel says

    I haven’t tracked for a long time but it would be great to do so. I work at 2 hospitals and am on my feet the majority of the day.

  79. Lora says

    I aim for 10,000 just cause that is the number I always hear you should strive for…..I am 37 weeks pregnant and I am hoping to increase that number after the baby is born to counteract all the time I know I am going to be sitting on my butt nursing those first couple weeks.

  80. says

    I am for the 10,000 but I really have no way to track it! I’ve been trying to bring my fitness back and would LOVE LOVE this! Fingers crossed!

    PS – Your voice sounds so different than I imagined! Loved the video!

  81. Liz says

    Great giveaway! I started an office job about 6 months ago, so this would be perfect to get me to stay active during the day!

  82. Laura says

    I don’t have a current goal bc I run everyday, but I would LOVE to win this!! I’m excited just thinking about it :) I think 10,000 would be a good goal.

  83. says

    Hmmm I don’t know! I have no idea how many steps an active person usually takes in a day. I guess this is why I need a Fitbit! A lot of people seem to be saying 10,000 so I’ll go with that :)

  84. says

    I aim for 10,000 but tend to only hit around 8,000 but it’s still an improvement from where I was hitting a year ago :) I actually already own a previous version of the fitbit and want to win this one for my husband!

  85. Nicki says

    To be honest, I have no idea. That’s why I need a Fitbit! I walk my dog several times, so that definitely helps.

  86. Michelle B says

    I aim for 5,000 walking steps each day since I also cycle to and from work and run. I figure with all of that extra activity, I should have the equivalent of the recommended 10,000. Right? :)
    Would so love to actually track it all though. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  87. Sarah says

    I would love to have a fitbit! I just started training for a 1/2 marathon and it would be great to see how far I walk around my campus!

  88. Erin says

    I don’t track my steps but I run most mornings so I likely get them in that way… It would be interesting to start tracking my non-running steps. I’d probably be pretty disappointed!

  89. Rachel B. says

    I’ve never kept track of my steps before but I’m really working on being healthier. This would help me attain a baseline and then improve on it!

  90. tara says

    I’ve never counted my steps – but I try to run/walk in addition to having an active job. I’d love to try the fitbit!

  91. says

    I got one for Christmas and I only need to charge it about every 5 days….love that!!! And it’s super quick to charge. I like the watch/and the simple vibration once I have hit the 10,000.

  92. Erin says

    I had a FitBit One that I received as a gift (no receipt) and it broke. Boo. I’ve been lost without it! I had it set for 10,000 steps per day but it’s sometimes hard to get there. I’m dying for a Force!

  93. Marie Walsh says

    I would love a fit bit! I’ve worn pedometers and accelerometers in the past and love how it motivates me!

  94. Squeaky Lewis says

    I aim for 10,000…Although I aim for these steps I don’t always get them. LOL! Wait that’s not funny. It’s kinda sad.

  95. Mariah says

    I’d love to have a FitBit so that I can start tracking my steps! I’ve heard that 10,000 is a good number to aim for…

  96. Diana says

    Wow, this would help me so much. I just got a dinky, super basic pedometer, and I am so enamored with the new FitBit! I’d love to try this swanky one!

  97. says

    I’ve never kept track of my steps, so I think this would help keep me motivated. I have a pretty sedentary job, but I’d like to aim for 10k steps per day.

  98. Laura says

    I’ve never considered a steps per day goal. I just try to move as much as I can. Would love to be able to track with a fit bit though!

  99. JJ says

    I have no idea how many steps I take each day but I imagine that if I were tracking it with a FitBit I would be so much more motivated to keep moving!

  100. Hannah says

    After my morning run I just try to move as much as I can. I would love to find out how many steps I actually take as a teacher and a mom!

  101. Andrea says

    I don’t have a goal, but I try to be as active as possible. I park further away from stores and always take the stairs.

  102. Kelly K. says

    I don’t track my steps. Currently I use ActiveLink to track general activity. I’d live a fitbit for more accuracy!

  103. says

    I used to have a fitbit and my goal was 10,000 steps a day. I’m a teacher, so it was pretty easy to get my goal with a walk or some other activity. My fitbit (one) actually fell off one day and I haven’t had the money to replace it. I would love to win! :)

  104. Sarah C. says

    I have no idea! I really want one of these so I can start counting and see if I’m anywhere near the 10000 recommendation!

