The Easiest Nutella Cookie Recipe of Your Life


Hola! How’s it going? Run: I started my day with 10 miles. Just like I like it. Eat: Breakfast - Oatmeal Pancake.  (With a big side of eggs not pictured.) This is another ‘easiest recipe of your life’ option! It’s my two ingredient pancake! I couldn’t stand the look of my nails for one more second so I made a quick trip to the salon during lunch today. Then, I stopped … [Read more...]

Marathon Discounts and Desert Runners Movie with Sam Gash Interview


Hello! After missing all the races weekend before last I have started to plan my 2014 Race Calendar. I have a few new races to add and discounts to share! Palm Springs Half Marathon – Feb 9 <- I’m excited to do a mini getaway with my best friend!! Phoenix Marathon – March 1 Discount code: runeat10 for $10.00 of registration! IDEA World Fitness Blog Fest August 14-17 … [Read more...]