Scenes from Saturday

Before we get to Saturday, this was Friday.

sweet pink wine 376x502 thumb Scenes from Saturday

This morning I broke a rubberband while still half asleep getting ready to run. That woke me up real fast as it flew across the room. My hair is ridiculous.

broken rubberband 376x502 thumb Scenes from Saturday

Pre-run fun.

almond butter and jelly toast 669x502 thumb Scenes from Saturday

I paid for all that wine on my run today. I was not feeling it at all. Every mile I checked my watch like, “Are we there yet?!”

go home runner thumb Scenes from Saturday

16 miles 376x502 thumb Scenes from Saturday

saturday long run 282x502 thumb Scenes from Saturday

watermelon after long run 376x502 thumb Scenes from Saturday

Found this on super Manager’s Special for two bucks so I thought I’d give ‘em a whirl.

gluten free pumpkin muffins 669x502 thumb Scenes from Saturday

gluten free pumpkin muffins udis 669x502 thumb Scenes from Saturday

epic salad with sabra hummus and sriracha 376x502 thumb Scenes from Saturday

Now I’m invited to relax today.

relax today 376x502 thumb Scenes from Saturday

And I will.


  1. says

    Those pumpkin muffins look yummy! I wish I could run. I did something to my foot/ankle Friday on the elliptical & I have been in terrible pain since. I went to urgent care & they said it was likely bursitis, but I have my doubts. I’m taking it easy & praying for a speedy recover. Enjoy every run you get!

  2. says

    While I haven’t ran much in the past although I do lift weights maybe I should get into running, I think it will help with my endurance because I do get short of breathe easily and I have a mild case of sickle cell anemia that this might help with.

  3. Mia says

    Did you break the hairband while trying to put your hair up? Cause i do that all the time. (I have a lot of hair.) And then i just tie the ends back together, and continue using it. (I’m pathetic.) (And never have enough hairbands.)

  4. says

    I hear ya on the maybe too much to drink issue. I felt that Saturday morning…I didn’t get to enjoy my first beer until after 10pm so that meant that I stayed up a little later than usual, then had a early flybarre class in the am. Ugh!

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