  105. says

    I aim for about 10k steps a day, but on a day I don’t run, I’m usually around 3k b/c of my job… so I have to make a lot of mental notes to take lots of walk breaks during the day, take the stairs, etc.

  106. catie shaffer says

    I try to get above 12,000 each day. We have Virgin Health Miles through our insurance and 12k+ gets you the most “points” aka money in the HSA bank. :)

  107. says

    I’ve had a Fitbit one for two years and am obsessed. I love that it can clip on my bra or waistline and I only have to charge it like once a month. I aim for 15,000 steps a day and would love to win for my friend :)

  108. Anna says

    I am a teacher, so I am constantly on my feet walking around my classroom, up the stairs to the copier and walking to the office. I aim for 10,000 steps a day and usually do more.

  109. says

    I don’t usually aim for a certain amount of steps (never had a step tracker) but I try to get at least 5-7 miles running in! Except on my rest days. Then I really enjoy doing nothing.

  110. Kate says

    I am a stay at home mom that also does Childcare at home but I don’t think I walk that much. I’m sure I move more than I think I do but that fitbit would sure come in handy to set a goal and work towards!

  111. Jennifer says

    I don’t aim for any because I don’t have anything to track it. But I’d like to start! I’d probably try for the recommended 10000.

  112. JT says

    I’ve been a slacker about tracking which is why I’d love to win a FitBit…but I’d like to hit at least 10,000 per day!

  113. Greta says

    I used to aim for 10,000 steps but then my pedometer broke and I got a more sedentary job. Would be interesting to see how many I’m getting now!

  114. Anna says

    I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for ages. Ever since they came out with the first one this would be a great to help me continue with my weight loss!

  115. Desiree says

    I always aim for 10,000 steps outside of my workouts. I am a PT and the building I work in is huge so I tend to get my steps between going to find patients and getting patients to walk more on their own! I love to talk to my patients about it too! They love to see my fitbit zip and how many steps I’ve taken for the day!

  116. says

    I hope to get 10,000 minimum (including running/working out)…today I’m at 19,542 and hopefully I can get to 20,000 (though I’m trapped in a chair with a cat on my lap, so it’s questionable!) I have a Fitbit One.

  117. Kerstin says

    First I have to find out how many steps I do right now. With a desk job probably not many but the force would encourage me to set a goal.

  118. Amanda S. says

    I would like to think I take at least 10,000 steps, but I know I don’t always reach that goal. The Fitbit Force would be an awesome motivator!

  119. Krista says

    i’ve never counted my steps! Today I used mapmyrun to measure the distance to my furthest class… it was 1.28 miles!!

  120. Alycia says

    Ooooh I have wanted a Fitbit forever! I dont have a pedometer now so I don’t know where I’m at, but i would love to find out!

  121. says

    I have no idea what my goal would be… but I know that using the Fitbit would be sooo helpful with my 9-5 job that is all about sitting. I could use some inspiration to take a few laps around the office every hour.

  122. Rebecca says

    The app on my phone says I should get 10,000, but I always come up short because I don’t carry my phone with me everywhere!

  123. says

    I try to get in about 10,000 on my non-run days. I’ve been wanting to try one of those fitbits. Seems so cool to be able to track all that info

  124. Nadine says

    I’m a biker, so I don’t get many steps in each day, but I have been debating a FitBit to force myself to walk more!

  125. says

    I’ve never had any equipment that tracked my steps so this is super intriguing to me! I’d love to win and see how many I take in a given day (I’m a nanny, so I’m guessing a lot!)

  126. Anna says

    I”m honestly not sure what an ideal goal is for steps per day, I try to keep it as active as I can… Oh a few thousand? Haha the fitbit would definitely help me be accountable for that!

  127. says

    Holy comments! 😉 Thanks for the giveaway, Monica! I shoot for the recommended 10,000 but thanks to walking to and from work as well as getting my own workout in, I think I generally get more than that. Would love to try out the Force!

  128. Anna says

    10000-15000 ? I need a fitbit to help me figure out what a good goal is and keep myself accountable for it! Hope I win!

  129. Nikki F says

    I have a desk job so I try to get up as much as possible and take the long way to the washroom, water fountain etc…

  130. Lesleigh says

    I don’t have a set amount of steps a day because I don’t have anything to track them. But I do try to take the stairs and park further away from where I’m going.

