Dessert Every Day with Arctic Zero


I am a girl who wakes up every morning thinking about food. I love it. I want to eat dessert every day and chocolate as a chaser. Some people love sports teams or One Direction or their dog… I love sweets.

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I  realize eating dessert every day isn’t the healthiest habit to have.

But I also realize I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t have a treat!

So, when I heard about Arctic Zero frozen dessert a few years ago I was all about it. I LOVE frozen yogurt and ice cream and I saw this option at the grocery store that only has 150 calories for the whole pint. WHAT?! Is this Heaven because I’m staying.

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Now. I do have to explain to some of you that Arctic Zero is a frozen dessert and not ice cream’s identical twin. But if you are used to healthy swaps it’s amazing. Plus, since it’s so low cal I scoop half a pint into a cup and top it with sugar free chocolate syrup and some granola to get wild Winking smile

artic zero ice cream sundae (725x544)

My favorite flavor is probably the chocolate peanut butter. I add some warm PB to this because I like it melty.

artic zero healthy dessert (668x501)

The company recently sent me a whole truckload of their frozen dessert flavors plus some ice cream bars. These are a little harder to find but I’ve heard they are at Walmart or

artic zero dessert bars (376x501)

Since I am trying to slowly wean myself off the Christmas cookie diet without going into withdrawals I’ve been enjoying Arctic Zero after dinner as a replacement.

Tip: It freezes pretty solid so you have to set it out for bit to soften (or pop it in the microwave like I do for 20 seconds).

artic zero healthy frozen dessert cream (282x501)

I personally love the stuff. It is a little pricey, but there are more expensive habits to have so I am okay with that.

I feel like it’s a protein shake that is closer to a dessert than anything else I’ve tried. Bonus: It’s non-GMO and lactose intolerant friendly.

Question: Do you have dessert every day?

I do.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Arctic Zero. I have eaten their product for years and all opinions are my own/were the same before they contacted me to collaborate.


  1. says

    I always have to eat SOMETHING after dinner, and it’s either dessert or dessert-like. I wish they had Arctic Zero in Canada SO badly! I get super snacky at night and I feel like it would just solve all of my life’s problems. 😉

  2. says

    I am a huge fan of Artic Zero! I love the flavor and texture, I have to eat dairy free and gluten free and these are perfect! To me they taste just like regular ice cream, I think because I have not had ice cream in so long! haha

  3. Ashlee says

    I feel like my day is missing something if I don’t have something sweet. I prefer my desserts after lunch though, I think it makes my work day better. So I have a stash of the dark chocolate/blueberry Brookestone treats in my desk drawer… well I did … but I’m going to have to check out this Arctic Zero stuff…

  4. says

    I tend to make full calorie desserts and limit my portions. I tried to eat low fat, low sugar desserts and they never satisfied. I do like some of the weight watchers ice cream bars. But they are not all natural.

  5. says

    OMG – I am a frozen yogurt fanatic! I dream of opening my own yoyo shop someday! They’re especially popular in Arizona because of the heat. Where do you buy arctic zero? I like to eat the Weight Watchers Smart Ones sundaes – the chocolate chip cookie dough or raspberry white chocolate cheesecake. All under 150 calories! They’re enough to satisfy my sweet tooth without going overboard.

  6. says

    I <3 arctic zero. You're right, it doesn't taste exactly like ice cream, but it does scratch that frozen desert itch. They had a pumpkin spice that was stellar.

    One thing I've found this IS just about like actual ice cream is halo top creamery ice cream. It's light, organic, and 70 calories for a serving. They have a lemon cake flavor that is to die for!

  7. says

    I definitely have “dessert” every day. I need at least a piece or two of dark chocolate to keep me sane. I’ll have a real dessert, such as ice cream or hot chocolate, probably about once a week.

