Healthy Turkey Wraps for Lunch

How’s your day going?

It’s busy over here in RERland! January is a great time for healthy living / food / fitness / redheaded Mexican blogs because people want to get back on track and healthy! So, there are a lot of new projects and new readers!!

If you are new to RER, welcome! And I formally apologize for the bad jokes, mediocre recipes and repeated use of my running pose…

summer running must haves positive outlook (800x800)

This morning I got a question on Instagram that I thought I’d answer here because it’s a pretty common one –

What running socks do you recommend?

I usually just buy whatever they have at Costco. (I’m not fancy.) But, lately I’ve been sportin’ these running socks from Asics because the company sent me a ton and they are a little thicker and warmer than my usual ones. Plus, they come in teal, grey and pink, which I love!

pink running socks (376x502)

My sock drawer is ridiculous. And I just cleaned it out this weekend and threw out 10 pairs! Seriously.

the best running socks (669x502)

When I’m not in low cut socks, I love ProCompression socks. I wear these during long races or post-long run on the weekends. (*I also wore them on the flight to and from China!)

procompression retro running sock (800x800)

I prefer short socks, but have big ol’ feets so they can’t be small or my shoe eats them. The end.

So those are my thoughts on running SOCKS.

NOT running sucks. (Remember when I met this random lady in Vegas?! Ha!)

running sucks


I am experimenting with some healthy Super Bowl Snacks and made a simple appetizer for lunch today. Not sure if it’s shmancy enough to take to a party, but it is easy enough to make if you forgot you were supposed to bring something and only have 3 minutes to whip up a dish!

healthy football appetizer turkey roll ups (669x502)

All ya need: Wraps, Laughing Cow Cream Cheese (or cream cheese of your choice), Cranberry Sauce, Turkey, Spinach or Lettuce.

The Laughing Cow personally sent me some of their cheese wedges to work with. Apparently cows are capable of mailing packages, impressive. I bet it was a cow intern.

You can use any type of wrap you want – high fiber, gluten free, extra organic chia seeds made by koala bears in Australia… I have a few different ones on hand at any time because burritos are where it’s at.

gluten free or high fiber tortillas and laughing cow cheese (669x502)

Spread one wrap with cream cheese. Make sure it’s all the way to the edges, not just in the middle like a burrito.

laughing cow healthy super bowl snack wraps (727x545)

Layer cranberry sauce, turkey and lettuce on top. Roll up tightly. Slice into one inch pieces and eat! (I cut the ends off because they don’t stay together as well. And eat them, obviously.)

turkey roll ups healthy football snack (669x502)

healthy turkey cream cheese wrap appetizer (669x502)


healthy snack wrap with turkey cream cheese and cranberry (376x502)

Question: What did you have for lunch?


Disclaimer: A rep from The Laughing Cow company sent me cheese, probably not an actual cow (but I can’t confirm that). All opinions are my own.


  1. says

    The only two kinds of socks I run in are Asics and Pro Compression. They are on my feet 100% of the time. Either Pro Compression marathon socks or Asics low cut and Pro Compression calf sleeves. It’s a winning combo.

  2. says

    That’s a fab appetizer – stealing your idea! We’re hosting a Superbowl party and I already came up with lots of yummy, high-fat stuff…but not so much for anyone who wants to behave themselves. Our party will also feature…
    ~ 3 bite lasagna
    ~ Sean’s famous boneless dry ribs
    ~ spinach, mushroom & ricotta ravioli
    ~ specialty grilled cheese
    ~ cupcakes!!!

  3. says

    I love PRO Compression too! And my low cut socks from Newton Running.

    Lunch was red quinoa with chick peas, spinach, broccoli and some melted mozzarella. mmmm

    ps. I have that same beanie baby dog that’s hiding out in your sock drawer

  4. says

    I made a batch of quinoa mixed with a storebought Asian salad (with cabbage, carrots, cilantro, almonds & green onions) at the beginning of the week and have been heating it up for lunches!

    When I started training for my half, I let the shoe store guy talk me into buying running socks and I’m so glad I did. My socks were OK before, but I used to get mad blisters. I’ve upped my furthest mileage by almost 3 miles in the last month and have no blisters to be found! I need to try some compression socks next!

  5. Angelica says

    LOL love the “probably a cow intern” part. I definitely laughed a little too loud in public.

    I had nachos for lunch! :)

  6. Claudia says

    I say tasty trumps fancy for Super Bowl parties and finger food is a bonus. I’m leaning toward mini pitas with chicken salad for ours (a riff on some I have seen at Whole Foods)

    As for lunch – half an apple with Whole Foods Almond Butter post run (got a late start) and then some leftover whole wheat pasta with Italian sausage and tomatoes

  7. says

    If you haven’t tried the ProCompression low cut socks I really recommend them, especially if you like/are used to running in their marathon socks. They are light but thick “enough”, and very comfortable.