  131. megan says

    I have never used a pedometer, how many steps is a good goal? I try for 3 miles minimum per day. I have been researching these two fitbits, thanks for the review.

  132. Laura says

    I am a PA student so I spend a lot of time sitting in class so if I can’t get in too many steps during the day besides my run but I would love to try to get more!

  133. Jessica B says

    My goal is MORE. I used to walk a mile to and from class each day, but since I graduated and started a full time desk job it has been so hard to get walks in, especially in the winter!

  134. Elizabeth C. says

    I don’t currently count, I am mostly entering, to hopefully win it for my mom, she really would like a tracker like this!

  135. Annemarie/Carmie says

    I thought that I saw a raffle copter giveaway? I’m leaving a comment because now I can’t find it and it seems like a fun thing to do!

  136. Meghan says

    I don’t have a goal so I guess it’s time to figure one out! I do try to talk a walk on my lunch to get in extra steps and get away from my desk.

  137. Jen A. says

    I don’t track my steps currently so I can’t say for sure but I know my mom always aimed for 10,000 so that sounds about right!

  138. Laura says

    I’ve no idea! My job is pretty active with me walking around a store all day so I just try to stay pretty active! This would be awesome to track things a little easier though!

  139. Lauren says

    Ahhh I’d love one of these! with an office job I try so hard to get up and move and not just sit all day…it’d be awesome to really track my steps with a legit pedometer. eight to ten thousand steps a day is the goal!

  140. Sarah BETH says

    I work with little kids, so my mileage is actually pretty impressive after all of the “chasing” that goes on! :)

  141. Christine says

    I’ve been thinking about buying one of these since my new job at work requires more desk work. I need to move more and it would be great to track with this!

  142. Ashley Barrett says

    I am so glad you reviewed the fit bit! I’ve been thinking of getting one lately and I just may have to after this. Thanks!

  143. says

    I’ve never tried one of the FitBits before, but I have actually worn my Garmin around all day with the HRM and all for data collection purposes a couple times. A FitBit is much more practical!

  144. Aubrey says

    I have no idea so I’m curious! I aim to/have to walk to class and to work each day. (Gotta love living on campus!) I also try to walk to the other side of campus most days just to clear my head.

  145. Chelsey Hessen says

    I don’t have a number that I aim for since I don’t own any type of tracker but i do try to make sure i get up and walk around for 5-10 minutes every hour or so during the day.

  146. Kristen says

    I don’t have a tracker so I just aim to move as much as possible. I know that 10,000 is the gold standard. It would be fun to see how many steps I take, especially with my regular walking route included.

  147. Lindsey Upton says

    I have no clue where to even begin in coming up with a step goal. 10,000? One more reason to want a Fitbit!

  148. says

    I have never really kept track, but I am sure it would be really helpful in knowing. I feel I am pretty active with my job chasing around toddlers, and taking walks most days.
    I would love to get in 10,000+ a day!

  149. Ashleigh says

    I haven’t had a step goal in the past, but would love to start tracking them with a Fitbit. I’d aim for 10,000 per day.

  150. Kristen Herrera says

    I would aim for at least 10k steps a day, but haven’t worn a pedometer in years so I’d be interested to see if I’m anywhere near that on non run days :)

  151. Nina says

    I currently have my boyfriends hand me down fitbit flex, but would love to have the force and try the new features. I’ve been aiming for 7,000 steps a day but haven’t been hitting it. Having a desk job has been difficult for my steps so I know I need to get creative in order to meet my goals :)

  152. sam says

    I love to get in as manny as possible! I hardly ever sit being a nanny of 6 month old twins and a 4 year old! It would be nice to know how manny Im taking!

  153. Valorie says

    I’ve never kept track before, but my employer recently gave out (really cheap, cheesy) pedometers as part of a wellness challenge. I’ve enjoyed seeing how many steps I take from my car to my office and around campus but I haven’t yet worn it when I’m not at work or remembered to take it with on my runs. So uhhh, like 5000 during the work day!

  154. Marisa says

    I never really count, but I have a hard time sitting still. I’d like to see how many steps I take (not counting my runs!) I’m also starting a new desk job soon…I’ll definitely need to start counting the steps to stay on top of my game.

  155. Melissa says

    I don’t currently keep track, but I definitely try to walk and stay moving as much as possible during the day.

  156. Kristina m says

    To be real I have no clue. My days are always on the go with a three year old who I chase around. Our favorite activity is disneyland I would love to win this just to see how much we walk.