    I haven’t heard of Arctic Zero before, but I definitely want to try it out. Despite the arctic (see what I did there? 😉 temperatures outside in Massachusetts lately, us New Englanders can eat ice cream (or ice cream-like products) year round! I believe we consume the most ice cream of the entire country. Not sure if that’s something to brag about or not…

  8. says

    I love my sweets, but I’ve been eating so many healthy, whole foods lately that by the time I’m done eating I don’t have room for dessert! I guess that can be a good thing, depending on how you look at it :-/

  9. says

    I’d never heard of them before, and I was really skeptical about what they were doing to make it so low-cal, but then I checked out their website and was pretty darn happy with their ingredient list! Good one on em! If they want to ship me a truckload as well, I wouldn’t complain haha!

  10. Mia says

    I have an awful sweets habit. Basically i want dessert after every meal. And snack. Clearly this isn’t the best life plan though. I LOVE chocolate covered almonds, and have been trying to have these as my dessert. But i think this still ends up as too many calories? I was also trying to just have a banana with chocolate nut butter at the end of the day…should probably go back to that. Yesterday i made a pan of frikin delicious gluten free dairy free brownies. We ate the whole pan (it was smallish) and i don’t feel at all bad about it. They were good.
    I can’t do dairy, which is to bad (for many reasons obviously) cause artic zero sounds right up my ally. Probably it good though, i don’t need another dessert to love. I REALLY want change my sugar habits :(

  11. says

    Looks good! Could serve as a substitute for my Dairy Queen runs…ha ha! That’s a habit I’ve tried hard at breaking and it’s way more expensive! But I ususually have a little something sweet every day even if it’s just a little chocolate.

  12. says

    YUM! Looks like I will be having some Arctic Zero for a Superbowl treat! (Or just to cool off my mouth after Buffalo chicken wings, meatballs, and your “healthy taco dip” 😉

  13. Rebecca says

    I love this stuff! Cookies and Cream is my favorite – it’s actually really creamy! For people in SoCal, you can find it at Ralph’s or Fresh & Easy (cheaper at F&E).

  14. Nicole says

    I tend to need something sweet to finish a meal! I love the vanilla maple artic zero! Yum!

    You can also find it at Whole Foods.

  15. Floey says

    i definitely eat dessert everyday but i seriously cannot get into arctic zero :( i don’t know if its the aftertaste or what …. 😕 ugh

  16. Shannon in Tustin says

    Always something! Even if its a few dark chocolate covered almonds (TJ’s) after dinner. #needatreat

  17. says

    I am trying to be better and someone brought dunkin donuts into work today..I made it until after lunch…then I had a half..and then went back for the other half. The fact I waited almost 5 hours is a record for me…but need to work on it

  18. says

    Oh my god Arctic Zero is my LIFE SAVER! I’ve never tried the chocolate pb one but it sounds delicious. I never thought I would be able to eat an entire pint of “ice cream” without feeling guilty.

  19. says

    Yes I have desert everyday -____- not good lol. I have never heard of this stuff before. I certainly never saw it at Walmart. hmmm. But at only 150 calories you can’t really go wrong. But then again, tomorrow is the Super Bowl and I know I will be stuffing my face with junk anyway. Great post.

  20. says

    I love deserts and eat them every day! and i love your blog, but this post just made me very sad — i haven’t seen Artic Zero in Dubai, where i live :(

  21. Sonya says

    I love Arctic Zero! First time I tried it, I didn’t like it because I guess my expectations were that it would be like ice cream, but I gave it another shot a year later after reading about it on a blog, and I’m glad I did! It is perfect for feeling like you’re having something really special on a low-calorie-type day. Normally I make all my desserts from scratch, but since I’m so into that – I have been known to make 6 cakes side by side to compare them, there are sometimes a few days where I need to lay low on the sugar – LOL. Arctic zero is my go-to treat. I love the Cookies ‘n cream, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter (just tastes like chocolate to me) and Coffee. I would like to try the rest of the flavors (next time I need to, hehe). I still eat my home-made desserts 99% of the time, but it is so nice to be able to eat an entire PINT of something for a few days in a row when I need to be “good.” I usually pick up a couple of pints at a time, they are really fun. Might get tired of them after a week, but it’s never that long for me. Also, I might not get tired of them :)

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