Running Socks not Running Sucks


How’s your day going? It’s busy over here in RERland! January is a great time for healthy living / food / fitness / redheaded Mexican blogs because people want to get back on track and healthy! So, there are a lot of new projects and new readers!! If you are new to RER, welcome! And I formally apologize for the bad jokes, mediocre recipes and repeated use of my running … [Read more...]

Blueberry Pie Smoothie for National Pie Day


Happy Thursday! It is really foggy up in here this morning! Last night I took my shark fin hair to hang out with some friends and Jesus. We take turns bringing dinner. Next week is my turn – what should I bring? I started my day with a walk in my new PINK Mizunos (these are the Hitogamis). They are new to me so I just took them for a walk to get a feel for them before … [Read more...]