  157. Karleen says

    Since 10k steps is the norm, I like to try to push it a bit more and aim for 12k. I used to track it on my old bodybugg

  158. Lisa says

    I don’t know. I’ve never aimed for a specific number of steps because I have no way to count them. Winning the Fitbit would help with that!

  159. Marie says

    I’m not sure about how many steps, but I usually aim to run about 20 miles a week when I’m not training for a race.

  160. Stephanie P says

    I would love to find out how many floors I go up in a day. I have tons of stairs in my house! I have no idea how many steps I take though. I would love to find out with the fitbit and then beat it!

  161. Lynn says

    I have no idea how many steps I take a day and have always wanted to track my daily activity and this little gem seems like a perfect pal to do that!!!

  162. Isabel says

    I have a Body Media but a few of my friends have the FitBit. I’d like to try it since you can wear it on your wrist vs having to wrap it around the upper arm (Like Body Media).

  163. Janell Krzyzek says

    I am for as many steps as possible! I work in a very spread out elementary school, live in a walkable neighborhood and try to park further away in parking lots- but I have no idea how many steps I actually get (outside of running)!

  164. Penny Silverwood says

    I’ve never used a pedometer before so I don’t have a clue how many steps I take! I try to make sure I go for a walk every lunchtime otherwise I get stuck at my desk all day long!

  165. Penny Silverwood says

    I’ve never used a pedometer before so I don’t have a clue how many steps I take! I try to make sure I go for a walk every lunchtime otherwise I get stuck at my desk all day long!

  166. Sigrid says

    I try to just be in daily activity. I’m a student and work at my desk a lot, so if it wasn’t for the running I do, I’d probably not be even slightly close to the goal of walking 10000 steps a day…

  167. Angela says

    :) This looks like an awesome gadget. I’m keen to get one at some point. I aim for about 10000 steps a day. I like walking :)

  168. Ivy says

    I have no idea about how many steps I aim for. I usually walk my dog 3.5 miles m-f and then cross train every tues & thurs and run every sun,wed, fri.

  169. Lindsay says

    As many as I can! I’m an intervention teacher (special education) so I’m in and out of classrooms all day…I try to take as many trios and the longest ways to get more steps in…and get small breaks!! :-)

  170. Haley says

    Thanks for the review! I am pretty active throughout the day, It would be great to know the number of steps I take :)

  171. Kelly says

    I’s like to make 10,000, but I’ve never counted or kept track. I’m a teacher so i’m on my feet all day – hopefully I get close.

  172. Dulcy says

    I don’t really know how many steps cuz it varies on how far I run and what I do at work that day…but I prolly average 10000 without runnin

  173. Nadine says

    I have never been one to track steps, but I would like to try! I have a desk job so my non-run days are pretty inactive overall –it would be good to have something to measure with.

  174. Allison T. says

    I just started a new desk job, which is quite a change from my job as a teacher where I felt like I was constantly on the go. Setting a step goal will be HUGE to maintain my fitness and health. 10,000 to start!

  175. says

    Umm, that is a very good question. I go to a university (walking all over campus), work at a winery (always standing), and a coffee shop (same story), and try to run when I can, so really I hope I would be taking a decent amount!

  176. julie says

    would love to use this to start tracking my ‘unintentional’ exercise, like taking the steps at work, standing as much as possible, and after dinner dog walks!

  177. Jess says

    I aim for 15,000 but I am curious as to my everyday activity level spent working in a lab and caring for a toddler and newborn!

  178. says

    I’m just not sure how many steps I take right now, but I am on my feet a good part of the day. I’ve looked into this little tool and would LOVE to win this one. I would most definitely use it on my journey of being more active this year. Thanks for the opportunity!

  179. Morgan says

    I’ve never actually set a step goal for myself. But I have always joked about wearing a pedometer to work to count my steps. I’m a manager at a very busy, full service car wash, and I never stop moving.

    Which is why I would make en excellent fitbit recipient.

  180. Rachael says

    I’ve never used one before but I got my mom a basic one for Christmas and she loooooves it. And of course now I’d love to have one too! I don’t know how many steps I take every day but, running aside, it’s probably not enough thanks to a desk job. It definitely would be a much-needed kick in the butt!