  8. says

    I wish ProCompression would make toe socks for their compression socks! Can you please let them know? :)
    Really. Seriously. It’ll then be perfect for me with the Vibrams.

  9. says

    I seriously never wear socks, even when I run. Its kinda gross I guess but it feels so much better to me. Actually, I will wear socks- when I sleep.

    I love those trader joes brown rice tortillas! They kinda get crispy a bit..

  10. Brooke D says

    A ham, Swiss and honey mustard sandwich pressed and toasted in my quesadilla maker. My husband fought me on getting the quesadilla maker because he said I’d never use it, so now I find a way to use it almost every day just to prove him wrong. Because I’m mature like that. But it does make a really good sandwich!

  11. says

    I am loving those Asics as well, I have a bunch of them and love how soft and bright they are!
    I’m not fancy with socks at all and have been using the super light weight, low cushion socks from Gold Toe for years! They really work!
    Great recipe by the way!

  12. says

    I have faves for difference reasons:

    – For cycling, it’s always Swiftwick. Best sock you’ll ever wear (at least, that’s what they say about themselves).
    – For running, either Balega Enduro or Nike Elite or Dry-Fit run.
    – For compression, Pro Compression. They are the best compression, and I’ve tried tons.
    – For everything else, regular cotton (and usually Adidas or Puma) that I can get cheap at TJ Maxx or Kohls.

  13. Shannon in Tustin says

    I have recently fallen for those Asics socks–Do you wear the medium or large? I too, have gigante feet (size 10.5) and bought large. They are slightly roomy but wondered if mediums would fail me in the slippage department….#bigfootproblems

    OK, so my wrap question: Are you able to use those Trader Joe’s GF tortillas to wrap? Even when I warm them, I find them so hard to work with. I end up slicing them in half and making a quesadilla to spread with their refried black beans (YUM). Thoughts?
    The Rudi’s work slightly better but I don’t get to WF much and they’re super pricey ($6 for 8 is a little rich for this mom!).

    I welcome your sage advice…. 😉
    Thanks Monican–have a great weekend.

    • says

      Yeah, TJs brown rice wraps are harder to work with than OG ones. I think they are easier to roll when microwaved (not heated on the stove). Sometimes sprinkling it with a little water or putting water in the micro helps it from drying out too. But to answer your original question – yes, I can use them to wrap – that’s the one in the turkey wrap picture just nuked.

      • Shannon in Tustin says

        Thanks! On the general subject of Tortilla Love, I have recently tried Tortilla Land Corn tortillas (they are uncooked and sold in the cold case). SO SO SO yummy! They honestly take the same time to heat up (in a skillet) as a regular corn tortilla except they’re 100% yummier! They are bigger also, so not your small taco size. Anyway, one to try for sure. :)

  14. says

    Uhhh…I barely pay attention to the type of sock I wear. Most of the time, my socks VISIBLY don’t match. #lazyrunner #poorrunner #messyrunner

  15. lauren says

    About 4 tablespoons of maple almond butter on a sweet potato with shredded coconut and banana. It’s that time of the month so I’ve been craving nut butter like crazy! On a positive note, I have finished every jar of nut butter in my house so I can’t eat anymore!

    I love love love compression socks, and I’m loving then even more in the New England winter. They provide just enough warmth over my running tights. I usually lose all of my socks. I’ve found that most of the “lost forever” ones have fallen behind the washer/dryer so occasionally I try to fish them out with a wire hanger with little avail.

  16. Lindsey says

    THAT LADY- I swear I saw her at my gym and she was wearing THAT SHIRT while working w/ a trainer! If it’s not the lady in that picture then she has a twin at the gym I go to that has the same shirt…too funny!

  17. Denise says

    My favorite socks running socks are Experia because they are padded on the heel and balls of feet.

    For lunch I grabbed a Premade Shaker Salad thing from Whole Foods. It was called the California something? Anyway, it had quinoa, edamame, red onion, mixed chopped peppers, sliced almonds, mango, and coconut. Oh, also had like a balsamic vinegar dressing to put on it. It was pretty good, I could eat it while driving, and figured I could recreate that at home.

  18. says

    I love PRO compression socks too! I discovered them recently & didn’t realize what a HUGE difference they can have on my long-distance performance. My half marathon last weekend was my first time trying them out & it was my best time ever!

  19. says

    I noticed the brown rice tortillas in the background of one of your pics- are they gluten free and more importantly, how do they taste?? Thanks!

  20. says

    Do you think its really important to have running socks? Or are they your normal socks too? I haven’t got any running socks atm and was thinking about investing – wondering if its something I should do sooner rather than later or if my feet can hold out for a bit longer (student budget) …

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