  181. Melissa says

    I have no idea how many steps I take during the day and I would be curious to know since I sit at a desk all day. I am hoping one of these devices will help me get up and move more during the day rather than just running a lunch time. I would aim to walk about 10,000-15,000 steps per day.

  182. Heather M says

    I would love to know how much I’m walking during the day (outside of my running)! I have two little boys and am always chasing them around the house :-)

  183. Allie says

    I have a desk job and usually sit most of the day, but I try to do as many steps as I can. It would be awesome to be able to track it though! :)

  184. Christine says

    I aim for 10,000 steps a day but often feel I don’t get an accurate count with the pedometer app I use on my phone since I don’t always carry my phone with me. Using the FITBIT would totally solve this problem!! As a new mom who works from home I really try to get as many steps as possible in per day since dedicated workout time can be difficult. The FITBIT looks so easy to use. I’d love to try it

  185. alycia wilson says

    I don’t know how many steps a day I take or how many I should shoot for. In the winter I’m sure I should be taking more steps than I do.

  186. Kat says

    I would love a fitbit! I sut all day and would really like to know what i need to do to better my daily movements! they’re just kinda pricey… :(

  187. Jackie O says

    I’ve been so curious about the new FitBit! I’ve used other pedometers that have never been correct, but have heard good things about the Fitbit and have been seriously considering one.

  188. tracy says

    15,000+ each day. Some days are easier than others. I am on my feet in the classroom all day but the area isn’t very large so not that many steps can be taken:)

  189. Vicky S says

    I do not have anything that counts my steps all day but I try to get as many in as possible since I sit at a desk all day! I go for walks with my coworkers at lunch and it always feels great afterwards! I would love to have something to track my daily activity!

  190. Lacy says

    I have no idea how many steps I take, but when it’s not freezing out I try to walk home 3 days out of the week, which is 3 miles!

  191. Hannah says

    I am for 10,000 but realistically it is only the number it takes me to talk to the underground, walk to my desk, walk to the underground!

  192. Diane says

    I have not worn a pedometer so it would be interesting to see how many steps I usually get! I usually just try to move as much as possible and get up at least once an hour when I am at my desk all day.

  193. Linda says

    I ‘d love to win one to see how much activity I get during the day. It would motivate me to wLk more I hope. Great give away. Thanks.

  194. Laura Bonenfant says

    My goal is 10,000. I am always shocked how little steps I actually take during the day at work (office job).

  195. Susie B. says

    I definitely try to aim for more than 10,000 since 10,000 is the minimum amount the Americans should get. But on days that I don’t get a run in, it’s sad to see that I barely make the 10,000!

    You should try to UpBand by Jawbone next – it’s the best device I’ve reviewed!

  196. Laura says

    My daily goal is 10,000 but that doesn’t always happen. If I workout and do a run or something I am more likely to hit my goal. I work at a desk job so I sit all day. I try to make a point of getting up and moving around. Plus for me- I work on the second floor and the bathroom is on the first so I am up and down the stairs all day long!

  197. Michele says

    I have no idea how many steps I take a day. I just always get in a really good workout and try to move in general. This would be awesome to see what is actually happening. And, I am really interested in the sleep aspect too.

  198. Megan says

    I aim for about 10,000 steps a day, I have a little shoe pedometer that works pretty well but would love a fitbit Force!

  199. Elyse says

    I aim for about 10,000. However, I currently do not have any type of pedometer. I would love to be able to use the Fitbit!

  200. Jenny says

    My goal is set to 10,000 but I’m usually happy if I get at least 6,000 on a weekday (since I spend most of the day sitting in front of my computer at work). Also, I noticed in your review you said there’s no way to check your progress with the Flex. I use a Flex and while you can’t see your actual step count, you can see approximately how close/far to your goal you are based on how many of the lights flash when you tap it. So if your goal is 10,000 steps and you have 3/5 lights flash, you know you’ve gone over 4,000 steps already. My husband has the Force already and I’m jealous. Time to upgrade!

  201. says

    Since I work in a warehouse. I don’t think about my steps. I did track it one day and it came to like 8,000. I would love something to be able to track my daily working and also my runs.

  202. Margaret B says

    I aim for 10,000 steps each day. I have had a few days recently with only about 3,000 steps. Winter weather is messing with my activity levels. I would love to hibernate!

  203. Lindsay Bradford says

    I would love to win the Fitbit! It would be great to keep track of my movement during the day since I work at a computer desk all day. It might encourage me to take more walk breaks!